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9 up-to-date PHEV papers online from APPA Symposium
Nov 23, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Excellent long weekend reading:­events/­index.cfm?ItemNumber=15119 has links to the PDFs of all the papers [I've included a few annotations] We've added a link to this page at­resources.html

2005 American Public Power Association PHEV Symposium Presentations November 17 & 18, 2005 Los Angeles, California

What are Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: An Overview of the Current State of the Technology and Where it is Going.

  • Dr. Mark Duvall, Manager of Technology Development, EPRI (39 slides) [Includes recent battery information plus link to EPRI Journal Fall 2005 article on PHEVs­docs/­CorporateDocuments/­EPRI_Journal/­2005-Fall/­1012885_PHEV.pdf]
  • A Vision of the Future:
    A Global Perspective of the Environmental Benefits of PHEVs and the Impact
    on Electric Utilities and Generation.

  • Roger Duncan, Deputy General Manager, Distributed Energy Services, Austin
    Energy (15 slides)
  • William Glauz, Manager of Renewable and Emerging Technologies, LADWP (13
    [Los Angeles-specific and utility-specific info]
  • Ed Kjaer, Director of Electric Transportation, Southern California Edison
    (31 slides)
    [Big-picture presentation]

    Why We Should (and May Have to) Pursue a PHEV Future: Legislative and Regulatory Rules and Incentives Driving this Technology for Utilities and Your Customers.

  • Dean Taylor, Senior Technical Specialist, Electric Transportation Division, Southern California Edison (32 slides) [overview of state Air Resources Board provisions, federal legislation, strategies]
  • Brian Wynne, President, Electric Drive Transportation Association (17 slides) [national legislative focus]
  • National PHEV Initiatives: An Overview of the Strategic and Security Concerns Driving a National Debate on PHEVs and National Initiatives Promoting a Commercial Application of the Technology.

  • Greg Hanssen, President, EDrive Systems LLC (9 slides) ["pushing PHEV technology from the ground up"]
  • Utility PHEV Initiatives: How Some Utilities are Promoting PHEVs and Why.

  • Roger Duncan, Deputy General Manager, Distributed Energy Services, Austin Energy, Coordinator, Plug In Partnerships (7 slides) [information on the partnerships/"soft" fleet order strategy]
  • John Markowitz, PHEV Program Manager, New York Power Authority (17 slides)

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