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Three Major PHEV Events in May: Seattle/Austin/Wenatchee: Sign Up for 1 or 2
May 2, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Here's your chance to go to one or two of three extraordinary events in the next two weeks. Readers of CalCars-News have seen mentions of each of these. They're all indicative of how far we've come! (The two Washington State conferences are Year Two versions.) We've waited until now because more and more high-profile presenters have been confirming their participation (all still subject to change). There will be PHEVs at all three.

We wish we could be everywhere, but we had to choose! You can find links at the CalCars Events page,­events.html. Before the programs as of today, brief summaries :

  • May 7, Monday, Redmond (near Seattle) one day with many of the leading figures in PHEVs along with top government agency and elected officials, perhaps some Presidential candidates via remote video.
  • May 14-16, Monday-Wednesday, Austin Clean Energy Venture Summit, co-sponsored by Austin Energy: three days with focus on clean energy, transportation and buildings, including entrepreneurs, investors, advocates, companies and government; essentially Austin's debut as a cleantech center, made possible by its new Clean Energy Incubator.
  • May 14-15 Monday-Tuesday, Power UP! Summit 2007: Electrifying Transportation, Wenatchee (central Washington State): again, many of the leading voices in the campaign for PHEVs. Given the very deep technical backgrounds of many of the presenters, in addition to focusing on policy, this event will report on many specific and technical approaches and projects for vehicle-to-grid projects, integrating solar and vehicles, and Pacific Northwest conversion business opportunities.


May 7, 2007
Jump Start to a Secure, Clean Energy Future
Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, Washington
Registration $75
(Felix Kramer's Prius PHEV, built by EnergyCS
with Valence batteries, will be driven to Seattle
by CalCars Senior Advisor RAndy Reisinger -- for
more on Randy see­about.html.)­scripts/­viewDB/­index.php?command=view&id=270&program=Cascadia&isEvent=true The 2007 Cascadia-Microsoft Conference on Transportation, Technology, and Energy. Learn what it takes to move flexible-fuel plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to the forefront of our nation's transportation system.

Experts will discuss U.S. energy security, integrating flexible-fuel plug-ins into the U.S. utility industry, and government's vital role in the transition. Panels will probe topics including climate change, national security, vehicles and technology, and federal and state government actions.

Program Draft: May 1, 2007 Confirmed*

Bruce Agnew, Cascadia Center*
Hon. Rosemarie Ives, Mayor, City of Redmond*
Ron Sims, King County Executive*
Michael Rawding, Vice President, Special
Projects, Corporate Affairs, Microsoft*

Tyler Duvall, Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy, U.S. Department of Transportation*

Buzz Rodland, Rodland Toyota, WA State Auto Dealer Association* Bill Reinert, National Manager, Advanced Technologies Group, Toyota USA*


10:15 a.m. National Security Imperatives for Flex-Fuel Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Anne Korin, Co-Director, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security - Moderator* Dr. Gal Luft, Co-Director, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security* Hon. Dave Reichert, U.S. House of Representatives*

11:05 a.m. Climate Change Imperatives for Flex-Fuel Plug-In Electric Vehicles K.C. Golden, Policy Director, Climate Solutions - Moderator* Dr. Andrew Frank, Professor, University of California, Davis* Hon. Jay Inslee, U.S. House of Representatives* Dr. Philip Mote, Climatologist, University of Washington*

Keynote by Jon Wellinghoff, Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission*

Videos of U.S. Senators Jeff Bingaman, Maria Cantwell, Larry Craig, Orrin Hatch, Joe Lieberman, and Barack Obama

1:00 p.m. Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: How Soon and What Impact? Roger Duncan, Austin Energy/Plug-in Partners - Moderator* Felix Kramer, Founder, California Cars Initiative* Greg Rock, Co-Founder, The Green Car Company* Nicholas Zielinski, Vehicle Chief Engineer for the Volt, General Motors*

2:00 p.m. Federal Government: Removing Road Blocks and Creating Incentives Slade Gorton, Former U.S. Senator - Moderator* Tom Alberg, Madrona Venture Group* Paul Dickerson, Chief Operating Officer, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy* Neil Schuster, President, ITS America*

1. Regional Pilot/Demonstration Project Steve Marshall, Cascadia Center - Moderator* Dr. J.W. (Bill) Rogers, Jr., Associate Laboratory Director - Science and Technology and Chief Research Officer, Idaho National Laboratory* David Kaplan, V2Green* Michael Kintner-Meyer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory* Eric Leonhardt, Director, Vehicle Research Institute, Western Washington University* Douglas MacDonald, Secretary, Washington State Department of Transportation* Vic Parrish, CEO, Energy Northwest*

2. Battery Advances Dr. Mark Duvall, Senior Project Manager, Electric Power Research Institute - Moderator* Dr. John Miller, Maxwell Technologies* Tim Murphy, Researcher, Idaho National Laboratory* Rogelio Sullivan, U.S. Department of Energy* Ric Fulop, Founder and Vice President, Business Marketing Development, A123

3. Flex-Fuel Infrastructure Needs Rich Feldman, Washington Coordinator, Apollo Alliance - Moderator* Ted Durfey, Natural Selection Farms, Inc. Hon. Janéa Holmquist, Washington State Senate* P.S. Reilly, CEO and President, The Athena Institute* Hon. Brian Sullivan, Washington State House of Representatives


Bruce Agnew, Cascadia Center* Felix Kramer, Founder, California Cars Initiative* Susan Fahnestock, The Green Car Company, Kirkland, WA* Dr. Andrew Frank, Professor, University of California, Davis* Ron Johnston-Rodriguez, Port of Chelan* Eric Leonhardt, Director, Vehicle Research Institute, Western Washington University* Steven Lough, Seattle Electric Vehicle Association* Frank Ziegler II, Director of Sales and Distribution, Hybrid Technologies*



Envision the Utility of the Future Registration fee: $500; $350 for government and non-profits

Plan NOW to join Austin Energy and The Clean Energy Incubator for the first annual Clean Energy Venture Summit, May 14-16, 2007 in Austin, Texas. This exciting event will bring together thought leaders, clean energy entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and government officials for a dynamic, industry-wide exploration of "The Utility of the Future".

The conference agenda is designed to provide unparalleled insights to The Utility of the Future through interactive participation. Clean Tech start-ups are encouraged to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to present their ideas to a distinguished panel of potential investors, Austin Energy and industry insiders. Compelling presentations will be considered for a range of complimentary business services provided by CEI . Click here to apply.

A series of moderated panel discussions will focus on trends and their market and environmental impact. Daily keynote addresses by industry leaders will shed light on critical government and industry initiatives designed to foster rapid clean-tech development. And of course, meals and social mixers round out your opportunities to learn, influence, educate and associate with peers from around the country.


City Hall Events Sponsored by Austin Chamber of Commerce
Clean Energy Technology Exhibits, Austin City Hall Atrium
Joel Serface (Clean Energy Incubator), Jose
Beceiro (Austin Chamber of Commerce),
Mayor Will Wynn (City of Austin)
Clean Energy Reception

Welcome Keynotes
Speakers: Joel Serface (Clean Energy Incubator)
Roger Duncan (Austin Energy)
David Allen (University of Texas Energy Institute)

Start-up Presentations: Smart Grid
Utility of the Future Panel
Moderator: Turk Pipkin (The Nobelity Project)
Roger Duncan (Austin Energy)
Paul Thomas (Green Mountain Energy Company)
Robert T. Howard (Pacific Gas & Electric)

(12:30 PM - 1:00 PM) Keynote Richard Gephardt (Goldman Sachs)

Clean Transportation Panel
Moderator: Michael Kanellos (CNET)
Felix Kramer (CalCars)
Kevin Klein (Freescale)
R. James Woolsey (Set America Free Foundation)
Marc Kohler (Valence)

BBQ Extravaganza Threadgill's World Headquarters Keynotes: Joel Serface -(Clean Energy Incubator) Jerry Patterson (GLO) Paul Dickerson (Department of Energy) Howard Berke (Konarka/ACORE)

Joel Serface (Clean Energy Incubator)
Gary Cowger (General Motors)
Steve Papermaster (President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology)

Smart Grid Panel
Moderator: Andres Carvallo (Austin Energy)
Humayun Tai (McKinsey & Co.)
Hal LaFlash (Pacific Gas & Electric),
Terry Mohn (Sempra Energy)
Eric Dresselhuys (Silver Spring Networks)

(11:45 AM - 1:00 PM) Clean Tech Investors Panel
Moderator: Rex Holmes (Ernst Young & Partners)
Panel: Dave McLean (Sevin Rosen Funds)
David Wells (Kleiner Perkins)
Matt Trevithick (Venrock Associates)
Clint Bybee (ARCH Ventures)
Annette Finsterbusch (Applied Ventures)

Power UP! Summit 2007: Electrifying Transportation
The Premier Northwest Summit on Converging
Technologies to Electrify Transportation­index.php?page_id=248
Download the 4-page brochure­files/­documents/­AVI_Summit_07.pdf

Monday May 14 8AM-3PM Tuesday, May 15 Wenatchee Convention Center, Wenatchee, WA Registration $175

Expert Speakers scheduled to present include:

  • Sherry Boschert, author of Plug-in Hybrids, the cars that will recharge America
  • Andrew Frank, director of the National Center for Hybrid Excellence at University of California-Davis
  • Steve Heckeroth, chair of Renewable Fuels and Sustainable Transportation Division of the American Solar Energy Society
  • Michael Kintner-Meyer, Ph.D., senior research scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA
  • Eric Leonhardt, director, Vehicle Research Institute at Western Washington University; assistant professor of engineering technology, Bellingham, WA
  • Steve Marshall, chair, Municipal League of King County (WA); coordinator of Cascadia Center Transportation Conference (May 7, 2007)
  • Greg Rock, founder of the Green Car Company
  • Rick Sikes, fleet superintendent, City of Santa Monica, CA
  • Jordan Smith, lead engineer of Electric Transportation for Southern California Edison Electric Vehicle Technical Center
  • Tom Turrentine, PH.D., director, PHEV Center, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California-Davis
  • Jim White, D. Eng., senior engineer; founder and manager of Sustainable Natural Alternative Power (SNAP) program, Chelan County Public Utility District, Wenatchee, WA

Prime Time to Power Up! with Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Sherry Boschert, author of Plug-In Hybrids: The Cars that Wil Recharge America Battery Technology Surges: Energy storage and other advancements converge for EVs and PHEVs Jordan Smith, Southern California Edison Electric Greg Rock, Green Car Co. Dr. Andrew Frank, UC Davis Hybrid Electric Vehicle Center

Connecting the Lines: Grid to vehicle and vehicle to grid integration Steve Marshall, Cascadia Center, formerly Snohomish County PUD; Dr. Michael Kintner-Meyer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Dr. Jim White, Chelan County PUD

Solar Connections
Steve Heckeroth, Building Integrated
Photovoltaics for Energy Conversion Devices
Mike Nelson, Northwest Solar Center, Washington State University
Randy Brooks, Brooks Solar
Dr. Andrew Frank, UC Davis Hybrid Electric Vehicle Center

Building and Managing Hybrid, Electric and Alt Fuel Fleets Rick Sikes, City of Santa Monica Jordan Smith, Southern Cal Edison Electric Vehicle Technical Center Scott Logan, Lake Chelan School District

Exhibits open for public viewing

Banquet and Keynote Address: Dr. Andrew Frank, UC Davis Hybrid Electric Vehicle Center


Fusing Advanced Vehicle Technology with Education Eric Leonhardt, Vehicle Research Institute, Western Washington University Mark Hankins, Shoreline Community College Blake Murray, Wenatchee Valley College Pinky Dale, South Seattle Community College

Plug into Emergent Business and Economic Development Opportunities
Dr. Tom Turrentine, Institute of Transportation Studies PHEV Center, UC Davis
Greg Rock, Green Car Co.
Seth Pollack, V2Green
Rich Rudman, Manzanita Micro

Positioning the Pacific Northwest: Regional and local preparations for PHEVs Dr. Steve Johnson, Washington Public Utility Districts Assn. Steve Marshall, Cascadia Center, formerly Snohomish County PUD Ron Johnston-Rodriguez, Port of Chelan County Tim Stearns, Washington Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development

Visions of Electrified Transportation, 2010 and Beyond Steve Heckeroth, Building Integrated Photovoltaics for Energy Conversion Devices Steve Lough, Seattle Electric Vehicle Assn. Dr. Andrew Frank, UC Davis Hybrid Electric Vehicle Center

Closing Remarks and Exhibits Come and see the real vehicles on the road today including Plug-in Hybrid Electric Toyota Prius Solar powered racers and go-carts An original EV-1 Electric Tractor GEM Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Hybrids converted to Plug-in Electric cars and more

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