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PHEVs on CNN Radio Special "Feeling The Heat" + other media
Aug 4, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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CNNRadio Wednesday aired a one-hour, long-form special on global warming, broadcast on 2200 affiliate stations nationwide. .The host of the show was Daniel Sieberg, CNN's Technology/Science Correspondent.. PHEVs were a hot topic for much of the last 20 minutes of the show (from 25:00-45:00 without ads).

You can listen to the stream or download it from the podcast page (which, by the way, averages about a million hits a month) at­services/­podcasting

Guests for the discussion on cars were:

  • Csaba Csere, Editor, Car and Driver (whose views on PHEVs evolved since his amusing comments in Oct 2005­calcars-news/­183.html). Here, he says, "plug-in hybrids could work, it's a great idea in theory, but one of the issues is how long does the battery last....until that kind of thing is resolved, and nobody knows the resolution of that because they haven't been around long enough, these things are still at the experimental stage." (Reminds you of what Toyota says?)
  • Marshall Brain, founder of the, says, "plug-in hybrids are probably the quickest, easiest way to really reduce gasoline consumption in the U.S."
  • Actor and clean fuels advocate Ed Begley, Jr., makes supportive comments.
  • Bio-diesel advocates Greg Garbos and Rob DelBueno include the possibility of PHEV diesel cars.
  • Felix Kramer -- talking up PHEVs and pointing to and Plug-In Partners.

While we're on multi-media, get your laughs from the appearance this week on The Daily Show with John Stewart of Chris Paine, Director of "Who Killed the Electric Car" -- 6:35 minutes at­watch?v=b4Z4xEmAuR0 combines straightforward talk and funny angles. And before you leave YouTube, see the Classics: Plug-In Partners' 8:35 launch video at­watch?v=MZVSQ3bvI10=, our Bettah animation 1:30­watch?v=DwauEn-dbDU.

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