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PHEVs at Center Stage at EDTA Washington Nov 28-30
Nov 13, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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The Electric Drive Transportation Association's 2006 conference includes a substantial focus on PHEVs, especially relative to fuel cells. Last year's event in Vancouver­calcars-news/­207.html was the start of this change. This will be an opportunity for many of those involved with PHEVs to see each other and get some indications about the intentions of the US Department of Energy in this area. I'm hoping to attend, but without a car. Plug-In Partners, Electro Energy and others we work with will have booths. To register, see­conference2006/­.

Below is the program schedule, minus the event times, etc.(* means invit); complete version at­index.php?tg=articles&topics=146 EDTA Conference & Exposition 2006

Tuesday, November 28 Conference Workshop: Federal Funding Opportunities in Electric Drive Ride 'n' Drive, etc.

Wednesday, November 29
Opening Plenary Session: Industry & Government Working Together
Keynote Speakers:
Samuel W. Bodman, U.S. Secretary, Department of Energy (invited)
Mary E. Peters, U.S. Secretary, Department of Transportation (invited)
Senator Byron Dorgan, North Dakota
John Bryson, Chairman, President & CEO of Edison International
Jim Press, President, Toyota Motor North America

Concurrent Sessions I & II (morning)

Latest Achievements in Fuel Cell Vehicles: Milestones in Petroleum-free Transportation Partner: U.S. Fuel Cell Council Moderator: Robert Rose, U.S. Fuel Cell Council Rep. John B. Larson, Connecticut* Kathryn Clay, Senate Energy & Natural Resources Christina Gikakis, Federal Transit Administration* Jerry Hinkle, National Hydrogen Association JoAnn Milliken, U.S. Department of Energy Dr. Matt Miyasato, Air Quality Management District*

Electric Drive Technologies: Federal, State and Local Solutions for Energy Security and the Environment Partners: EV World, Moderator: Tom Gross, Transportation Energy Partnership John Bobo, U.S. Department of Transportation, Research & Innovative Technology Administration* Bill Boyce, Sacramento Municipal Utility District Willie Davis, U.S. Department of Interior* Walter Howes, U.S. Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program Analisa Bevan, California Air Resources Board* Mark Simon, New York Department of Transportation Catherine Witherspoon, California EPA* Ian Clifford, Feel Good Cars, Inc.* Miles Rubin, Miles Automotive Group, Ltd.*

Concurrent Sessions I & II Continued... (afternoon)

Latest Achievements in Fuel Cell Vehicles: Milestones in Petroleum-free Transportation Partner: U.S. Fuel Cell Council Moderator: Robert Rose, U.S. Fuel Cell Council David Garman, U.S. Department of Energy* Richard Goodstein, Air Products Stephen Ellis, American Honda Ethan Brown, Ballard Power Systems Gary Williams, ISE Corporation Dr. Wonsuk Cho, Hyundai

Electric Drive Technologies: New Trends in Advanced Transportation Partners: EV World, Moderator: Brian Wynne, Electric Drive Transportation Association Alexander Karsner, U.S. Department of Energy* Ric Fulop, A123 Systems Sankar DasGupta, Electrovaya Dr. Alan Gotcher, Altair Nanotechnologies Jim Lyons, General Electric Larry Oswald, Global Electric Motorcars, LLC Peter Savagian, General Motors Michael Reed, Electro Energy, Inc.

Concurrent Sessions III & IV (late afternoon)

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Federal and Private Initiatives Partners: EPRI, U.S. Department of Energy, Plug-in Partners Moderator: Ed Wall, U.S. Department of Energy Rogelio Sullivan, U.S. Department of Energy JJ Brown, Legislative Assistant, Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah Kristina Harris, Legislative Assistant, Rep. Lamar Smith Charles Cooke, Committee on Science Roger Duncan, Plug-in Partners

Defending our Future: Preparedness and National Security Rep. Steve Israel, New York* Glen Bowling, Saft America James Gough, U.S. Marine Corps Leo Grassilli* Jim Muldoon, U.S. Air Force* Mil Ovan, Firefly Energy Inc. Guy Rini, Volvo Powertrain John Young, Jr., U.S. Department of Defense*

Thursday, November 30

Concurrent Sessions V & VI (morning)

Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Industry Status Report Partners: EPRI, U.S. Department of Energy, Plug-in Partners Moderator: Bob Graham, EPRI Mike Andrew, Johnson Controls Dr. Mark Duvall, Electric Power Research Institute Dominique Portmann, DaimlerChrysler David West, Raser Technologies Scott McBroom, Fallbrook Technologies Dave Hermance, Toyota*

Beyond Cars: Building Sustainability into Heavy & Medium Duty Markets, Mass Transit and Off-Road Vehicles Partner: WestStart-CALSTART Moderator: Mark Hairr, Advanced Transportation Technology Institute Richard Parish, WestStart/CALSTART Bob King, General Electric Walter Kulyk, Federal Transit Administration Bobby Maher, Maxwell Technologies William Rankin, UQM Technologies* Brian Sisco, Southern California Edison John Formisano, Federal Express

Concurrent Sessions V & VI Continued...

Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Path to Commercialization Partners: EPRI, U.S. Department of Energy, Plug-in Partners Moderator: Roger Duncan, Austin Energy Richard Drake, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Ed Kjaer, Southern California Edison Tony Markel, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Arshad Mansoor, Electric Power Research Institute Amy Raskin, Alliance Bernstein* Jim Kliesch, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Dr. Don Hillebrand, Argonne National Laboratory

Beyond Cars: Building Sustainability into Heavy & Medium Duty Markets, Mass Transit and Off-Road Vehicles Partner: WestStart-CALSTART Moderator: Richard Parish, WestStart-CALSTART John Powell, EV America Charles P. Pritzlaff, Georgetown University V.K. Sharma, International Truck & Engine Corporation Mike Staran, Enova Systems Kathryn A. Miles, Eaton Corporation* Jeff Groscost, AFV Solutions, Inc.*

Delegate Luncheon: Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and the Infrastructure of the Future Dr. Steven R. Specker, President, Electric Power Research Institute Introduction by Alan Richardson, President & CEO of the American Public Power Association

Closing Plenary Session: Achieving Energy Independence Through Electric Drive
Edward B. Cohen, Vice President, Government &
Industry Relations, Honda North America, Inc. and EDTA Co-Chair
Governor George E. Pataki, New York*
Rep. John D. Dingell, Michigan*
Closing Remarks: Brian Wynne, President, Electric
Drive Transportation Association

Session Descriptions:

Electric Drive Technologies: Federal, State and Local Solutions for Energy Security and the Environment Manufacturers, businesses and cities are obligated to meet numerous federal, state and local government air quality and fuel saving requirements. This forum brings together government and business leaders to discuss electric drive solutions. Discussion will include new electric drive transportation options coming to market, trends in fuel economy policy and regulation, and federal and private sector strategies for environmental compliance with electric drive technologies.

Latest Achievements in Fuel Cell Vehicles; Milestones in Petroleum-free Transportation Fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fueling stations are in place around the globe; this panel will look closely at how they are performing. Key industry and government leading the hydrogen and fuel cell effort will discuss their demonstration projects and what they mean for progress toward a hydrogen economy. Topics will include vehicle technology milestones, fueling and infrastructure advances and public education efforts.

Beyond Cars: Building Sustainability into Heavy & Medium duty Markets, Mass Transit and Off-Road Vehicles Electric drive technology is reducing petroleum consumption in diverse markets, including commercial trucking, mass transit and non-road vehicles. In addition to the efficiency advantages, these vehicles have proven records of reduced emissions, lower operating costs, and performance advantages. This session brings together truck and bus manufacturers, technology developers, fleet managers, transit agencies, airline industry representatives, trucking companies, and policymakers to discuss the electric drive in the medium & heavy duty markets. Discussion includes an overview of the newest electric drive solutions for medium and heavy duty vehicles, current and future trends in "hybridization" of the heavy duty market, and industry's leaders' views on where the government can accelerate the move toward sustainable medium and heavy duty transportation.

Defending Our Future: Preparedness and National Security Electric drive offers strategic advantages to military operations, including quiet operation, minimal heat signature, and reduced fuel transport logistics. The unique advantages of electric drive are being explored across the U.S. military, with enormous strategic and commercial implications in battery, hybrid and fuel cell technologies. This learning forum addresses security market topics including current and projected military needs, government initiatives and funding opportunities, real-time performance reviews from current demonstration projects, and an in-depth look at the unique advantages of electric drive components in military applications.

Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Path to Commercialization/Industry Status Report Plug-in hybrids have caught the attention of consumers, media, businesses and government leaders. Offering grid connected potential, optimized fuel efficiency and performance, and zero-emission capability, plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles have unique potential to transform the transportation sector. As more battery and plug-in hybrids come on the road, grid connections could dramatically increase a nation's electricity grid capability and energy security.

This learning forum examines the different applications for battery and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Speakers will present a frank overview of the electric vehicle market today and the obstacles to overcome for broader adoption of these technologies, and will discuss emerging federal interest and funding opportunities in the development of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

New Trends in Advanced Transportation Advanced transportation changes quickly as technology matures. This forum covers the latest trends in advanced transportation--from the batteries and other components to new vehicles coming to market.

Conference Workshop: Federal Funding Opportunities in Electric Drive Rising gas prices, vulnerable oil supplies, and global climate concerns have captured Washington's attention. As a result, the Federal government is boosting its investments aimed at speeding the development and deployment of advanced and alternative vehicle systems. Government funding is increasing in areas such as battery electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells and biofuels. Billions of dollars will be invested in the years ahead in research and development, demonstration, commercialization, government procurements, and worker training. Significant funds are already flowing to companies, universities, state and local governments, and consortia.

This session will be led by Kelly Carnes-President and CEO of TechVision21, and Former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy-who will provide an overview of these funding opportunities, how they can support your business, and strategies for accessing them. She will describe the funding landscape-types of funding opportunities and the activities they support, program funding levels, and key initiatives. As a one-time government policy maker, and expert on Federal science and technology funding, she will offer in-depth information on how to identify specific funding opportunities that match your needs, develop and execute a Federal funding strategy, and write a winning proposal.

Ms. Carnes will be joined by John Sargent, Former Executive Director of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) program. During Mr. Sargent's tenure, the PNGV successfully achieved critical milestones in the development of leading-edge technologies for clean, fuel-efficient vehicles. As a senior executive at the U.S. Department of Commerce, John coordinated the policy and R&D activities of seven agencies (and more than 20 national laboratories) in the Federal government's partnership with the U.S. automobile industry in key technologies such as advanced batteries, fuel cells, advanced lightweight materials, hybrid electric drive systems, 4SDI engines, and emissions control. A+ A-

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