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Plug-In Hybrids Can Go the Distance: We'll Be In DC
May 15, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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We've raised $22,630 from over 165 contributors. And we have some additional pledges that will take us over the top. I know money is tight for many people these days, so we appreciate your support even more.

Our public events begin Wednesday when UC Davis Prof. Andy Frank testifies at a House Science Committee at 10AM; then we'll have viewings and rides at Capitol Hill the rest of the day. The Plug-In Hybrid Development Consortium has joined Set America Free as a co-sponsor of the Washington events. Stay tuned for further news!

Meanwhile, you can order one of the "I Want 100+ MPG" T-Shirts you saw we had at the Maker Faire at­item/­calcars/­i_want_100_mpg. You get a chance to talk about plug-in hybrids and we get a substantial chunk of the proceeds.

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