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Plug-In Bay Area Launches w/Aug. 2 Public Event
Jul 24, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Plug-In Bay Area has just been formed, with a Coordinator staff position sponsored by Rainforest Action Network. Think of this as a local complement to Plug-In Partners, the national campaign promoting soft buy orders for fleets from utilities, government agencies and private companies. Last week, the City of Alameda endorsed Plug-In Partners; San Francisco's Board of Supervisors did so in February; others will follow.

The group is launching with a public event. Feel free to pass along the the announcement:

Join a diverse group of clean energy advocates for the official kick-off of Plug-In Bay Area, the new "drive" to bring 100+ mpg vehicles to the Bay Area. Several of the world's foremost plug-in hybrid electric vehicle experts will share their insights on these gasoline-optional cars and discuss the status of plug-in hybrid production. The presentation will also include technical and policy updates and address ways that the public, state and local agencies, and governments can help bring this new and cleaner technology to market. Demonstrations of groundbreaking plug-in hybrid vehicles will be available.

WHAT: A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Public Forum One hour of educational and inspiring presentations by plug-in electric vehicle experts, followed by Q&A, vehicle viewing and refreshments!

WHERE: Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard Street (between 4th and 5th), San Francisco, CA

WHEN : August 2, 4:00 p.m.

WHO: Sponsored by Rainforest Action Network, Bluewater Network, PG&E, CalCars, Plug In America and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Jack Broadbent, Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Terry Tamminen, Special Assistant to the Governor on the Environment
Roger Duncan, Plug-In Partners
Felix Kramer,
Bob Graham, Electric Power Research Institute
Frances Dahlquist, PG&E

Please circulate this announcement RSVP to Jodie Van Horn, jodie@..., Plug-In Bay Area Coordinator

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