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09/26/13: National Plug In Day This Weekend + Update on
03/28/13: The State of the Plug-In Campaign & The Future of DrivingElectric
03/12/13: Conversion Fire: Batteries Still Intact; Investigation Continues
03/07/13: CalCars' First Prius Conversion Destroyed in Fire
02/20/13: Get "Butts in Seats" Part 2: Plug In America's Charged Up! Guide
02/20/13: Get "Butts in Seats" Part 1: Electric Auto Association
09/27/12: DrivingElectric Launches & Nissan Exec Lauds Drivers at Nat'l Plug In Day
09/20/12: National Plug In Day+DrivingElectric: Invitations for Sunday & Before
09/11/12: Nat'l Plug In Day & DrivingElectric Soon; CEO Posawatz; EV Riders
07/23/12: Our Take on Important Recent Developments + Announcing DriveElectric
03/07/12: What's Dragging Down the Volt? And What Can We Do Now?
02/23/12: Just Published: "Charged Up & Ready to Roll" from Plug In America
02/06/12: Thanks, Sierra Club, For Coming Clean on Natural Gas
01/23/12: Volt Safety Confirmed; New PHEVs Announced; Countering Media Misinformation
12/02/11: Volt Owners Say, "We're Keeping Our Keys"
12/01/11: Volt Battery Fires: Potential Crisis Defused?
11/04/11: Contest: What's Your One-Liner on Plug-In Vehicles?
09/30/11: Top Car Leader Bob Lutz Joins Via Motors & Other Conversion News
09/23/11: Corrections + Wrightspeed + Transcript of GreenDriveExpo Talk
09/22/11: Plug-In Prius Debuts; ALTe Funded for Truck Conversions; Where Are 4WD EVs?
09/12/11: Wondering What CalCars Has Been Up To?
05/17/11: Plug-In Roundup #3: Policy Issues / ICE Conversions
05/17/11: Plug-In Roundup #2: Media & Marketing News
05/17/11: Plug-In Roundup #1: Vehicle News
04/07/11: ALTe Partners with Industry Giant Manheim: First Step to Create Gas-Guzzler Retrofit Industry
04/06/11: Volt/Leaf Sales; Sierra's GoElectric; Obama on Energy; SIRUSXM; PHEV Bus
03/11/11: Woolsey Backs Gas-Guzzler Retrofits; Cheaper Volt?; Ron's Bittersweet Volt Moment
02/25/11: Giant PHEV & EV News Roundup
02/24/11: New CalCars Video + Media on Volt & Leaf & Celebration
1/28/11: Lucky Family First to Get a Volt & a Leaf
1/15/11: Extended Range Driving Numbers + Kudos from Dauncey and PIA
1/12/11: Our Cup Runneth Over with Plug-In Hybrids
12/23/10: Three More Chevy Volts On The Road & Other Gifts
12/22/10: Today Felix and Ron Get Their Volts; Andy Beat Us To It
12/20/10: INVITATION: Celebrate Arrival of Volt This Weds AM at Novato Chevrolet
12/17/10: Support All Those Who are Plugging Away for You
12/09/10: Plug-ins Starting to Arrive; More Thoughts on PHEVs & EVs; Congress & Incentives
12/02/10: Volt on Schedule After 4 Years; Gets 93MPGe Sticker
11/17/10: Electrification Coalition Touts Fleets (and Fleet Conversions)
11/12/10: A Roundup of All-Good News on Plug-Ins
10/22/10: A Party for Plug In America, and How We're Winning with Great Cars
10/04/10: Our Message to the Oil Industry: Blue-Skying Petroleum's Future
09/28/10: AMP's Mystery Partner; O'Dell Surveys The Conversion Scene; Birthday News
09/23/10: Events Rundown: National & California Plus New Global Campaigns
09/15/10: Our Take on Progressive Auto X Prize as Winners Are Announced
09/10/10: Time Running Out for Plug-In Owners & Drivers Community -- Key Missing Piece
08/30/10: Finally: Draft EPA Stickers for New Plug-Ins -- And All Cars
08/27/10: September Events: Vancouver - Houston - Michigan
08/23/10: Gas-Guzzler Conversions & The Urgent "Plan Z" We May Face Someday
08/20/10: Media Coverage of Gas-Guzzler Conversion Companies Grows
08/04/10: What We Showed and Said at Plug-In 2010
08/04/10: Chevy Volt Emerges: Reports and Analyses plus GM & Bright
07/26/10: ACT So Electricity Isn't KO'd by Fossil Fuels
07/21/10: Program & Policy Advances in U.S. and Internationally on Plug-In Vehicles
07/21/10: PHEV News From GM, Honda, VW, Peugeot, Hyundai
07/21/10: New Aftermarket Conversion Companies Keep Coming to Our Attention
07/15/10: 2 Weeks to Plug-In 2010: Conference + Public Night; Cleantech Open Next Thursday
06/21/10: Followup Speech: Drive Star Can Cut Oil Use in Half by 2020
06/21/10: Roundup: The Best We've Seen/Read on The Gulf, Obama, Fossil Fuels
06/13/10: President's 2nd Message: We Can Cut Oil Use in Half by 2020
05/20/10: Tesla and Toyota Will Partner on EVs, Re-Opening NUMMI Plant
05/18/10: Canada Recruits Ali Emadi, US Power Electronics Expert and Conversion Firm Founder
05/17/10: Roundup: More Automakers on PHEV Bandwagon, Events, etc.
05/06/10: Gas-Guzzler Conversions Offer a Way Out of Deep Water Drilling
04/08/10: Electrification Coalition Report: 1.9 Million Jobs from Plug-In Cars & Other Benefits
03/22/10: ALTe Gains Orders/Financing/Facilities for Combustion Engine Conversions
03/05/10: Transcript: We Look Back and Forward at EAA Annual Meeting
02/25/10: Finding the Serial Entrepreneur to Lead a Global Gas-Guzzler Conversion Industry
02/24/10: Big Think Launches Transportation Series with CalCars Interview
02/11/10: GM: Video and First "Outsider" Test Drive
01/27/10: Battery Industry's Realities Disprove Influential Research Report
01/25/10: At Last: Congress Proposes to Electrify Postal Fleet
01/25/10: 2009's Best Strategy/Analysis: Electrification Coalition's Roadmap
01/15/10: Rebuttals to Flawed National NAS Report--and Challenge to Battery Industry
01/08/10: 2010's Triumphs & Challenges for Plug-In Vehicles
12/22/09: Plug-In Community Needs to Respond to Outdated/Biased NAS Report
12/18/09: Busy Weeks for GM's On-Schedule Volt
12/15/09: Toyota Announces Plug-In Hybrid Mass Production Plans
11/18/09: NYTimes' Thomas Friedman Cites CalCars' Felix Kramer on Global Fleet Electrification
11/12/09: Advances by Converter Firms/Converj/Ampera /Fisker/Piaggio; Retreat by Chrysler
11/12/09: Possible New Plug-In Manufacturing Credit and Other PHEV News
11/10/09: "Pre-Copenhagen" Books Confirm Plug-In Vehicles as Key Global Warming Solution
11/05/09: CalCars Declares Plug-In Victory; Next: Fun Factor + Retrofits
10/17/09: Policy & Media: MPG Ratings; US Exec Order; Canadian Roadmap; Wikipedia on Plug-Ins
10/17/09: Toyota's 2012 PHEV; Suzuki/Mitsubishi/Volvo/Chrysler/Ford; Utilities; A123s IPO
10/17/09: Conversions: Endorse CalCars' Campaign; Companies Get Orders; SEMA's role; Black Carbon
10/16/09: Time Change for Today's Webchat: 3 Hours Later
10/15/09: Fri: CalCars/GM Webchat+2 Conferences Next Week
09/22/09: The Ultimate Posting on Plug-In Hybrid Developments: Clip & Save
09/01/09: Important Developments on Hybrid and Gas-Guzzler Conversions
08/21/09: Plug-Ins: Industry Developments and Media
08/11/09: The 21st Century Car Industry: Fixed in the USA
08/07/09: Correction & Comments on Just-Announced Federal Grants
08/05/09: US Announces $2.4B Battery and Plug-In Manufacturing and Deployment Grants
07/30/09: Come to August Events; Save Sept-Oct Dates; Welcome News for CalCars
07/15/09: The Summer's Crown Jewels of PHEV News
07/14/09: PHEVs in China: An Introduction to Many Players
07/14/09: Big Events: CPUC Hearing; PIA Party, Plug-In '09 Workshops & Conference
06/16/09: Plug-In 2009 Agenda and Signup Info: Long Beach August 10-13
06/10/09: Spotlight on Conversions: 70 MPH Prius and Hummer PHEVs; Gas Guzzlers; CA Air Board Regulations
05/26/09: Federal Actions Accelerate Transition to Plug-In Cars
04/29/09: Obama Picks Plug-In Hybrids to Cap Press Conference And Inspire Americans
04/29/09: Read Our Analysis & Think Differently About Scrapping and Converting Gas Guzzlers
04/24/09: Bright IDEA; Honda; Forbes/New Yorker; BostonConsGroup Responds; Events
04/15/09: More on Auto Task Force; GM Gets Ready; Jaguar and Hyundai Plan PHEVs; Green Battery Jobs
04/14/09: Automotive Task Force Consultants Are Plug-In Skeptics
04/11/09: More on Federal Stimulus Grant Applications; Events Update; EVDriven
03/27/09: Our New Guzzler Video; Other Media; Apply for US Billions; GM Book; Correction
03/26/09: Obama's Briefing; Sandalow To DOE; Automaker News; Nat'l Wildlife Federation Embraces PHEVs
03/20/09: Obama's PItches for Plug-In Hybrids: Videos, Transcripts, Clips
03/18/09: Preview: Obama at Plug-In Center Thurs + News Roundup
02/26/09: Bring Plug-Ins to Your Community Soonest: Project Get Ready Tools
02/25/09: Do You Realize Plug-Ins Get $5-$10+ Billion in Stimulus Package?
02/24/09: SF Plug-In Vehicle Bonanza:Watch Video, Read About It
02/13/09: Conference Results: Stunning Expansion of Plug-In Tax Credits
02/11/09: Can Congress Hear From 6,692 Plug-In Supporters Today?
02/09/09: Plug-Ins in Senate Stimulus Obama on PHEVs; Ford; EDTA; Google; USPS
02/05/09: Senate Alert/GM Reaches Out/EDTA/Tracking Carmakers/TED/Wellinghoff
01/23/09: Today the California Air Resources Board Listened to Converters
01/21/09: Our Testimony on Conversions Bolstered by 140+ Thoughtful Appeals
01/21/09: Plug-In Endorsements: Inauguration + Senate '09 Freeedom Act
01/16/09: URGENT: What You Need to Know about California's Plans to Regulate PHEV Conversions
01/12/09: Plug-In Races Intensify: Automakers Announce PHEVs/EVs
12/19/08: CalCars '08 Successes Can Bring Cars in '09
12/17/08: Progress on Prepayment Plan/Battery Worry Hype
12/17/08: BYD PHEV On Sale/Obama/"We" Plug-In Pickup Truck
12/17/08: Auto Industry at a Crossroads
12/01/08: Proposal: Prepay for Plug-Ins to Save & Transform the Auto Industry
11/24/08: Al Gore/Google/NRDC Choose Electricity & Plug-Ins: Videos & Quotes
11/21/08: PHEVs at SF Auto Show; Plug-Ins at EDTA Washington Dec 2-4
11/21/08: SF Bay Area Aims to Become U.S. Electric Car Capital; Coulomb, Better Place News
11/21/08: National: Detroit Aid Postponed; Waxman In; Obama Enlists in Global Climate Change Efforts
11/19/08: Developments on Bridge Loan to Automakers; 4 Groups Write Congress
11/17/08: Weekend Auto Industry & Obama Transition Developments
11/14/08: Can Fleets Help Rescue Auto Industry? Four Actions Could Make a Difference
11/12/08: Uninformed Wall St. Journal Columnist Critiques Volt; Related GM News
11/12/08: Multiple PHEV Conversion Solutions Gain Momentum
11/11/08: Will the US Increase Support to the Detroit Three?
11/09/08: Gore/Alliance for Climate Protection: All-In for Plug-Ins
11/03/08: Undecided on CA Prop 10? Out-of-Stater Who Knows Californians? Read & Forward
10/31/08: Media: Time/Bill McKibben/Edwin Black/Chris Paine/Barack Obama/Van Jones+eBay Auction
10/30/08: PHEVs: State Incentives/Federal Credits/Candidates/Austin/Google/Kamen
10/30/08: Automaker Roundup: GM/Toyota/Chrysler/Ford/Aptera/BYD
10/22/08: J. Romm Analyses Media Naysayers on Renewables/Plug-In Cars
10/22/08: CA Prop 10&Plug-Ins; Toyota&Batteries; Honda&Electrics; RMI Charrette Projects
10/17/08: Roundup: BYD's PHEV; France; Charge@7-Eleven?; Energy/Water; Incentives; Austin Expo
10/16/08: Observers Speculate on Fiscal Crisis's Impact on Drivers & Auto Industry
10/16/08: Matter Network Covers the RMI "Smart Garage" Event
10/13/08: Howrey's Pro Bono Efforts Kept "CalCars.Org" Plugged In
10/06/08: Three More Books Cover PHEVs + More on Friedman's Hot, Flat...
10/06/08: Plug-In Cars All Over Recent Media
10/06/08: What a Week: Updates for Automakers/Markets/Events
10/03/08: $1Billion Plug-In Incentives Will Speed Auto Industry's Transformation
10/03/08: Should We Crush Gas-Guzzlers? Or Convert Them to Plug In? An Analysis
09/24/08: CEOs & Generals Plug In; Iceland Giving Up on Hydrogen
09/24/08: Chrysler "Jolts" PHEV Race; PHEV Ads; V2Green Acquired
09/23/08: Senate OKs Plug-In Credits, Toyota Frets; Free Press Lyrical about Plug-Ins
09/19/08: TIME, Comedy Central, Chrysler Zeo, Another F-150; Another Book; Fisker $
09/17/08: The Volt's Redesign: Pro/Neutral and Suspect
09/17/08: Big-Picture Volt Coverage: Time/BizWeek/Forbes/Car+Green Sites
09/17/08: Our 1,000th Posting: A Moment to Celebrate
09/16/08: Big Day for GM Chevy Volt and Plug-In Cars
09/14/08: GM's 100th Anniversary to Feature Volt: Watch Tues Sept 16
09/09/08: Economist/Newsweek/Time on Plug-In Cars; Accenture on Biofuels vs. PHEVs
09/09/08: T. Friedman's New Bestseller Hot, Flat & Crowded Touts Plug-Ins
09/04/08: Presidential Candidates and PHEVs: Side-by-Side Matchup
09/03/08: Nissan and Chrysler have PHEV Prototypes; May Join Race
09/02/08: Hyundai/Mazda Developing PHEVs; GM Chooses Battery Supplier
09/02/08: Toyota to Dealers: Slow Down! Plus Demo Fleets Explained
08/28/08: GM Says "No Race" But One-Ups Toyota with Large '09 Volt Test Fleet
08/28/08: Toyota Advances PHEVs to Fleets to 2009; Ford Stays on Sidelines
08/27/08: FLASH: Palo Alto Toyota First Dealer Taking Deposits on PHEVs
08/26/08: Keynoter Warner's and Gov Schweitzer's Plugs Get Applause
08/23/08: Denver Events -- and Help w/Contacts w/Gov. Granholm
08/23/08: Biden: Another Supporter of Plug-In Cars (and Amtrak)
08/22/08: Pickens And Others Show Evolving View on Plug-In Cars
08/15/08: Volt Picks Up Speed/Toyota Explains/Seed Volt Prototypes: A Proposal
08/04/08: Candidate PHEV Race: Obama's Expanded Commitment: $7,000 Incentives, Federal Fleet by 2012
08/04/08: Andy Grove's Ambitious Conversions Goals at Plug-In 2008
08/04/08: Plug-In 2008: Media Roundup
08/04/08: Plug-In 2008: Quotable Moments
08/03/08: Forwardable Plug-In Intro by David Morris -- Plus Plug-In Airplanes
08/03/08: Senate Gang of 10 Energy Deal Includes $7,500 Plug-In Tax Credit, 2020 85% Oil-Free Goal
08/01/08: Response to CA Air Resources Board's Proposed PHEV/Conversion Regulations
07/28/08: PI-08: Company News: GM/V2Green/Coulomb/Google/HEVT/PlugInSupply
07/21/08: Plug-In2008 Previews: Bloomberg w/Grove; SJ Mercury News Overview
07/18/08: Media Agree: Candidates Competing on Plug-In Policies
07/17/08: Plug-In Cars in Gore's 10-Year Plan for Zero-Carbon Energy
07/14/08: Obama Ups Ante on PHEVs in Candidates' Plug-In Race
07/13/08: Andy Grove in Washington Post; Volt, Tesla Other Reports
07/09/08: Andy Grove@PlugIn2008; PHEVs@Hybridfest; Cascadia in September
07/06/08: Mainstream Media Jaw-Droppers: Kiplinger and Car & Driver; WSJ vs. BizWeek on Volt
07/01/08: Obama/McCain/GM/Ford Maneuver for Support on PHEVs
06/27/08: AP Interviews Andy Grove on PHEVs; PBS Newshour on Plug-In Cars
06/23/08: Race for Plug-In Cars Shifts to Presidential Campaign; CalCars Responds
06/20/08: Wall St.Journal, Toyota, Edmunds on Hybrid Paybacks
06/20/08: Brookings/Google Conference Consolidates National Support for Plug-Ins
06/19/08: Fire Incident Raises Conversion Safety Issues; Batteries Not Cause
06/15/08: Chicago Battery Conference this Tuesday; Power-Up Presentations Online
06/12/08: Has Buzz Overstated News of Toyota's PHEV Production Plans?
06/12/08: GE in PHEVs as 3 US Automakers Get DOE Funds
06/10/08: Tech Giants Andy Grove and John Gage Promote PHEVs
06/05/08: Toyota Dealers Break Ranks with Company, Offer Conversions
06/04/08: GM's Chevy Volt Is a "Go" -- Production Vehicle, in Showrooms in 2010
05/24/08: Stunning Roster at June PHEV Conference in DC Shows Broad Support
05/16/08: Conferences: Plug-In 2008 Agenda Available
05/16/08: Automakers: Nissan in Race; Chevy Volt and Fisker Karma on Roads
05/02/08: Conversions/Warranties: A123/Hymotion/Toyota/Hybrids Plus/Compact Power
05/02/08: Wall St. Journal: Validation of Plug-in Cars Despite Negative Headline
05/01/08: Events: Washington State Conf; MakerFaire Sat-Sun; "Big Solar" Weds
04/27/08: First Crash-Tested Mass-Produced PHEV Conversions from Hymotion/A123
04/22/08: Gov. Schwarzenegger's Second Close PHEV Encounter
04/21/08: Tues: Washington DC Briefing; TV: Nova & Car Talk's Tom & Ray on PHEVs
04/21/08: CleanTech/Academic/Green Car Communities Mourn Alex Farrell
04/17/08: Google's Earth Day Promotion Includes CalCars
04/15/08: Small Carmakers: BYD,Fisker to Europe; Tesla Sues Fisker
04/11/08: Major PHEV Conferences: Washington State May 8-9, San Jose July 22-24, DC June 11-12
04/07/08: Climate Crisis: WeCanSolveIt Omits PHEVs; Jeffrey Sachs/Andew Revkin/Joe Romm Don't
04/07/08: What Happened at CA Air Resources Board on ZEV? You Decide!
04/02/08: Global Enviro Organization WWF Strongly Endorses Plug-In Cars
03/29/08: Joe Romm on "Peak Oil" and Future Solutions
03/26/08: PHEV News Roundup + June 11-12 Date for Major DC Policy Conference
03/26/08: Air Resources Board: News/Statistical Analysis
03/26/08: CalCars Wins Aspen Award for Environmental Innovation
03/25/08: GM's Lutz Overlooks Electricity, Favors Vast Ethanol Expansion
03/21/08: Automotive XPrize Sets $10M Purse from Progressive Insurance
03/21/08: GM Goes 80% Hybrid? Lutz Sees PHEVs Sooner. GM-Volt Forum
03/20/08: Google Launches RechargeIT Blog with Position on ZEV Hearings
03/18/08: CA Air Resources Board Needs to Hear from Plug-In Advocates
03/17/08: Volvo+Saab Join on PHEVs; Correction: Toyota IQ not a PHEV; Volt Feedback
03/16/08: Detroit Free Press Surveys Candidates; Coke & Duke Energy Joint PHEV Project;
03/10/08: Google & Others Call for Renewable Tax Credit Extension
03/10/08: Water Alarm: Whacky Media Criticism of PHEVs
03/10/08: Book, Articles, Profiles, Videos; Woolsey + Rybak Get PHEVs
03/08/08: Ron Gremban's Technical Review of Series/Parallel PHEV Debate
03/06/08: Toyota's Back in Race To Be First Major Company on PHEVs
03/05/08: GM/Toyota Doubt Hydrogen; Mercedes/GM Go For Lithium in Standard Hybrids
03/03/08: TED2008: 1500 Movers/Shakers Hear about PHEV Campaign
02/27/08: More on SAE Conference from Motor Trend & CalCars
02/27/08: Response from NRDC to USA Today Story
02/26/08: PHEV Conversions Available in SF Bay Area, San Diego, Boulder & Australia
02/26/08: USA Today's Misplaced Criticisms of PHEV Emissions
02/20/08: Newest Flawed Concept: Gasoline from Greenhouse Gases + Clean Electricity
02/20/08: PHEVs Analyzed/Debated at Society of Auto Engineers Event
02/15/08: GM Continues Series vs. Parallel Hybrid Debate
02/14/08: North Carolina Announces New PHEV Center
02/04/08: Roundup: BMW Hydrogen to Electric; Tesla PHEV GM & Incentives; BYD Production; Honda's Doubts
01/31/08: Europe's Major Reconsideration of Biofuels
01/31/08: USA Today Test-Drives Prius/Ford PHEVs; Says 400 Priuses in Future Demo Fleet
01/24/08: Wal-Mart CEO Touts PHEVs, Renault-Nissan EVs for Israel; Tesla PHEV?
01/24/08: Events Preview: PHEVs in 2008
01/24/08: USDOE $10-$30M Project: Earlier Feb 13 Date for Round 1 Applications
01/18/08: CalCars 2.0 Seeks Top Manager: Volunteer Then Paid Job
01/18/08: Let's Start CalCars 2.0 to Open Multiple Plug-In Pathways
01/17/08: Adds 3 More Initiatives on Climate Change, Poverty and Emerging Threats
01/15/08: Roundup: Vue Delay, Chrysler Concepts; Nissan Nix; Khosla; Johnson Controls; Visionary/Electrovaya
01/14/08: Kleiner-Perkins Invests in Fisker; VC Firms Race to Invest in Plug-Ins says WSJ
01/13/08: PHEVs at Detroit: APS Extreme, Fisker, BYD
01/13/08: Toyota Announces Commercial Demonstration PHEV Fleet
01/11/08: BYD: PHEVs in China for Olympics; US in 2009-10; WSJ on Batteries
01/09/08: GM: 2010 Volt? Cadillac PHEV; Electricity/Electronics; Larry Burns; New Blog
01/08/08: Financial Times: Full Page on Plug-In Cars
01/07/08: Montana's Gov. Schweitzer Touts PHEVs/V2G at Nat'l Gov Assn Summit
01/07/08: US Energy Dept Offers $10-$30+ Million for PHEV Demo Programs
01/02/08: 5 Zingers on Climate Crisis: McKibben/Romm on Parts/Million; SciAm on Solar; Newsweek on Adaptation; Globe & Mail on PHEVs
01/02/08: Toyota Batteries, Honda Doubts, Wired Cover, Lutz in Newsweek, Odyne-Dueco Trucks
12/20/07: EVS-23 PHEV Workshop Presentations Online; EDTA Summarizes Energy Bill
12/19/07: Hyundai Considering PHEVs; Toshiba Buzz Raises Battery Expectations
12/13/07: Saab and Volvo to Partner on PHEV Pilot Program
12/13/07: Help CalCars Build the PHEV Tipping Point
12/12/07: Ethanol Replaces Hydrogen in PHEV Faceoffs
12/12/07: Media Catch-Up: Selected PHEV News & Developments
12/10/07: Al Gore's Nobel Speech/Lester Brown's Plan B 3.0 Book
12/01/07: NYTimes' Friedman: Hope from Google, MIT; McKinsey's Promising Report
12/01/07: Intel's Andy Grove: GE Should Build Electric Cars
11/27/07: Google's Stunning New Initiative: Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal
11/23/07: Weekend Thoughts: Patrick Mazza on Climate Change/Ulf Bossel on Energy
11/21/07: Aptera and Fisker Taking Reservations: PHEVs From 2 Small Companies
11/20/07: Schwarzenegger/GreenCarAward/CA Policy on Plug-Ins
11/19/07: Report from GM Briefing on Chevy Volt
11/18/07: Andy Frank's Patents Now Available for Licensing
11/16/07: Events: SF Auto Show (AAA Greenlight Grant); Sunnyvale Toyota; Berkeley Conf Update; No Bali
11/15/07: LA Auto Show Summary + Today's Public Conversion
11/13/07: Audi's PHEV Concept; Volkswagen Research Chief Criticizes Fuel Cells
11/12/07: Ford's and Toyota's Test PHEVs: Dueling Deliveries by Carmakers
11/10/07: California Leaps Ahead: PHEV Center: 100-Household Test; Early Driver Report; Air Resources Board Evolution
11/09/07: Don't Miss PHEV Day Dec 2 Anaheim at EVS-23: Registration Now Open
11/07/07: GM's Lutz Confirms Goal: 60-100K Volt PHEVs
11/07/07: Silicon Valley: New Detroit of Plug-In Cars? + Wrightspeed's Direction
11/05/07: Toyota Continues Backslide: Even Lithium May Not Be Enough
10/29/07: U.S. News Cover Story on Energy; Battery Leasing Startup; VMWare's CEO on PHEVs
10/26/07: Journalists Test Drive Toyota's PHEVs; Code Changes May Affect Converters
10/26/07: Seattle Agencies + Idaho Lab in Demo Project w/13 Conversions
10/24/07: Berkeley/Stanford Conference Nov.19 + Santa Cruz This Sat
10/24/07: Key US Officials Get V2G Demo: Report by John Wellinghoff
10/23/07: Honda Nixes PHEVs; Toyota Retreats on PHEVs; Nissan/Honda Tout EVs
10/23/07: Break Through: A Must-Read Book on Vision & Strategy
10/22/07: World's First V2G Demo: Xcel/Hybrids Plus/V2Green/US Lab+Ford Escape Hybrids
10/17/07: Iceland's First Steps Toward Plug-In Cars -- with Global Implications
10/16/07: Major Events & News Coverage Catchup
10/06/07: Toyota Blogs vs. NYTimes' T. Friedman on Fuel Economy
10/03/07: Union of Concerned Scientists: PHEVs Unproven -- Let's Focus on Less Gas
10/02/07: Get Your PHEV Books: Freeman Inslee Vaitheeswaran Carson Sandalow
10/01/07: Roundup of News on PHEVs: Major Media/Online/TV
10/01/07: Korin & Woolsey "Turning Oil into Salt" -- The Subtleties of Energy Independence
09/28/07: Silicon Valley Leadership Group "" to Enlist 100 Execs for PHEV Conversions
09/28/07: Rocky Mountain Institute's PHEV Exploratory Project
09/27/07: Conversion News: First in Texas in Oct; 1620-Mile PHEV tank; Video/Media
09/25/07: Toyota Continues Open Technical Discussions on PHEV Designs
09/20/07: GM's Bob Lutz: Future for EVs "Unlimited" -- Volt Media Previews 2008; Sales 2010-11
09/19/07: Harris/AutoTECHCAST Poll: 27% Want PHEVs
09/13/07: Toyota VP Continues Discussion: Is Parallel or Series PHEV Better?
09/12/07:'s RechargeIT $10 Million Request For Proposals
09/11/07: Toyota Won't Fght GM to Be First with PHEV; Aims to Be Best
09/11/07: GM: Opel PHEV; Volt on Road in 2008; Exploring Battery Leasing
09/11/07: AEP: Large Utility to Store Wind Power in Batteries: Sees PHEV/V2G Future
09/10/07: Nilar Stars at CMP's Boston TechMash Do-It-Yourself Conversion Sept 19-20
09/07/07: Promising News from PHEV Startups: Fisker | Visionary Vehicles | Venture Vehicles
09/06/07: Correction: It's Ford that Owns Volvo, Not GM
09/06/07: GM's Volvo's New PHEV Concept: ReCharge
09/06/07: Toyota Adds Europe to Small PHEV Prototype Program
09/04/07: Toyota Touts Parallel PHEVs vs. GM Series E-Flex/Volt
09/02/07: Iceland Gets a PHEV for Sept. Int'l Conference
09/02/07: Toyota + French Utility | Bali-Australia: A PHEV at Climate Crisis Event?
09/01/07: Clips: GM Radio | PRIUPS | MacCready | Hummer/Prius| IEEE | TechReview | Environomics
08/31/07: Environmental Groups on PHEVs: Sierra/UCS/NRDC
08/28/07: IEE PHEV Sept 19 PHEV Symposium in DC+Position Paper
08/25/07: Toyota Muses about Market Size for $5-$10K PHEV Increment
08/23/07: New PHEVs: Ford Escape/Eaton Utiity Truck/Army/Mercedes by Siemens/Sprinter Expansion
08/23/07: WS Journal: Low Carbon German Cars: PHEVs Far Off?
08/22/07: Malcolm Bricklin's Interview
08/22/07: Bloomberg: GM Could Build 30-60,000 Volts in Year 1
08/22/07: "Green Cowboy" David Freeman's New Book on Energy Independence
08/21/07: "Wannabe a PHEV" Bumper Stickers/License Plate Holders
08/20/07: Ford Staffs Up to Stay in PHEV Race
08/20/07: Plug-In Partners Update/Kristof in NYTimes/Re-Stating Goals
08/17/07: Daily Green & BlueEgg: Websites Open with PHEVs
08/17/07: New PHEV fans: David Cole/Gun Owners/Robert Samuelson
08/16/07: GM and its Battery Suppliers Look at Battery Leasing Scenarios
08/16/07: Toyota & Race for PHEVs: Battery Delays
08/16/07: GM & the Race for PHEVs: New Front-Runner?
08/08/07: Events: Napa Valley Schoolbus This Fri. / Conversion in Boston in Sept.
08/06/07: Media See 2 "Races:" for PHEVs and V2G
08/06/07: House Energy Bill: Up to $4,000 Tax Credit for Plug-In Cars
08/05/07: Wall St Jrnl: Who Wouldn't Want This? SF Chronicle: Ferrari of Hybrids
08/03/07: Toyota Engages w/PHEV Advocates on Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G)
08/02/07: 6 Books on Plug-In Hybrids: Beach Reading?
08/02/07: Resources on Coal & Climate Crisis
08/02/07: Automotive X-Prize: 31 Teams at Starting Gate
07/31/07: Possible World PHEV Fueling Record: 1307 Miles on One Tank
07/31/07: Short Video and Conference Report on Toyota PHEV
07/31/07: Environmental Defense Fund's First Take on PHEVs
07/30/07: PHEVs in the Media: Bay Area/National Round-Up
07/27/07: Calcars' Technical Analysis of Toyota's PHEV Prototype by Ron Gremban
07/26/07: Battery-Electrics/PHEVs Converging: Tesla/Think Consider Small Engines
07/26/07: Toyota's VP Miller Tips Hat to Prius Converters
07/26/07: A123Systems' Stunning Offer to Expand Conversions
07/25/07: Toyota's Press Release & Partial Specifics for its PHEV
07/25/07: Toyota First w/PHEVs in US & Japan--8 Mile Ni-MH Electric Range
07/20/07: Report: PHEV from Toyota Within a Month? More Unclear Specifics...
07/20/07: Co-op America's Magazine: PHEVS Are Cover Story
07/19/07: Report Toyota PHEV Road Test in Japan + Possible Unveiling in Fall
07/19/07: EPRI-NRDC Definitive Study: PHEVs Will Reduce Reduce Emissions If Broadly Adopted
07/18/07: San Diego Welcomes PHEV Conversions; Union of Concerned Scientists Clueless
07/17/07: San Diego Gas & Electric's PHEVs: Public Conversion Weds July 18
07/17/07: 2 Reports: Toyota to Announce More on PHEVs?
07/13/07: Inflammatory Language Follows House Hearing on Conversions
07/13/07: Australian About-Face on PHEVs; Spanish + Swedish Pages
07/12/07: Automakers Criticize Incentives for Aftermarket Conversions
07/10/07: Ford/Edison Media Roundup: CALSTART/USAToday/Reuters/GreenCarCongress/EVWorld/AP/Blogs
07/09/07: CalCars Statement on Ford- Edison Pact + Announcement Text
07/09/07: One Ford Escape PHEV + 20 More to Southern CA Edison: AP First Report
07/08/07: Detroit Free Press: New Technologies Save Some Auto Parts Suppliers
07/07/07: Dream PHEV Headline by Ford/Edison Monday
07/03/07: PHEVs International: Events in Manitoba, Reykjavik, and Beyond
07/03/07: PHEVs Highlight 2nd Hybridfest in Madison Wisconsin July 22
07/01/07: Sunday Morning Video (Kramer) + Op-Ed (Marshall/Agnew)
06/30/07: PHEV Advanced in House of Representatives Last Week
06/29/07: PG&E's ClimateSmart Includes Bonus: Donations to Calcars
06/29/07: Toyota Reveals Concerns on Prius Conversions
06/27/07: Make Faire: PHEV in Houston; CalCars Gets Unusual Donation; DIY Documentation advances
06/26/07: PHEV Investment Opportunity: $500K in Chicago
06/26/07: US Energy Dept Report + Presentations Move PHEV Plans Forward
06/25/07: Final Senate Energy Bill Includes Many DRIVE Act PHEV Prrovisions
06/22/07: RechargeIT Launch: V2G Demo by Proudfoot and Reicher
06/22/07: RechargeIT Launch: What Brilliant/Vieau/Beavers/Whitmore/Brin Said
06/21/07: Google's Media Roundup & Photos
06/19/07: RechargeIT + Enterprise Rent-A-Car = Google Fleet
06/18/07: Google Launches RechargeIT: 100+ PHEVs, $1M Grants, $10M Investments
06/17/07: Clean Tech Book Touts PHEVs; New Website Features
06/17/07: PHEVs Going International: Europe's Avere Conference
06/17/07: Senators Hatch, Cantwell, Obama: PHEV Plan for Energy Bill
06/17/07: Race for First on PHEVs: Toyota Lags; GM Closes In; Honda Drops a Hybrid
06/13/07: Report Toyota Will Delay Lithium Battery Intro in Hybrids
06/11/07: PG&E First to Commit to Buying Used Plug-In Batteries
06/10/07: GM Moves Ahead on Batteries for Volt; What To Call PHEVs
05/31/07: How the Air Resources Board Can Speed the Arrival of PHEVs: Our Proposal
05/31/07: Toyota Roundup: News from Execs Press, Reinert, Takimoto, Rodland, Smith
05/16/07: Air Resources Board Staff Proposes Allocations for $25M funding
05/11/07: Next Weekend: Public PHEV Conversion@Maker Faire San Mateo: Bigger/Better Year2
05/10/07: Washington State Leaps Ahead in PHEV Awareness
05/04/07: Utilities Endorse PHEV/V2G Combo at Cambridge Energy Research Conference
05/03/07: A123Systems Battery Co Acquires Hymotion Conversion Co
05/02/07: Help CalCars Make PHEVs Immediate -- Not Just Inevitable
05/02/07: CalCars Receives Grant to Promote Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Education
05/02/07: Three Major PHEV Events in May: Seattle/Austin/Wenatchee: Sign Up for 1 or 2
05/01/07: A123Systems Reveals 2008 Conversion Plans; Senate Finance Committee is Focus of
04/29/07: Internationall Live Call-In Show Monday on Hybrids/PHEVs
04/27/07: James Woolsey's Brilliant Congressional Testimony
04/26/07: Popular Mechanics Cover Story on PHEVs
04/26/07: A/V Catchup: Lee Iacocca/Tom Friedman/Step It Up/V2G/Sherry Boschert
04/26/07: PHEV News Catchup: Buses/Phoenix/Hymotion Acquisition?/DIY Diesel/Sprinter/Minnesota Study
04/24/07: Battery Development: US Energy Dept: $14M; Nissan/NEC joint venture: $4M
04/23/07: PHEVs Emerge as Nearest Technology in Long-Awaited ZEV Tech Review by Air Resources Board of CA
04/14/07: Malcolm Bricklin on His PHEV Plans: Business Week Interview
04/13/07: GM: Saturn Vue PHEV by end of '09? Plus Conflicting Reports on Volt
04/13/07: Wall St. Journal Highlights US-Japan Competition for PHEV Batteries; Shows A123 Prius
04/12/07: Be Sure to Join a Step It Up Event Saturday -- Wherever You Are
04/10/07: Ford & Detroit News Still Look Inept After White House Incident
04/09/07: San Jose Mercury News: PHEV/V2G/Clean Car Focus
04/08/07: Ford Joins Toyota/GM as "working to develop" a PHEV; Ford's Hydrogen PHEV Blooper
04/04/07: Automotive X PRIZE Increases Pressure for 100 MPG Cars
04/03/07: Busy April-May for PHEVs; Catch NPR Science Friday on PHEVs
04/03/07: Supreme Court Ruling May Motivate Auto-Makers
03/28/07: Ford Exec Lewis Booth Misses Points on PHEVs as He Talks About CO2+Europe
03/28/07: Lester Brown: Diversion of Grain to Fuel Cars Raises World Food Prices
03/26/07: GM's Lutz Disputes Detroit News Story: Not Backing Off Volt
03/26/07: Re: Promoting PHEVs in Singapore
03/26/07: PHEVs and Vehicle-To-Grid on Page 1 of Wall St. Journal
03/23/07: Detroit News: GM tries to unplug Volt hype
03/23/07: Fortune Features PG&E/PHEVs and Schwarzenegger in Green Issue
03/23/07: Berkeley's Prof. Kammen: "PHEVs are going to be a bigger deal than biofuels"
03/22/07: Silicon Valley Leadership Group/Plug-In Bay Area Launch Campaign
03/21/07:'s PHEV Interviews with Andy Frank & Felix Kramer
03/18/07: PHEVs in Toyota European Brochure; Company "Aggressively" Pursuing PHEVs
03/18/07: Automakers Testify in Washington: DaimlerChrysler Touts Its PHEV
03/18/07: GM's Blog on Media Briefinng Continues Dialogue
03/18/07: E Magzine's Cover story: Cleaner, Greener Cars
03/12/07: NYT Sunday Business Section Features GM/A123Systems
03/12/07: GM's Media Briefing on PHEVs Offers Major Opportunity
03/12/07: Report on GM's Battery Briefing Confirms our view
03/08/07: Visionary Vehicles/Malcolm Bricklin Endorse CalCars & PHEV Campaign
03/06/07: Plugging Into the Grid by Joe Romm and Peter Fox-Penner/Public Policy Institute
03/06/07: GM's Lutz Sees Production of Volt PHEV in 2010
03/05/07: Ford Cooperates with Quantum on Hybrid Conversions: South Coast Sponsors Escape + Prius Projects
03/04/07: Energy Dept Releases Draft PHEV Roadmap
03/04/07: Toyota Edges Closer on PHEVs with Consumer Reseach; Suggests Partnerships
03/04/07: SF Chronicle Runs Sherry Boschert's PHEV Overview
03/01/07: Bob Lutz Emphasizes GM's Commitment to PHEVs
02/27/07: Wall St. Journal: French Postal Service Will Buy Tens of Thousands of EVs with PHEV Option
02/27/07: TV News Star Revisits PHEVs: Chuck Scarborough, WNBC-NY Adds EVs This Time
02/26/07: A123 Systems Announces "Battery Range Extender Modules" Strategy
02/26/07: Toyota Confirms 2009 Model Lithium-Ion Prius -- No Talk of Plug But Promises of More Power
02/24/07: Detroit News at Oscars: Hollywood Needs "Stretch Limo" Hybrids"
02/23/07: Cleantech Venture Panel and Xcel on Electrification of Transportation
02/23/07: PHEVs Hit Entertaiment Media via Orlando Bloom
02/23/07: Bush Checks Out PHEV and EV on White House Lawn
02/22/07: PHEVs at the Pre-Oscars "Green Carpet" by Global Green
02/22/07: Toyota Reveals How Much Its Customers Want PHEVs; CalCars Suggests More Surveys & Disclosures
02/21/07: Andy Frank in American Scientist: Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles for a Sustainable Future
02/19/07: PHEVs at Pre-Oscars Global Green Event; New Mobile PHEV Tutorial
02/18/07: NYTimes Magazine Cover Story on Toyota: "From 0 to 60 to World Domination"
02/18/07: National Lab Researchers/Business Professor Urge PHEV Speedup
02/15/07: PHEV and Tesla at Commonwealth Club Annual Dinner Feb 22
02/14/07: Energy Crossroads: Stanford March 1-3: Thomas Friedman, James Woolsey, others
02/13/07: Watch Excellent KQED PHEVs Quest Show Online
02/13/07: GM Spokesperson Half Agrees on "Start Now on PHEVs"
02/11/07: Watch KQED-TV QUEST Tues; Radio's CA Report on Low Carbon Fuel Standard; GM Vote Update
02/08/07: King County Exec/WA Lawmakers on PHEVs & Climate Crisis
02/08/07: Toyota's 2008 Highlander Hybrid Enables "EV Button"
02/06/07: We're at CleanTech Forum Feb 21 SF -- Top Venture Conference
02/06/07: UC Davis PHEV Research Center Staff Announced
02/05/07: This Week in Olympia, WA: PHEV Legislative Events with GM & King County Headliners
02/05/07: US Budget Falls Short on PHEVs: Small Research Increase, Zero for Demo Fleets
02/04/07: Plug-in Hybrid Truck (PHET) Workshop Feb 13 in Los Angeles by WestStart-CALSTART
02/02/07: Sierra Club/Rep. Waxman Back ASES Global Warming Study Featuring PHEVs
02/02/07: "Future Energy" Touts PHEVs: Book by Ex-Wall St. Journal Reporter Bill Paul
02/02/07: Praying at the Pump: Ronald Minsk's Thoughtful NYTimes Op-Ed
01/31/07: Washington: Media Reports; Senate Testimony; Dept of Energy's Karsner Press Conference
01/30/07: Investor's Business Daily & Discovery Institute Urge Stronger Federal PHEV Commitment
01/30/07: AutoNation, Southern CA Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric CEOs Talk Up PHEVs
01/29/07: Battery News: A123/Electrovaya/LithiumTech/EEStor plus USA Today
01/29/07: PHEV Media: San Diego Union Trib/NY Times/Christian Science Monitor
01/29/07: DRIVE Act Introduced in House: 55+ Co-Sponsors for H.R.670
01/27/07: Plug-In Partners Anniversary Event Introduces "Cash-Back Plug-In" Concept
01/24/07: Historic Presidential Executive Order Will Make Agencies PHEV Customers
01/23/07: Response to State of the Union: Build "Good-Enough" PHEVs ASAP
01/23/07: Ford's "Modular" PHEV: Like Volt, But Starts with Fuel Cell
01/23/07: Brookings Institute Strongly Backs PHEVs in Sandalow Report
01/23/07: GM's 30-Person Battery Team; BizWeek Sees Japanese Win on PHEVs
01/22/07: Speaker/Location Update: EESI Plug-in Partners Anniversary Jan 23 in DC
01/19/07: DaimlerChrysler Reminds Us It's Building PHEVs Now
01/19/07: 25 Senators Introduce DRIVE Act; House Version Follows: Successor to 2005-06 Bi-Partisan/Bi-Cameral Bill
01/17/07: PG&E's CEO on PHEVs and Global Challenges
01/17/07: Details on CalCars' Prius+/Escape Conversion Project
01/17/07: Pacific National Lab's Surprising PHEV Study Released
01/17/07: Ford Considering PHEVs, Says Hybrid Director Nancy Gioia
01/17/07: Video of Chevy Volt
01/11/07: GM Gets Feedback from its Own Website: 11,565 Customers
01/11/07: Technology Review: Up-To-Date Report on Batteries for PHEVs
01/10/07: PHEVs Help Launch Bill McKibben-Sponsored "Step It Up" Campaign on Global Warming
01/10/07: Ford Announces It Has a PHEV Concept Car too; Freedom From Oil Criticizes GM+Ford
01/10/07: Plug-in Partners Anniversary Celebration in DC Jan 23 sponsored by EESI
01/10/07: Big 3 Seek Battery Subsidies -- Deliver White Paper Says Wall St. Journal
01/10/07: Governor's Low Carbon Fuel Standard: Briefers Cite PHEVs
01/09/07: Could China Deliver Affordable PHEV by 2009 with Malcolm Bricklin?
01/09/07: Transcript of GM's Volt Launch Event: Wagoner & Lutz
01/08/07: Red Herring and on GM Volt
01/08/07: Plug In America's Response to GM's Announcement
01/08/07: Honda's Position on PHEVs Begins to Shift
01/08/07: GM's Fastlane Video/Lowery Blog; Other GM Pages
01/08/07: Important Reports on Volt by Makower and Bullis
01/08/07: Senate Leaders' Bill Highlights PHEVs' Role
01/07/07: Newsweek, UK Independent, Clean Break, Reuters, Detroit Free Press on GM Volt
01/07/07: IEEE's Intro to Lithium Batteries for PHEVs
01/07/07: 16 Points about GM's Long-Awaited Breakthrough PHEVs
01/06/07: London Times/Times/Detroit News/LA Times/Wired/GreenCarCongress on Volt
01/06/07: Chevy Volt/Saturn Vue Are Start of Plug-In Hybrid Race--PHEV Concept at Detroit Auto Show
01/05/07: NYT's Thomas Friedman Proposes "First Energy President"
01/04/07: GM Picks First Battery Suppliers/Expects PHEV Prototypes This Year
01/03/07: Cobasys and A123 Partner on Li-Ion Batteries
01/03/07: Silicon Valley Leadership Group Promotes PHEVs/Plug-In Partners
01/03/07: EVWorld Calls 2006 "Year of the Plug-In Hybrid"
01/02/07: CalCars PHEV at Thursday Sacramento Public Event: Inaugural Kick-Off
12/31/06: Hell and High Water: Joe Romm's new book
12/31/06: Podtech Interview; Top 10 lists from Makower, Grist
12/30/06: James Woolsey's Wall St. Journal Op Ed: Gentlemen, Start Your Plug-Ins
12/28/06: MIT Technology Review Explores V2G; Summarizes the Year in Energy
12/28/06: Join Our "Photo-Op" this Sat @12:15PM in San Francisco
12/27/06: FLASH: Help Match $200,000 Donation to CalCars
12/23/06: CEOs and Generals on Oil/Security/Energy Independence -- and PHEVs
12/22/06: James Woolsey Speech; New President at Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
12/21/06: NYS Governor Announces Winners for PHEV Conversions
12/20/06: Press Conference: Bush on PHEV Range; Sees Energy Bill Cooperation
12/20/06: One Step Further toward Ford Escape PHEVs: Hybrids Plus Gets NYSERDA Contract
12/20/06: PHEVs Made The Big Time in 2006: Year-End Review
12/20/06: Help CalCars Get PHEVs on the Road in 2007
12/20/06: Entertaining & Significant Dan Neil Column on Hybrids/PHEVs
12/16/06: $3M PHEV Research Program at Institute for Transportation Studies/UC Davis funded by CA Energy Commission
12/15/06: Thomas Friedman: Wind/Cars/Texas: Better than Kyoto
12/14/06: 38 Senators/Reps Ask Administration for $90 Million for PHEVs
12/13/06: Scientific American Talks to DOE Study Authors; Magazine Lists PHEVs in Top 50 Tech Leaders
12/13/06: Demonstration Diesel PHEV--Converted DaimlerChrysler smart in London
12/13/06: Plug-In Partners Update: 497 Partners Listed
12/12/06: A123Systems Gets $15M US Battery Consortium Contract
12/12/06: Hymotion Delivers PHEV to Fairfax County, Virginia
12/11/06: NRDC's GlobalWarming Solutions Include PHEVs
12/11/06: Energy Dept Says US Has Idle Capacity to Fuel PHEVs; Sees Wide Benefits
12/11/06: Nissan to "accelerate development" of PHEVs/start lithium battery business
12/08/06: Prius may become a brand; Toyota "wants PHEVs as much as anyone else"
12/08/06: Globe&Mail: GM: was Edison right? auto-makers and climate change
12/08/06: Marketplace and LA Times' Dan Neil: GM plugs into hybrid fever
12/07/06: Blog: Entrepreneurs Adopt "Carbon Time"
12/06/06: PHEVs: Who Saved the Electric Car?
12/06/06: CEO/Entrepreneur/Engineer Dave Bagshaw is CalCars' New Senior Advisor
12/06/06: Washington & SF Car Journalists Chronicle the Greening of US Automakers
12/06/06: Japan's Mainichi News Reports on PHEVs
12/05/06: EVWorld: Breakthrough 2007 on Batteries
12/05/06: MIT Technology Review on GM/PHEVs
12/05/06: Clean Edge's Agenda for Democrats Includes Clean Energy/PHEVs
12/05/06: See Current Views of Car-Makers on PHEVs at Updated CalCars Page
12/05/06: Plug-In Hybrids & PHEV Book in Los Angeles Area This Week
12/04/06: More GM: Tyler Hamilton, Red Herring, Digg, Green Car Congress
12/04/06: Wagoner: GM Wants to Be First on PHEVs; Analyst Says "Others Will Have to Follow"
12/01/06: 2004 and 2006 Interviews with Dave Hermance
11/29/06: US News/World Report on Toyota/Hermance/Bush Interest
11/29/06: Washington Post Quotes GM/Toyota/Asst Energy Sec Karsner
11/29/06: GM is First Auto-Maker to Announce Plans for a Production Passenger Plug-In Hybrid
11/29/06: Reuters: California 'green tuners' clamor for plug-in cars
11/28/06: EPRI and Argonne National Laboratory Agree to Assess Commercial Viability of Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
11/27/06: Toyota's Dave Hermance, Top Prius Engineer, Dies in Plane Crash
11/27/06: ZDNet: Agencies Line Up For Plug-In Cars
11/19/06: Now for Something Completely Different? Speculations on GM's Possible PHEV
11/15/06: Southern CA Sierra Signs On to Fact Sheet to Promote PHEVs
11/13/06: Our Newest PHEV Debuts at SF Int'l Auto Show -- Thanks to Auto Association
11/13/06: Odyne: Long Island, NY PHEV Bus Company
11/13/06: PHEVs at Center Stage at EDTA Washington Nov 28-30
11/10/06: Detroit News Picks Up GM Story on Planned PHEV
11/09/06: GM Details Plans for a Serial PHEV
11/08/06: GM Drops More Hints about PHEV Plans
11/07/06: Natural Resources Defense Council's Evolving Views on PHEVs
11/07/06: Toyota's Masatami Takimoto on PHEVs
11/03/06: Amory Lovins/Rocky Mountain Institute warm to PHEVs
11/01/06: We're on Yahoo's home page; Green Car Journal; Berkeley orders 40 PHEVs
10/30/06: First PHEV Book: Pre-Order Now/Nov 12 in SF Buy/Hear Author Sherry Boschert
10/30/06: UK Reports Focus on Costs/Costs of Global Warming: Inaction
10/29/06: White Bird: New Prius Conversion in Washington's Chelan County
10/27/06: GM's PHEV Project Gets Code Name: I-Car
10/26/06: GE + A123 on "Battery-Dominant" Hybrid Fuel Cell Bus
10/26/06: Wired Blog/EcoTalk Green Radio/Blogs:Heart of Green/Ecofabulous
10/25/06: NY Times: Still Miles to Go for the Plug-In Vehicle
10/24/06: PHEV Support Grows at CA Air Resources Board
10/24/06: New poll for calcars-news
10/24/06: Al Gore's First Ride in a Plug-In Hybrid
10/22/06: Bill Clinton/Energy Dept/Daryl Hannah: Close Encounters of the PHEV Kind
10/22/06: YesOn87: SF Bay Area Events in Threee-Week Countdown
10/20/06: "Make History, Arnold!" say Thomas Friedman/NY Times
10/20/06: Six Groups Offer CA State PHEV Plan
10/19/06: Update on our "Do-It-Yourself" Prius conversion project
10/18/06: Clean Tech Innovation panel Nov. 2 SF by UC Berkeley's Haas Alumni
10/17/06: Readers' Letters about PHEVs after US News & World Report story
10/16/06: Wall St. Journal's Detroit Bureau Chief Eyes Plug-In Hybrids
10/16/06: Toronto Star: PHEVs on a Roll
10/15/06: Silicon Valley Monday Event (with our PHEV); NYT's Tom Friedman on Energy Independence
10/13/06: Top US Environmental Advisor Jim Connaughton's 156-MPG PHEV Ride
10/12/06: Bush on PHEVs at Renewable Energy Conf in St. Louis
10/11/06: David Morris on NYState's PHEV Program
10/11/06: Top Auto Dealer AutoNation Joins Plug-In Partners
10/11/06: A123 Batteries in Ontario Utility's Prius by Hymotion
10/10/06: Speculation Continues about Mitsubishi's EV/PHEV Plans
10/10/06: More comments from Toyota on PHEVs
10/06/06: USA Weekend "Green Is Red Hot" on green cars
10/06/06: Stanford's New $30M Energy Efficiency Institute w/James Sweeney as Director
10/05/06: Progress or Breakthroughs at California Symposium on Zero Emission Vehicles
10/03/06: GM's Bob Lutz Sees Plug-In Hybrids Coming in US Before Hydrogen or E-85 Infrastructure
10/02/06: CalCars on History Channel "Modern Marvels"
10/02/06: US News & World Report: "Plug for Hybrids" Long Story
10/02/06: Toyota's Comments on PHEVs at Air Resources Board Hearing
10/02/06: Key Board Member Proposes "Plug-In California Initiative"
10/01/06: Forbes Mag. asks about batteries and PHEVs
09/29/06: Experiences of 2 PHEV Early Drivers: Testimony to Air Resources Board ZEV Technology Symposium
09/29/06: Sunday NY Times Reports on DaimlerChrysler's PHEV Sprinter Van
09/28/06: GM's Lutz "we are also studying plug-in hybrid technology"
09/25/06: Sacramento/Stanford Events; New Photos at CalCars
09/25/06: Marin County: First Bay Area "Soft Order" for PHEVs
09/24/06: ACEEE Blows Hot & Cold on PHEVs; Christian Science Monitor Reports
09/24/06: AFP/Reuters Say Nissan to Build PHEV in 2010
09/19/06: Al Gore: PHEVs a "Particularly Promising" Global Warming Solution
09/18/06: Colorado: Hybrids-Plus Displays PHEV with A123 Batteries
09/18/06: Minnesota: Hymotion's First PHEV Prius Customer: HOURCAR
09/18/06: Thinking About Lithium Batteries and Safety
09/15/06: Modern Marvels: Renewable Energy on Cable Weds. Sept. 20
09/15/06: First Public Event for DaimlerChrysler's PHEV Prototype
09/14/06:'s Official Statement about Advanced Vehicle Technologies and Global Warming
09/14/06: Plans Major Focus on Plug-In Hybrids
09/13/06: Lester Brown/Washington Post: Starving the People To Feed the Cars
09/12/06: Chicago Ford Escape PHEV Project Gets Utility Partner + Funding
09/12/06: AutoNation's CEO: #1 Dealer Wants To Sell PHEVs
09/11/06: EVS-22: Automakers+Converters: No Longer "Choose Us or Them"
09/08/06: Responses to CalCars' New Company Announcement
09/05/06: Will CalCars Start a PHEV Company?
09/03/06: PG&E's Demo PHEV Starts Making News
09/02/06: Toyota Says Wait 10 Years for Affordable Plug-In Hybrids
09/02/06: 5 Million Customers Get PG&E PHEV Pitch in the Mail
09/02/06: CalCars/Tesla/Nanoexa @Stanford Sept 26
08/31/06: Celebrate AB 32: We May Have Helped on Global Warming Bill
08/31/06: Silicon Valley CEOs Endorse PHEVs for Energy Security
08/30/06: E2+NRDC Present: Toyota/CalCars/Tesla at Microphone and in Parking Lot
08/30/06: Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Sen. Feinstein for PHEVs
08/25/06: Key California Leader Terry Tamminen Endorses PHEVs
08/24/06: Promote PHEVs with Your Op-Ed/ Letter to Editor: Here's an Example
08/23/06: Joel Makower on PHEVs/EVs in TreeHugger
08/22/06: Ethanol and the Food vs.Fuel Debate
08/22/06: GM/BMW/Daimler Dual-Mode Hybrid: Twice What's Necessary
08/21/06: Landmark Scientific American Issue Includes PHEVs
08/21/06: Clean-Tech Advocates Urge California Global Warming Leadership
08/18/06: NYS Offers $10M PHEV Conversion Contract
08/18/06: Alliance Bernstein says PHEV are "game-changing technology"
08/17/06: Study: 49% Would Consider Buying a PHEV
08/15/06: Forbes: Prepare to Plug in for 100-mpg Hybrids
08/15/06: Ford Bold Moves Website Includes PHEV Proponent
08/08/06: When Can I Buy a Plug-In Prius? EVWorld's Reporter Tries For Answers
08/04/06: PHEVs on CNN Radio Special "Feeling The Heat" + other media
08/03/06: Pacific Gas&Electric will promote PHEVs to Millions of Customers
08/02/06: Bay Area Reminder: Wednesday: Tamminen & Others at Forum
08/02/06: NYState Uses PHEVs to Attract Industry, Earmarks $10M for Conversions
07/31/06: Everybody Loves Plug-Ins: National Endorsements for PHEVs
07/30/06: Automotive X-Prize Website Launches, Includes Important Survey
07/30/06: American Petroleum Institute Weighs In
07/28/06: Detroit News: President/DaimlerChrysler/Toyota/Argonne Labs weigh in
07/27/06: Is Toyota Edging Closer or Cooling Immediate Hopes?
07/27/06: CNN & Wall St Journal: Automakers Focus on PHEV Costs
07/24/06: Plug-In Bay Area Launches w/Aug. 2 Public Event
07/20/06: Victory Party or Tipping Point for Plug-In Hybrids? -- New Blog Entry
07/20/06: Hybridfest in Madison, WI this weekend features PHEVs
07/20/06: The 100-mpg car is coming = highest-ranked story at
07/19/06: Tesla Motors Unveils All-Electric Roadster Tonight
07/19/06: Toyota moves to corner the 'plug-in' market, headlines the Christian Science Monitor
07/18/06: Toyota Inches Further Toward PHEVs
07/13/06: He Ain't Heavy; He's My Plug-In Hybrid Dump Truck (or Bus)
07/12/06: VIPV: Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics
07/11/06: More Greenspan love; Don't forget Plug In Partners
07/10/06: AAA Greenlight Initiative Rally and Our New Photoblog
07/06/06: Former "CA Energy Czar" S. David Freeman Champions PHEVs; WashCars?
07/05/06: PHEV Battery Forum 7/12 - S. Coast Air Quality Mgmt District
07/05/06: "Who's Reviving the Electric Car?" and where to see "Who Killed..."
06/30/06: Contacting CalCars in early July
06/30/06: Kansas Senator Brownback on Plug-In Hybrids
06/30/06: Transcript/film clip of Thomas Friedman's Addicted to Oil documentary
06/30/06: House Science Committee OKs bill with $300M/year for PHEVs
06/30/06: Ford's Hybrid Chief on Plug-In Hybrids
06/29/06: Ford Retreats from Hybrid Goals in Favor of E85 Programs
06/29/06: Environmental Entrepreneurs Looks to Electricity for Cars
06/25/06: California South Coast Plug-In Hybrid Event
06/24/06: Who Killed Electric Car gains increasing media attention to EVs and PHEVs
06/23/06: Plug-In Partners After 6-Months: fleet orders, cities, states, utilities, companies join in
06/23/06: Business 2.0 on Prius Conversions; NYTimes Op-Ed on Coal
06/23/06: CNN Money gets comments from another GM spokesperson on PHEV views
06/23/06: FLASH: GM hopes to have a PHEV at Detroit Auto Show
06/22/06: Events: Nat'l Solar Conference has Major PHEV Focus; Friedman Sat
06/22/06: California Clean Energy Campaign Qualifies for November Statewide Ballot
06/20/06: Co-op America Quarterly touts "growing movement" for PHEVs
06/20/06: Popular Mechanics highlights Prius conversion from EDrive and EAA-PH
06/19/06: Industry media report on Ford & Toyota views on PHEVss
06/19/06: Toyota sees $7,000 price gap for PHEVs
06/19/06: KTVU: San Francisco to get PHEV/solar/wind ferryboat
06/16/06: NRDC's Hwang & LA Times' Neil on Energy Source Winners & Losers
06/15/06: Popular Science Ranks PHEVs #3 on 10 Energy Technologies
06/14/06: Electric Car Film's Director Talks about PHEVs on PBS Now!
06/14/06: PHEVs in Thomas Friedman "Addicted to Oil" Documentary, airing June 24 on Discovery Cable
06/14/06: Forbes Editor Cals for Carbon Tax
06/14/06: Are PHEVs Coming or Far Away? Toyota Won't Say
06/13/06: Toyota's Welcome But Timid Start on PHEVs
06/12/06: Minnesota: unanimous public official support/media goes all-out on PHEVs
06/12/06: The Economist: Plugging into the future -- further signals PHEVs' significance
06/08/06: Alan Greenspan supports plug-in hybrids
06/07/06: Illinois Rep. Biggert Endorses Plug-In Partners at Regional PHEV Hearings
06/07/06: Global Warming: what's next after you see "An Inconvenient Truth"
06/07/06: US Energy Dept's 2 days on PHEVs + surprising PHEV poll results.
06/05/06: U.S. Conference of Mayors Unanimously Endorse PHEVs+Plug-In Partners
06/05/06: Two new PHEV videos: Treehugger and coverage of DC
06/05/06: Commonwealth Club June 29: Kramer/Slocum/Kamen in San Francisco
06/05/06: Union of Concerned Scientists engineer tries our PHEV
05/30/06: Thomas Friedman: A Quick Fix for the Gas Addicts
05/30/06: Robert Redford: Kicking the Oil Habit
05/30/06: NY Times Editorial: Energy Shortage
05/30/06: The Frankenstein Hybrid
05/29/06: US Research Expert: PHEVs Soon Ready for Mass Production
05/28/06: In Popular Mechanics fuel-type comparison, electricity wins
05/26/06: EVWorld story & interview about DC trip
05/26/06: Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle on his PHEV drive
05/26/06: SF Chronicle Op Ed / Sacramento Bee; Senators Salazar + Brownback
05/25/06: Plug-In Partners: 3,300 new fleet "soft orders"
05/25/06: Articles: Technology Review on PHEVs in DC; CNET on Hacking Prius
05/24/06: Tom Friedman on plug-in hybrids on PBS Charlie Rose Show
05/24/06: Seattle PHEV event June 1 and Seattle Times Op-Ed
05/23/06: More from DC: Hillary Clinton / House Hearings / Photos+ Blog
05/23/06: Recent Ford News re PHEVs: Golightly / Watson / Miller
05/22/06: First Washington Report / TV Mon PM / Volunteer Full-Time?
05/22/06: Andy Frank's Trinity PHEV at UC Davis unveiled
05/18/06: CalCars/DC Trip: San Francisco Chronicle
05/18/06: CalCars/DC Trip: San Jose Mercury News / Detroit Free Press
05/17/06: Associated Press story on House PHEV hearings today
05/17/06: We're having an amazing time in Washington, DC
05/16/06: Blogs echo CalCars/Frank request to Ford to allow pilot program
05/16/06: What should Bush say to the Big Three? Chicago Tribune Op-Ed by Gal Luft
05/16/06: Press Advisory: 100mpg Plug-in hybrid to debut in Washington DC
05/15/06: Our Car On Its Way to DC + 2 Surprises
05/15/06: Plug-In Hybrids Can Go the Distance: We'll Be In DC
05/14/06: Bill Ford's comments when asked about plug-in hybrids at shareholders meeting
05/14/06: Tour De Sol rally includes several PHEVs
05/13/06: We're within sight of $25K. Also: volunteer wanted: HTML/InDesign
05/13/06: One-day real-life MPG and costs with my one-month-old Prius...
05/11/06: "Send a PHEV to DC" Day 3: 100% MATCH if you contribute now
05/11/06: Our Press Release Welcoming Ford's Statement of "Keen" Interest in PHEVs
05/11/06: Proposed "partnership for Ford to take the lead on innovation in plug-in hybrids"
CalCars reveals six months of negotation with Ford re: plug-in hybrid development
05/11/06: Ford considering plug-in hybrids: shareholders meeting reports
05/10/06: 3-Minute Video on Maker Faire: One of the Best!
05/10/06: Hear Ford Shareholder Meeting Thurs 9AM EST
05/10/06: "Send a PHEV to DC" Day 2: We're at 40%
05/09/06: Best Opportunity Yet: Help Send CalCars' Car to Washington
05/09/06: Republicans for Environmental Protection: opinion piece
05/09/06: "Change Your World:" 30-second commercial for PHEVs
05/07/06: Christian Science Monitor: The next X-Prize: How about a 250 mpg car?
05/06/06: Watch CNN report on Maker Faire Sunday -- or online anytime
05/06/06: CBS 60 Minutes: "The Ethanol Solution" -- Sunday May 7, 2006
05/06/06: More in LA Times editorial page on plug-in hybrids
05/05/06: Maker Faire story told by team member Amanda Kovattana
05/04/06: Plug-In Partners urges Congress to Convert Postal Fleet to Plug-in Hybrids
05/04/06: NREL's future vision: vehicle-to-grid/renewable communities
05/03/06: Firefly Lead Acid: More Possible PHEV Batteries
05/02/06: CalCars at Acterra Palo Alto, Tues, May 9, 7-9PM
05/01/06: AFS Trinity: PHEV with battery + ultracapacitor
05/01/06: Our Maker Faire Seattle car is running as a PHEV
04/30/06: NRDC vehicles director endorses plug-in hybrids
04/30/06: Red Herring interviews EDrive's Greg Hanssen
04/29/06: Ford Investigating Plug-In Hybrids: Golightly interview at Green Car Congress
04/29/06: LA Times Lead Editorial: From 0 to 60 in 40 Watts
04/29/06: Wall St. Journal: Wake Up Call on US Energy Policy
04/28/06: Harris Poll: 1/3 of US Car-Buyers Willing to Pay $9K More for Alternative Fuel Vehicles
04/28/06: CNET: Plug in your hybrid, pollute less?
04/28/06: New EDrive FAQ includes new info
04/28/06: Revised numbers from report on my MPG
04/28/06: Why No Cars at Carmaker Summit?
04/27/06: NYTimes' Thomas Friedman: Bush should push PHEV legislation
04/26/06: CNET: Coming soon: Cars that get 100 miles per gallon
04/25/06: CalCars @ New Living Expo Sun April 30 San Francisco
04/25/06: Maker Faire Project Day 3: We Have Liftoff!
04/24/06: Red Herring: Plug-In Hybrids get 100+ MPG
04/24/06: Toyota Ratchets Up Plug-In Talk: Green Car Congress
04/23/06: Weekend: Maker Faire Day 1; BETTAH Prize; Bush in Sacramento
04/21/06: AlterNet: Driving Toward Energy Independence by Davis Morris
04/20/06: Top Global Warming Resources
Overview of top global warming reports and resources
04/20/06: CalCars at FutureSalon in Palo Alto tonight
04/19/06: We're at top Sacramento legislative event April 29
04/19/06: Maker Faire in Bay Area community papers
04/13/06: Our Team for "Convert a Prius" at Maker Faire April 22-23
04/13/06: San Francisco Movie Screening + Clean Car Cocktail Party Fri April 2
04/12/06: SF Bay Area Gets a Second PHEV
CalCars takes delivery of an EDrive/EnergyCS plug-in Prius.
04/10/06: Look at Brazil to see how fast auto industry can change
04/07/06: BETTAH Press Release from Americans for Energy Independence
04/06/06: UC Berkeley RAEL study on ending imported oil
04/05/06: EnergyCS/EDrive deliver first PHEV conversion
CalCars to take delivery of EDrive conversion next week
04/05/06: UK's Amberjac Projects Creates 130 MPG Plug-In Hybrid Prius
04/03/06: South Coast Air Quality Management District's Model Program for PHEVs
04/02/06: Toyota now says PHEV batteries in 10 years
03/31/06: NYTimes Auto Section on Electro Energy/CalCars PRIUS+
03/30/06: National Canadian Broadcast on PHEVs plus news story
03/30/06: GM/Saab announce concept PHEV
03/30/06: DaimlerChrysler officially announces Sprinter PHEV program
03/29/06: We Launch BETTAH 90-Second Flash Online Movie
03/28/06: Toyota's '07 Camry Reduces Premium for Hybrid Version
03/27/06: Quantum and Former GM Executive Join PHEV Consortium
03/23/06: Detroit Free Press: "Nationwide pep club" for PHEVs; Car-makers skeptical
03/22/06: Minnesota Coalition wants its Ford plant to build PHEVs
03/22/06: April 4 EESI Congressional Briefing: "Flexible-Fuel Plug-in Hybrids"
03/20/06: Earth & Sky interviews Joseph Romm about future cars
03/20/06: Automotive News Weekly: Bush Electrifies Plug-In Fans
03/17/06: BMW plug-in hybrid prototype
03/16/06: "We believe in plug-in hybrid batteries," President Bush tells Republicans
03/16/06: Scientific American Validates PHEVs w/ Joseph Romm & Andy Frank Article
03/12/06: PHEVs Gain Momenum since January
03/10/06: Pres. Bush promotes PHEVs to diverse audiences
03/09/06: Altairnano and Electro Energy to Partner on Lithium-Ion Batteries
03/09/06: New X PRIZE for automotive innovation
03/08/06: Senate Hearings: excerpts: Woolsey/Ford/Lovins/Verrastro (LONG)
03/08/06: Andy Frank sums up the benefits and status of PHEVs
03/07/06: Grist Magazine interviews Lester Brown
03/06/06: E Magazine: Earthtalk on PHEVs
03/05/06: Falls Church News Press (VA): Peak Oil/Electric+PHEVs/Batteries
"The Peak Oil Crisis: Your First Electric Car"
03/05/06: Washington Post: An Energy Pearl Harbor?
03/05/06: TreeHugger: PHEV Anatomy: What the Heck is it?
03/04/06: Top Finance Committee Senators' Bill gives PHEVs same breaks as large SUVs
03/01/06: Prius Makeover @ Maker Faire -- San Mateo -- Earth Day Weekend
CalCars to convert Prius into PHEV April 22-23
03/01/06: New York Times' Friedman: "Who's Afraid of a Gas Tax?"
03/01/06: Wisconsin Radio: CalCars + London Electric Vehicles
02/26/06: Knight-Ridder: Oil Independence Is Possible, but Does America Want It?
02/26/06: CalCars & EnergyCS Receive Electric Auto Assn Award
02/26/06: Sacramento Bee: The Carbohydrate Economy
02/22/06: CalCars' New Global Warming Flyer/View ABC GMA video/New Talking Points
02/21/06: Hymotion's PHEV Conversions for Prius and Escape Hybrids
Canadian company announces Prius and Ford Escape aftermarket conversions
02/21/06: Pres Bush at Nat'l Renewable Energy Lab: excerpts
02/21/06: Good Morning America + Fun from EVWorld's Editor
Felix interviewed on GMA re: President Bush's PHEV endorsements
02/20/06: Massive Coverage of Bush + PHEVs; Watch Good Morning America Tuesday
Felix interviewed on GMA re: President Bush's PHEV endorsements
02/20/06: President Bush's speech on PHEVs and CalCars' response
02/20/06: White House Energy Initiative Paper: PHEVs + our car
Photo of CalCars' PRIUS+ featured in White House's policy paper
02/20/06: Michigan and Colorado stories on Bush's visits
02/17/06: Pres. Bush Endorses Plug-In Hybrids as "amazing technological breakthroughs"
02/16/06: Prius-like EV button in Peugeot concept diesel hybrid
02/16/06: USA Today: Army/Marines testing PHEV Humvees
02/16/06: Ford's VP for Europe + Premiere Group supports PHEV research
02/16/06: National Geographic: Addicted to Oil
Quotes UC Berkeley Energy Resources Group's Daniel Kammen and Alex Farrell
02/15/06: Sacramento-Comstock's: Great Green Hope: Can PHEVs Save America?
02/15/06: San Francisco Supervisors call for PHEVs in fleet
02/15/06: USAA Mag: What a Ride
Good overview of hybrids and PHEVs and other ways to save fuel with any car.
02/14/06: Washington Tech Review profiles Andy Frank/UC Davis
02/13/06: SacBee Page 1: 'Addiction to oil' cure has a long way to go
02/12/06: Blog excerpts from "Did Toyota Blunder?" posting
02/12/06: Private Responses to "Did Toyota Blunder?" Posting & Blog
02/12/06: PHEV Conference in Japan this Tuesday
02/11/06: Joel Makower on hybrid controversies
02/10/06: Blog: Did Toyota Blunder Today on NPR?
Comment at Felix's blog, Power, Plugs and People
02/10/06: NPR All Things Considered + 2 related stories
CalCars on NPR; Toyota announces "biggest, boldest, badass truck" in their history.
02/09/06: Wisconsin Op-Ed: 12-step program to break US oil addiction
02/09/06: James Woolsey@Stephen Colbert: Jokes+Oil/Ethanol/PHEVs
Woolsey promotes PHEVs on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report"
02/08/06: Educational media: Harvard Crimson and Weekly Reader on PHEVs
02/08/06: PHEVs and Global Warming / Evangelicals on Global Warming
PHEV endorsement from James Hansen; Evangelicals for Global Warming
02/07/06: Embattled Climate Scientist James Hansen Endorses Plug-In Hybrids
02/04/06: NYTimes: "100-MPG Cars: It's a Start" by Pulitzer-Winner Nicholas Kristof
02/04/06: National Renewable Energy Lab's website reflects increased focus on PHEVs
02/03/06: US Dept of Energy newsletter highlights Plug-In Partners and CalCars
02/03/06: NY Times Thomas Friedman's "Will Pigs Fly" keeps on the pressure
Friedman's response to State of the Union
02/01/06: EVWorld's Bill Moore's response to State of the Union
02/01/06: SetAmericaFree's Anne Korin's response to State of the Union
02/01/06: Post your views on State of the Union at CalCars' Blog
02/01/06: The State of Energy - NY Times editorial
01/31/06: Bush's Energy Initiative specifically includes plug-in hybrids
High-level breakthrough: Advanced Energy Initiative announced at State of Union includes PHEVs
01/31/06: The Economist on PHEVs: two stories
01/30/06: Virginia non-profit proposes $9B PHEV battery leasing plan
01/29/06: AFS Trinity partners with Ricardo on 250 MPG (gasoline) plug-in hybrid
01/28/06: Bush seconds Friedman -- on ethanol at least
CBS-TV interview transcript plus our comments
01/27/06: Business Week: Lithium batteries next for hybrids
Surveys state of the art; includes reader comments
01/26/06: Bush's State of the Union speech (draft by New York Times' Thomas Friedman
What the author of "The World is Flat" hopes the President will say
01/26/06: Plug-In Partners Launch: Transcript (long)
Full transcript of the PIP launch press conference
01/25/06: Financial Times Op Ed: McFarlane & Woolsey
"America Must End Its Dependence on Oil"
01/25/06: Press Conf Clips: Minneapolis/LA/SaltLake/Texas
More coverage of Plug-In Partners launch
01/25/06: AutomotiveNews: Press Conf + E85 Escape Hybrid
Ford announces flex-fuel Ford Escape research vehicle
01/24/06: Wall Street Journal Profiles Andy Frank/Plug-In Partners
01/24/06: Dow Jones Newswire: Grp Urges Automakers To Build Plug-In Hybrid Cars
01/24/06: Plug-In Partners post-launch press release
01/24/06: Watch Plug-In Partners Press Conference + Request for Help
National PHEV campaign officially launches
01/24/06: Time Magazine cover story: can Bill Ford + innovation save US auto industry?
01/24/06: website re-organized and updated
01/24/06: New York Times lead editorial endorses flex-fuel plug-in hybrids
01/23/06: MSNBC story on Plug-in Partners (plus a poll)
01/23/06: Plug-In Partners launches tomorrow: watch webcast
01/20/06: Thomas Friedman: The New 'Sputnik' Challenges: They All Run on Oil
01/19/06: Fortune: Cloudy with a Chance of Chaos -- the dangers of abrupt climate change
Climate change may bring more violent weather swings -- and sooner -- than experts had thought.
01/18/06: US Energy Dept Researcher sees promise in PHEVs
FreedomCAR Program paying more attention to PHEVs
01/17/06: Futurists write about PHEVs and nanobattery technoloogies
01/17/06: Plug-In Partners Launches Jan 24 in Washington, DC
Press conference to officially launch national initiative to encourage automakers to produce flexible fuel plug-in hybrid vehicles
01/17/06: Dragon at Detroit's Gate: implications of arrival of Chinese autos
01/16/06: Ideas Project from Jumpstart Ford launches with CalCars profile
Jumpstart Ford -- a partnership between Global Exchange, Rainforest Action Network, and Ruckus Society -- has launched a new "Ideas Project" with CalCars as the subject of a featured profile
01/16/06: NY takes state lead proposing $10M grants for plug-in hybrid development
Pataki's budget calls for $10M in grants to foster PHEV and flex-fuel development efforts
01/16/06: Salt Lake City's Mayor strong on plug-in hybrids
01/11/06: New Clips/Video on PHEVs/CalCars
01/09/06: Lester Brown's Plan B 2.0: a must-order/must-read
01/08/06: Thomas Friedman: The New Red White and Blue
Friedman discusses the "geo-green" worldview
01/06/06: NY Governor Endorses Plug-in Hybrids
Pataki's State of the State address includes push for PHEVs
01/06/06: Brad Berman/'s Lithium Battery Report
Substantive roundup/evaluation of battery technology
01/06/06: Manitoba Hydro to test plug-in hybrid
01/05/06: Pizza Entrepreneur Aims for 20,000 Plug-In Hybrids
Pizza "delivery" company (with in-vehicle ovens) hopes to eventually use PHEV fleet
01/05/06: GM's New Focus: Ethanol + California
GM to partner with CA in producing more E85 vehicles and fueling stations
01/02/06: George Shultz on plug-in hybrids; Sen. Lieberman urges US-China R&D including PHEVs
Shultz touts PHEVs on "Charlie Rose," PHEVs among Lieberman's solutions at Council on Foreign Relations
12/28/05: How well did CalCars Predict 2005?
CalCars' scorecard for its 2005 predictions
12/28/05: 2006 Goals for the California Cars Initiative
12/28/05: 2005 Annual Report of the California Cars Initiative
12/22/05: 6 New Members of Plug-In Hybrid Consortium
New members include Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric
12/17/05: 10 Talking Points about PHEVs-- latest version
12/17/05: Finally: index of our News Archive
Description of the page on which you're currently browsing!
12/17/05: Summaries: About Us / How Can I Help? How Can I Get a PHEV?
Answers to CalCars' most frequently-posed questions; how to contact us for more info
12/16/05: Possible Pentagon role in expansion of Daimler PHEV Sorinter program
Excerpts from a longer story at a subscription-only industry newsletter
12/15/05: CalCars gets support from Pacific Gas & Electric
CalCars receives grant from PG&E for purpose of "educating Californians on the benefits of plug-in hybrids"; your help still needed!
12/15/05: CalCars Teams with Free Range Studios
CalCars working with Free Range Studios -- creators of The Meatrix and Store Wars -- to plug Flex-Fuel Plug-In Hybrids
12/15/05: Mitsubishi concept: lithium PHEV/wheel motors: 2008 production possible
12/13/05: Seattle Endorses PHEVs+Plug-In Austin
Seattle City Council unanimous resolution to promote and encourage PHEVs
12/12/05: Seattle Times editorial column; June Seattle Post Intelligencer story
"Planning for a future not dependent on oil"; "City Light focuses on plug-in hybrids"
12/08/05: War Footing: new book promotes PHEVs
"War Footing: 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World" includes ten-page section on PHEVs
12/06/05: Policy stories from HybridCars + related NYTimes story
Excerpts from the newsletter; NY Times article details New York's adoption of California's emissions regulations
12/06/05: Seattle City Hall Press Conference + Washington news coverage
Press conference and news coverage from WA trip
12/06/05: Our Nov. Washington State trip
Recap of and pictures from 1900-mile trip to/from WA; PRIUS+ received an extraordinarily high level of support, encouragement and enthusiasm throughout the state
12/05/05: Key publications/handouts updated
Many flyers updated at; Sneak preview to updated presentation for EDTA conference
12/05/05: Sustainable transportation event Thurs night in Vancouver
11/29/05: Wired: Why $5 Gas Is Good for America
"And some seemingly distant options are right under our noses; consider the plug-in version of the hybrid car."
11/29/05: Minn. Star-Tribune: US Racing the Clock to Find Alternative Fuels
11/28/05: CALSTART 2020 in LA Thurs: Woolsey/EDrive/Announcement of New State Partnership
A major announcement to be made at CALSTART regarding the formation of a new California partnership with the explicit goal of increasing statewide transportation energy efficiency and alternative fuel use
11/28/05: Full list of sponsors of Senate & House Fuel Choices legislation
List of Congressional co-sponsors of bills for American oil independence
11/26/05: Green Car Congress report on LA APPA meeting
11/23/05: 9 up-to-date PHEV papers online from APPA Symposium
Handful of long PDFs examining the full scope of PHEVs
11/21/05: PRIUS+ a hit at SF Auto Show / correction re Vancouver event
Link to blog post on crowd reaction to PRIUS+
11/20/05: Int'l EDTA Conf/Expo Vancouver Dec. 6-8 expands PHEV focus
PHEV's centrally included in International Electric Drive Transportation Association North American conference
11/17/05: Update: PRIUS+ at SF International Auto Show: Sat 19 Nov-Sun 27 Nov
11/17/05: James Woolsey testimony to Senate Foreign Relations Committee
The second half of the testimony (the first half outlines the challenges to oil supply, etc.) by former CIA Director James Woolsey to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. A highly readable, very up to date summary of the opportunities, and it anticipates many questions and objections.
11/17/05: Vehicle + Fuel Choices for American Security Act: info on proposed legislation
Full info on Lieberman's bill to reduce dependence on foreign oil
11/16/05: Wired Mag: Hacking the hybrid Vehicle
First print mention of the Plug-In Hybrid Consortium
11/16/05: Bipartisan Oil Security Bills in House & Senate Nov. 16
Back-to-back press conferences in the House and Senate by pathbreaking bipartisan Congressional coalitions announcing the landmark Fuel Choices for American Security Act
11/14/05: Media: KNBR-radioSF + Science Channel
CSAA radio spots announce PRIUS+; "Beyond Tomorrow" on Science Channel has segment on PRIUS+
11/14/05: ILEA ranks PHEVs as top option
Institute for Lifecycle Environmental Assessment names PHEVs as "most edgy and policy-advancing choice you can make"
11/12/05: Car And Driver's Patrick Bedard on Hybrid Paybacks
"Buying pleasure: Will it be a Hemi or a hybrid?"
11/10/05: Seattle event details (+ new updates on website)
11/09/05: Toyota's latest statement acknowledges growing public interest in PHEVs
But no change in official stance
11/07/05: Plenty Magazine: Green My Ride
11/07/05: Reuters: automakers re-focus on near term
No mention of PHEVs... yet!
11/07/05: PRIUS+ in Seattle and Wenatchee Mon-Tues Nov.14-15
PRIUS+ on tour in Washington State
11/05/05: EVWorld says Toyota not about to build plug-in hybrids
11/04/05: Business Week: What Makes a Hybrid Hot
Indicates Prius popularity and hybrid price premiums
11/04/05: James Woolsey among Rolling Stone/Salon 28 global warming leaders
"Twenty-five leaders who are fighting to stave off the planetwide catastrophe"
11/04/05: AAA showcases CalCars at SF Intl Auto Show Nov. 19-26
11/04/05: SF Green Festival Sat-Sun: CalCars-SFEVA-William McDonough
11/03/05: RUMOR: Industry newsletter reports Toyota may build PHEVs
"Inside Fuels and Vehicles" reports Toyota near major reversal on PHEVs
10/31/05: Loads of new items at website
New articles and flyers available
11/03/05: Wave Magazine: Pimp My Prius
San Jose, CA weekly profiles CalCars
10/31/05: Introduction to CalCars + Plug-In Hybrids (forwardable)
Suitable for forwarding, a quick background summary on CalCars, Plug-In Hybrids, PRIUS+ and Felix Kramer.
10/30/05: 10 Talking Points for Plug-In Hybrids: Updated
10/29/05: Car and Driver: Are plug-in hybrids the next big thing?
Csaba Csere in "The Steering Column": more credible road tests needed
10/28/05: Popular Mechanics: 2 PHEV articles: Andy Frank + Military Vehicle
Article about PHEVs (the "next-generation hybrids") and military's diesel/electric truck
10/28/05: Lieberman proposal: Hybrid autos to combat manmade global warming
In the Bristol Press
10/27/05: Rolling Stone: Hacking Hybrids
10/25/05: Do-It-Yourself Conversions: By Popular Demand
Electric Auto Association agrees to sponsor a group to facilitate do-it-yourself conversion projects
10/24/05: EnergyCS/EDrive profiled in Design News
10/21/05: Salon: The Big Idea: PHEVs #2 out of 5 for environment
Salon's five "big ideas" for helping the environment
10/20/05: Should Investors Believe the Hybrid Hype?
Reports on Electro Energy's stock reaction from CalCars announcement
10/20/05: Electro Energy announces CalCars project
"Electro Energy Inc. today announced it is developing a custom-designed prototype battery pack for CalCars' Toyota PRIUS+ Test Vehicle"
10/17/05: Energy Foundation's Grant + Our Opportunity
CalCars receives grant from EF for public event participation; still needs more contribution!
10/14/05: Sen. Salazar highlights PHEVs: "cornerstone technology"
Salazar, member of the Senatee Energy Committee, gives special mention to plug-in hybrids
10/13/05: 2 long threads at Daily Kos blog
Two posts with heavy comment loads at "the second biggest blog in the world"
10/11/05: LA Times story-re-run: in Newsday/Miami Herald/
10/08/05: Sen. Lieberman: PHEVs "on the threshold of commercialization": FULL TEXTS
10/08/05: Sen. Lieberman plans biofuel PHEV bill: legislative breakthrough
By far the most specific and far-reaching proposal to date
10/07/05: Plugging Plug-in Vehicles: Living On Earth (NPR)
Reports on unusual collaboration in support of PHEVs
10/07/05: Orlando Sentinel: Be ambitious
"Our position: If the president truly wants energy conservation, he will be bolder"
10/06/05: Sierra Citizen: Hot Times in the Old Sierra Nevada
Summarizes global warming's impact in the Sierras -- and steps we can take.
10/06/05: CNN-Dobbs today; Maryland Rep.; reminder Robert Kennedy; Green Car Journal
Lou Dobbs interviews Felix; Maryland Rep endorses PHEVs; CalCars on "Ring of Fire"; more articles from Green Car Journal
10/03/05: Green Car Journal "Voices:" Adding an Electric Fuel Tank to a Hybrid
10/03/05: Watch PARC talk online (if you missed it live)
Felix's presentation at PARC -- "How Plug-in Hybrids Tackle National Security, Jobs and Global Warming at the Same Time" -- available online
10/03/05: Tracking Car-Makers Comments on PHEVs
"Recent media comments by OEMS (Carmakers) on PHEVs have been contradictory, and they've modified their comments as awareness expands and interest grows, and as they get more pointed questions from journalists and customers"
09/29/05: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorses PHEVs; hosts CalCars on radio show
Felix on Air America's "Ring of Fire"
10/02/05: Oil & Security by Shultz/Woolsey--revised must-read (long)
Revised report available full-text and PDF
09/29/05: Wired: Pricey Gas Fuels Alternatives
Hydrogen, plug-in, and biofuel options
09/27/05: AlterNet: The Hazy Future of Hybrid Cars
Shift toward hybrids is here, but the future remains unclear
09/26/05: Toyota: EPA emission testing a barrier to new hybrids?
Current EPA testing procedures can't handle testing for "push-button" fuel economy-type cars
09/26/05: Audubon: The Holy & The Hawks
"In one of the unlikeliest coalitions Washington has seen in years, the religious right, defense hard-liners, and environmentalists have joined forces to save the planet"
09/26/05: 3 Wall St. Journal article excerpts: new trends for cars
1) Small cars can be safe; 2) Fuel economy sells cars; 3) Car makers urge federeal fuel economy policies
09/25/05: San Jose Mercury News: Car Rally Crackles
"Gas-free drivers get together in Palo Alto"
09/25/05: My blog comments on NYTimes series
09/25/05: NYTimes Magazine: Cars That Guzzle Grass
Third of three articles
09/25/05: NYTimes Magazine: High-Performance Hybrids (long)
Second of three articles
09/25/05: NYTimes Magazine: mini-profiles of Prius "hackers"
First of three articles dealing with hybrids; further thoughts at Felix's blog
09/24/05: Minneapolis Star Tribune: David Morris: hybrids + biofuels
09/22/05: CalCars Will Engage with Designer/Architect William McDonough
CalCars to integrate Cradle to Cradle approaches in its future technology development work
09/21/05: Blog: Hurricanes and global warming: some starting points
09/21/05: The Promise of PHEVS -- Mother Earth News
EVWorld's publisher voices views on PHEVs
09/21/05: Ford: 10x hike in hybrids + more E85 cars
Ford to produce 250k hybrids by 2010; more ethanol-fuled cars coming
09/21/05: Christian Science Monitor: PHEVs: a here-and-now alternative
09/20/05: Correction: CalCars-News URL for Consortium Story
09/20/05: Important: PHEV Consortium Interview in EV World
If you don't read many of the posts to CalCars-News, don't skip this one! It's full of important information and news of many encouraging developments
09/19/05: Rethinkig Energy: National Power Grid Infrastructure in Mercury News
09/16/05: CalCars presents at PARC -- Thursday 4-6PM
Felix's presentation: "How Plug-in Hybrids Tackle National Security, Jobs and Global Warming at the Same Time"
09/14/05: Portland Op-Ed: Bio-fueled hybrid cars a good bet
09/14/05: Green Car Congress's Millikin interview by Mother Jones News
"The plug-in hybrid makes a ton of sense"
09/10/05: NYTimes includes PHEVS in major ethanol story
09/08/05: Weekend SF event; new at and elsewhere
Updates on CalCars events and site changes
09/08/05: 10 Talking Points for Plug-In Hybrids
09/06/05: My blog posting "Preparedness After Katrina"
Potential role of PHEVs in energy generation
09/06/05: Washington Post: Another Look at Fuel Efficiency
"Soaring Gas Prices Make Smaller Cars, Hybrids Attractive"
09/04/05: Waco Tribune on Plug-In Austin and PHEVs
09/04/05: Senator Bennet endorses plug-in hybrids
09/01/05: Automakers' views on Lithium Batteries: report from
Lithium poised to take over NiMH
09/01/05: DontCrush launches Plug-In America
RAV4 EV group takes on new challenge
09/01/05: report on PHEVs and EVs
09/01/05: Canada's Globe and Mail: It's time to get all those cars plugged In
08/31/05: Southern CA Edison grant + financial report + new media links
SoCal Edison provides CalCars grant; $50,000 raised total
08/31/05: Pennsylvania: First State-Focused PHEV Initiative
State Rep. Mark Cohen proposes PHEV legislation
08/30/05: Market research company responds to media interest in PHEVs
"Plug-In Hybrids to Remain Rare Despite Amazing Mileage, says ABI Research"
08/30/05: Breakthrough: Consortium Plans PHEV Development
"Raser Technologies, Inc. to Spearhead 'Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Development Consortium'"
08/29/05: E Magazine's Jim Motavallis on plug-in hybrids
08/24/05: New Blog Launches: Power, Plugs and People
Felix launches blog
08/24/05: ABC World News Tonight covers EDrive
08/24/05: Illinois story on ethanol and cars
Daily Review Atlas has excellent overview of ethanol
08/23/05: Austin stories + Tune In to SIRIUS Weds AM
Felix on SIRIUS radio; Austin press coverage
08/22/05: Austin City Leaders Launch Local + National Plug-In Hybrid Campaign
Austin spearheads campaign on path toward "commercialization" of PHEVs
08/21/05: Whittier + Pasadena dailies: New cars plug into the future
08/20/05: EDrive Cars on Saturday CBS Network News
08/20/05: Senator Obama Promotes Plug-In Hybrids in town hall meetings
08/20/05: NY Sun: The 500-MPG Car: : A Pipeline Dream, or Full of Hot Air?
08/20/05: CalCars + PHEV videos now and this weekend
08/17/05: Must-see video clip + Woolsey, Harman, others @Shockwave #2
WNBC-TV clip; second Oil Shockwave simulation pinpoints need for PHEVs
08/16/05: Roundup/update: what the auto industry says about plug-in hybrids
08/16/05: Media coverage -- including Live In Detroit
Widespread radio appearances, WNBC-TV, more
08/15/05: Toyota's first "official" extended response on plug-in hybrids
Claims electric vehicle is no cleaner than gasoline vehicle; batteries require significant further development
08/15/05: How to Support Plug-In/Gas-Optional Hybrids & CalCars
New email message details how to support CalCars
08/14/05: New audio and video streams; traffic stats
Recent CalCars appearances; site traffic hits all-time high
08/14/05: AP: Engineers modify hybrid cars to get up to 250 mpg
08/12/05: Energy Act Roundup (long)
Energy Bill overview and provisions that could foster PHEV development
08/10/05: Prius Marathon: 110 MPG in a non-plug-in hybrid
Results from attempt to go 1400 miles on single tank in non-PHEV Prius
08/09/05: NOVA ScienceNOW show on hydrogen + H2 debate (long)
08/09/05: America: The Hybrid Craze from Le Nouvel Observateur
08/07/05: Toyota's new concession on the way to plug-in hybrids
"I think at some point you'll even have a button you can pick, mileage versus performance, because you're managing the system"
08/07/05: Los Angeles Weekly: Bush's Energy Disaster
Calls for "energy vision," PHEV support
08/04/05: Toronto Star: Plug in to new hybrid concepts
08/02/05: Paul McCready on BEVs versus FCVs; plug in hybrid mention too
From the Green Car Journal Online
08/02/05: NPR Marketplace covers Prius conversions
Author of LA Times article in four-minute segment
07/25/05: Great opportunity--but I'm on vacation
Game plan for pushing major automaker to reinvent self as PHEV producer
07/24/05: NY Times; The Green Machine That Could Be Detroit
07/22/05: Valence Technology highlights EDrive's plug-in hybrid
PHEV press release picked up by various sources
07/21/05: CalCars Teach Lead Ron Gremban's battery evaluation and production cost summary
Technical information on economic implications on PHEV production
07/19/05: CalCars entry at
Felix posts entry on PHEVs
07/17/05: New CalCars FAQ posted
07/17/05: LATimes Sunday Mag Cover Story: Running on Empty by Dan Neil
3100-word story quotes many PHEV advocates and other columnists
07/14/05: Toyota won't crush RAV4 EVs; pressure continues; KQED Perspective airs
Update on RAV4EV; Felix on KQED radio
07/13/05: DaimlerChrysler Describes Its PHEV Sprinter Van
Specs and other detailed information
07/12/05: IEEE Spectrum: "Downright Irresistable" solution
article in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers monthly publication
07/11/05: Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial endorses PHEVs -- includes POLL
Poll respondents: 47% "would buy" PHEV
07/11/05: EVWorld reports on our roundup of automaker comments
Update on shifting carmaker positions on PHEVs
07/11/05: EDrive Systems LLC releases FAQ
Questions on using and acquiring converted Prius
07/11/05: Making a Plug for Hybrids
06/29/05: Fleet campaign: Austin and Mayors / NY State Consortium
Austin pushes PHEVs to conference of mayors; New York Power Authority CEO urges development of PHEVs
06/29/05: Oil Shockwave Simulation points to 500 MPG ethanol plug-in hybrids
Catastrophic disruption in oil markets could lead to worldwide recession
06/25/05: LA Times: Plugged-In Hybrid Tantalizes Car Buffs
06/24/05: Senate developments + key updates at CalCars and partnering groups
Updates on Congressional vote; CalCars seeks entrepreneurs
06/22/05: SJ Mercury News Venture Capital columnist on CalCars
"Cars that run on overnight charge catch VC's eye"
06/22/05: ALERT: Contact Senators TODAY for Oil Security Amendments
06/20/05: Senate Centrist Coaliltion backing plug-in hybrids
Committee appears to be set to introduce one or more amendments to the Energy Bill promoting incentives and other support for PHEVs
06/16/05: Union of Concerned Scientists on plug-in hybrids
06/16/05: NYTimes: Thomas Friedman endorses plug-in hybrids
06/15/05: George Schultz & James Woolsey on plug-in hybrids, cellulose ethanol etc.
Highly readable excerpts from a policy paper, "Oil and Security"
06/14/05: columnists/blogger Kip Munro on CalCars
"Hats off to the visionaries at CalCars..."
06/13/05: ARB last September: transcript of board responses
CalCars' testimony at the hearing on Implementation of AB1493 (the Pavley bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions)
06/12/05: Energy expert Joe Romm on CO2 emissions of gas and electric cars
06/12/05: CalCars Endorses Toyota RAV4EV "Don't Crush" Campaign
06/09/05: TIME 6-page story on 500 MPG cars now online (complete)
06/09/05: European company hopes to market EDrive Priuses in Europe
Amberjac Projects Ltd partners with EDrive and EnergyCS
06/06/05: Time Magazine on 500-MPG Plug-In Hybrids
"An unlikely alliance of hawks, doves and greens has a plan to help America guzzle less gas. Could it work?"
06/06/05: EVWorld report on EDrive at Tour De Sol
06/02/05: Visit our booth at Green Cities Expo Fri-Sun
06/01/05: Seattle Vehicle-to-Grid Forum - June 6,7
V2G describes a world in which the batteries of millions of cars can become a part of a smart power grid
05/23/05: Flyer/poster + VOLUNTEERS NEEDED June 3-5 San Francisco
05/21/05: Flyer/poster comments on "you don't have to plug it in"
Possible new slogan/concept to combat "plug-in" prejudice
05/21/05: EPRI has re-released key documents
Electric Power Research Institute reveals data on PHEV analyses
05/20/05: Text Version of PRIUS+ Fact Sheet Version 1.6
05/20/05: How and When Can I Get an EDrive Systems Prius?
Update on EDrive conversions
05/16/05: EDrive Prius: 102MPG + 9 kilowatt-hours for 150 miles at Tour de Sol
"Novel" plug-in hybrid makes waves at Tour de Sol Rally
05/12/05: EDrive Prius in Tour de Sol Rally Fri-Sun
05/10/05: CalCars events; 100+MPG slogan;
Upcoming CalCars events; new slogan; campaign to keep RAV4Es on the road
05/10/05: KTTV-LA clip: PRIUS+, Andy Frank, EDrive in Spotlight
KTTV-Fox11 features PHEVs in 3:20 evening segment
05/10/05: EVWorld reports on plug-in hybrids at Clean Cities Conference
05/08/05: Electric Avenue--NPR Science Friday interview becomes 6-8th grade curriculum
05/08/05: PHEVs Get Spotlight at National Fleet Conference; Changed Tone from Toyota?
Ed Begley, Jr. pushes for PHEV's at Clean Cities Conference; Toyota seems interested in PHEV technology
05/08/05: CA Agency Backs Multiple PHEV Projects -- Including EDrive Partner
South Coast Air Quality Management District approves support for three plug-in hybrid projects
05/04/05: TIME's Klein joins Newsweek's Zakaria in writing about plugging in hybrids
Joe Klein pushes for PHEVs
05/02/05: Text Version of PRIUS+ Fact Sheet Version 1.5
05/02/05: How and When Can I Get a PRIUS+ -- updated with EDrive info
05/02/05: How EDrive's Prius retrofit business affect CalCars projects
History of CalCars involvement with EDrive (EnergyCS) and future projects
05/02/05: EDrive Systems announces commercial retrofits to plug in Prius
Release announces plans for affordable consumer retrofit by 2006
05/02/05: US automakers and hybrids: Joe Romm's perspective on GM
Baltimore Sun addresses GM's hybrid and alternative fuel missteps
04/25/05: Transcript of EarthDay NPR Science Friday with CalCars' Felix Kramer
04/25/05: EVWorld: Advocates for 100+ MPG Plug-In Electric Hybrids Take to the Nation's Airwaves
Release regarding NPR and other recent PHEV appearances
04/24/05: BusinessWeek: followup to story on PHEVs
BW addresses concern over increased energy use from PHEVs
04/23/05: Now hear NPR Science Friday with CalCars on your computer
04/21/05: Greg Hanssen's A Bridge to the Hydrogen Highway
EnergyCS's partner's presentation to EVS21
04/21/05: NPR Science Friday: I'm honored to join a stellar group
New CalCars flier available
04/18/05: Earth Day: Hear CalCars on NPR Science Friday / First Satisfied Customer Letter
04/17/05: Big picture update
Big picture goals for CalCars
04/17/05: Put events in your calendars; see PRIUS+ on TV
Upcoming CalCars appearances; TV clip from "Mornings on 2"; PowerPoint presentation from Electric Auto Association Electric Auto Association Silicon Valley Chapter
04/12/05: See/hear us in Palo Alto Sat; update+ requests for help
PRIUS+ in Palo Alto; other CalCars updates
04/11/05: Corrected URL for text version of Woolsey's speech
04/11/05: Admiral Woolsey's Congressional Testimony on Energy & Security
Includes mention of PHEV and PRIUS+
04/08/05: PHEV Gains Momentum: Dec '04 to Early April '05 Milestones
List of recent PHEV accomplishments and milestones
04/07/05: First interview with Austin Energy's Roger Duncan, leader of fleet buy order effort
Duncan wants Austin to be Clean Energy Capital of the World
04/06/05: Bill Moore muses on names and one day's news on GO-HEVs/ PHEVs/ EHs, FFHs
EVWorld article on PHEV nomenclature
04/05/05: CalCars on Bay Area TV Weds AM; website traffic up etc.
CalCars on "Mornings on 2," site traffic spikes, new blogs feature PRIUS+
04/05/05: EV World launches pathbreaking Electric Hybrids Department launches new feature devoted to "electric hybrids"
04/03/05: PRIUS+ Fact Sheet: version 1.4 (16K text message, PDF available)
04/03/05: Blogs and Discussion Groups are picking up on PRIUS+
Slashdot, Engadget, Autoblog and PruisChat all feature PRIUS+
04/02/05: Answers to often-asked Q about PHEVs fueled by a coal-based grid
Information on how much cleaner a coal-powered PHEV is than a standard gasoline engine
04/01/05: NYTimes: Hybrid-Car Tinkerers Scoff at No-Plug-In Rule
03/31/05: Business Week: Giving Hybrids a Real Jolt: plug-in gas-electric vehicle may be key in saving fuel and cutting pollution
03/30/05: Felix on San Francisco Call-In Show Thursday AM w/Wired author + Jason Mark
Includes text of recent Wired article on Toyota and other hybrids
03/30/05: 31 National Security Officials write Bush, strategy includes PHEVs
31 former NSOs lobby for less reliance on foreign oil supplies
03/29/05: Valence Press Release about EnergyCS version of PRIUS+
Valence is the battery supplier for EnergyCS, CalCars' Southern California partner for development of PRIUS+
03/28/05: Automotive News 3/28/05: Who's getting juiced about plug-in hybrids?
Article addresses PHEVs, DaimlerChrysler experiments with such, and Toyota's opposition to conversion
03/24/05: PRIUS+ Fact Sheet: version 1.3
03/21/05: Details on Valence batteries in EnergyCS version of PRIUS+
Overview of Valence's Saphion lithium ion cells
03/18/05: Updated version of "How and When Can I Get a PRIUS+?"
03/10/05: New CalCars links: Austin Energy, Hydrogen Bridges, PHEV Workshop
New links added at the CalCars site
03/08/05: Austin Energy's major report promoting PHEVs/GOVs
Austin Energy report recommends an incentive package for gas optional vehicles (GOVs) to the largest 50 cities in the US
03/08/05: EnergyCS's version of PRIUS+ profiled in EVWorld
EnergyCS overview (and audio interview) of Prius conversion
03/01/05: Newsweek: Imagine: 500 Miles Per Gallon
Fareed Zakaria article on PHEVs and flexible fuel
03/01/05: CalCars PRIUS+ Fact Sheet Version 1.2
Overview of the PRIUS+ conversion

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