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Big Think Launches Transportation Series with CalCars Interview
Feb 24, 2010 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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BIG THINK'S FUTURE IN MOTION SERIES: This well-regarded website -- sometimes described as "YouTube for Ideas," or "the web version of The Charlie Rose Show" -- presents in-depth interviews and "connects people and ideas." It's launching a new seven-interview series on the future of transportation, beginning with a 29-minute interview with Felix Kramer at­ideas/­18785. See more about the interview and the website and the complete listing of participants below.

Big Think has also pulled out 7 excerpts at­felixkramer , including a 4-minute segment about climate change and the end of business as usual at "The Disaster Movie Approach to Fuel Efficiency" at­ideas/­18792. The transcript of the full interview is also at­ideas/­18785.

Also see the introduction­ideas/­18809 by sponsor Richard F. Schaden, described at Beyond the Edge as "aeronautical engineer, active ATP pilot, businessman, restaurateur, and highly experienced trial lawyer", and "a visionary in the development of ground-breaking public/private partnership in the area of legal philanthropy." And at­richardschaden you can watch Schaden's 8-minute "Why We're Stuck at a Red Light," where he talks about his Tesla and his interest in electrifying aviation. This is also a side passion of CalCars Technology Lead Ron Gremban, whose presentations at the Experimental Aircraft Association Symposia, "Are Practical Electric and Hybrid Airplanes Just Around the Corner?" and "Hybridizing Light Aircraft" can be found at­downloads.html . Ron continues to explore the potentials of planes to be plug-in hybrids.

SERIES INTRODUCTION: How will we move fifty years from now? What will cars look like? Will we be vacationing in space? Over the next seven Wednesdays, Big Think is rolling out a series on the future of transportation, bringing together innovations in disparate realms of science and engineering and applying them to the epic challenges we face. Today we hear from Felix Kramer, the founder of CalCars, who explains the potential for plug-in vehicles. Watch these expert interviews to discover what the future holds-and see how you'll be a part of it. This series is sponsored by Beyond the Edge

SERIES DESCRIPTION AND SCHEDULE at­ideas/­18809 lists the speakers "arriving' the next seven Wednesdays:

  • February 24: Felix Kramer, Founder of the non-profit California Cars Initiative.
  • March 3: Burt Rutan, Aerospace Engineer and founder of the Rutan Aircraft Factory and Scaled Composites
  • March 10: William J. Mitchell, Director of MITs Design Laboratory and the research group Smart Cities
  • March 10: Ryan Chin, Researcher in MIT's Smart Cities research group
  • March 17: Geoffe Wardle, Director, Advanced Mobility Research, Art Center College of Design.
  • March 24: Nathan Lewis, Professor of Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology.
  • March 31: Joseph Sussman, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT
  • March 31: Douglas Malewicki, Aerospace engineer and inventor of the SkyTran, a Personal Rapid Transit system
  • April 7: Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation,
  • April 7: Michael Schrage -- Research fellow with the Sloan School of Management's Center for Digital Business

The videos are created using effective and innovative technology that enable the interviewee, sitting in front of a white background to look and talk directly to the viewer as if you were conducting the interview. It was developed by documentary film maker Errol Morris, used most recently with Robert McNamara in "The Fog of War" and with Americans involved in Abu Ghraib in "Standard Operating Procedure." For more about the founding of Big Think see­2008/­01/­07/­technology/­07summers.html.

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