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Internationall Live Call-In Show Monday on Hybrids/PHEVs
Apr 30, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Here on Earth - Radio Without Borders, presents an hour on the future of hybrids, Monday, 3PM Central, (1PM Pacific, 8PM Greenwich Mean or Universal Time). And you listen/can call in from anywhere (see below).

"HYBRID FEVER" While US automakers were struggling, Toyota sold more cars to Americans than ever last month, boosted by record sales of their hybrids. So has America finally caught hybrid fever? Join Jean Feraca during this hour on Here on Earth. Guests:

  • Jim Kliesch (KLEESH), transportation analyst at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
  • Bradley Berman, editor of, author of "An Insider's Look at Hybrid Car"
  • Felix Kramer, founder of CalCars, a California initiative to produce 100-plus MPG hybrid cars is a very useful resource. The site has hosted our blog, "Power, Plugs and People" (our last posting at­blogs/­power was at the end of 2006).

Kliesch is the author of a study on the benefits of PHEVs released last September that marked a shift for the ACEEE, which had previously been somewhat skeptical about PHEVs. The study showed emissions benefits for PHEVs even when compared to hybrids. (Most other studies evaluate them against gasoline cars, which is a more significant comparison, and of course shows far more improvement.) See our analysis and links to the report at "ACEEE Blows Hot & Cold on PHEVs; Christian Science Monitor Reports"­calcars-news/­526.html.

You can listen on-line at via RealMedia, Windows Media Player and I-Tunes. If you have a question: On-line listeners can call in toll-free in the U.S. and Canada at 1-800-642-1234. If they live overseas, they can drop us an e-mail at <mailto:hereonearth@...hereonearth@..., or they can chat with us live, we use AOL Instant Messenger and our screen name is hereonearthradio. If international listeners would like to call in, they can leave their number and we'll call them back.

Host Jean Feraca is an award-winning 25-year veteran of public talk radio: se e,­hereonearth/­bio.cfm. We appeared on her show in March 2006 -- see­calcars-news/­314.html and­audio-video.html.

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