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CalCars events; 100+MPG slogan;
May 10, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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1. You can get info on the following two events at­about.html

May 21, CalCars will present and talk about PRIUS+ at the East Bay Electric Auto Association Chapter meeting from noon to 2pm in Alameda.

June 3-5, The CalCars PRIUS+ will be on view at the GreenCities Expo, part of World Environment Day, at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, thanks to support from Rainforest Action Network and the Bluewater Network (now part of Friends of the Earth). We will be looking for volunteers to help staff the booth. Thanks to the energetic Les Montavon for making this happen!

2. Anyone who is going to the 12th annual event this Friday should contact Felix: this is a prime venue to talk with environmentally-oriented entrepreneurs and early adopters (geo-green fan Thomas Friedman speaks Friday AM).

3. Because the 100+MPG hybrid slogan seems to resonate so well, we're adopting it all over:

  • CalCars home page and other website pages
  • Revised flyer (downloadable anytime)
  • Bumper sticker (thanks for your patience if you're waiting for yours: we're bringing on some help to keep track of contributions and mail out letters)

We want to emphasize that when we talk in greater detail about mileage, we always emphasize that there's no free lunch: PHEVs are far more efficient, and they are substituting electric power (cleaner/domestic) for gasoline (higher CO2 and imported) -- so the number comes with a footnote: 100+MPG + electric power.

4. Today marks the launch of a campaign to keep the remaining Toyota RAV4E all-electric vehicles from meeting the fate of EV1s. is a must-visit.

These are the vehicles whose batteries, lasting over 125,000 miles, enabled EPRI to demonstrate that lifetime cost of ownership of mass-produced PHEVs equals that of gasoline-required cars. You can get that 25-page 2003 study at­corporate/­discover_epri/­news/­downloads/­EPRI_AdvBatEV.pdf

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