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CalCars on Bay Area TV Weds AM; website traffic up etc.
Apr 5, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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If you live in the Bay Area, catch us on KTVU-TV (Fox) around 8:40 AM Weds on "Mornings on 2." Ron Gremban and I will be interviewed remotely from the Presidio in San Francisco by Ross McGowan, host of the Bay Area's top morning TV program (beats out the network shows). You'll see Before & After Priuses: mine white, with the EV button and the license "PLUG-OK", Ron's PRIUS+ silver with stickers saying "up to 100 mpg when plugged in at night," (soon plates saying "GAS-OPT."

(If you care to join us/see the car, we'll be filmed live at the parking lot in front of the Thoreau Center for Sustainability, in San Francisco's Presidio, at the small parking lot at the corner of Torney and General Kennedy Ave, a block East of Lincoln and Girard.)

Here are a few items, in addition to the welcome launch of the "Electric Hybrid Department" (see our announcement at­group/­calcars-news/­message/­18 )

  • This weekend, thanks to Business Week and NY Times stories and the resulting online links, traffic to CalCars website was up ten-fold from already increased levels -- unique visitors were 4400 on Sat, over 5000 on Monday (statistics take a while to come in).
  • At, the Saturday story on PRIUS+ and plug-in hybrids went to #1 on the paper's "most-emailed" list -- which I'm told is unusual for a story that's "under the fold" on page 1 of the Business Section.
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