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Dec 18, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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CalCars-News Index (An annotated index to postings on the CalCars-News Archive)

12/17/05: Summaries: About Us / How Can I Help? How Can I Get a PHEV? Helps newcomers get up to speed, answers basic questions 12/16/05: Possible Pentagon role in expansion of Daimler PHEV Sorinter program Excerpts from a longer story at a subscription-only industry newsletter 12/15/05: CalCars gets support from Pacific Gas & Electric CalCars receives grant from PG&E for purpose of "educating Californians on the benefits of plug-in hybrids"; your help still needed! 12/15/05: CalCars Teams with Free Range Studios CalCars working with Free Range Studios -- creators of The Meatrix and Store Wars -- to plug Flex-Fuel Plug-In Hybrids 12/15/05: Mitsubishi concept: lithium PHEV/wheel motors: 2008 production possible 12/13/05: Seattle Endorses PHEVs+Plug-In Austin Seattle City Council unanimous resolution to promote and encourage PHEVs 12/12/05: Seattle Times editorial column; June Seattle Post Intelligencer story "Planning for a future not dependent on oil"; "City Light focuses on plug-in hybrids" 12/08/05: War Footing: new book promotes PHEVs "War Footing: 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World" includes ten-page section on PHEVs 12/06/05: Policy stories from HybridCars + related NYTimes story Excerpts from the newsletter; NY Times article details New York's adoption of California's emissions regulations 12/06/05: Seattle City Hall Press Conference + Washington news coverage Press conference and news coverage from WA trip 12/06/05: Our Nov. Washington State trip Recap of and pictures from 1900-mile trip to/from WA; PRIUS+ received an extraordinarily high level of support, encouragement and enthusiasm throughout the state 12/05/05: Key publications/handouts updated Many flyers updated at; Sneak preview to updated presentation for EDTA conference 12/05/05: Sustainable transportation event Thurs night in Vancouver 11/29/05: Wired: Why $5 Gas Is Good for America "And some seemingly distant options are right under our noses; consider the plug-in version of the hybrid car." 11/29/05: Minn. Star-Tribune: US Racing the Clock to Find Alternative Fuels 11/28/05: CALSTART 2020 in LA Thurs: Woolsey/EDrive/Announcement of New State Partnership A major announcement to be made at CALSTART regarding the formation of a new California partnership with the explicit goal of increasing statewide transportation energy efficiency and alternative fuel use 11/28/05: Full list of sponsors of Senate & House Fuel Choices legislation List of Congressional co-sponsors of bills for American oil independence 11/26/05: Green Car Congress report on LA APPA meeting 11/23/05: 9 up-to-date PHEV papers online from APPA Symposium Handful of long PDFs examining the full scope of PHEVs 11/21/05: PRIUS+ a hit at SF Auto Show / correction re Vancouver event Link to blog post on crowd reaction to PRIUS+ 11/20/05: Int'l EDTA Conf/Expo Vancouver Dec. 6-8 expands PHEV focus PHEV's centrally included in International Electric Drive Transportation Association North American conference 11/17/05: Update: PRIUS+ at SF International Auto Show: Sat 19 Nov-Sun 27 Nov 11/17/05: James Woolsey testimony to Senate Foreign Relations Committee The second half of the testimony (the first half outlines the challenges to oil supply, etc.) by former CIA Director James Woolsey to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. A highly readable, very up to date summary of the opportunities, and it anticipates many questions and objections. 11/17/05: Vehicle + Fuel Choices for American Security Act: info on proposed legislation Full info on Lieberman's bill to reduce dependence on foreign oil 11/16/05: Wired Mag: Hacking the hybrid Vehicle First print mention of the Plug-In Hybrid Consortium 11/16/05: Bipartisan Oil Security Bills in House & Senate Nov. 16 Back-to-back press conferences in the House and Senate by pathbreaking bipartisan Congressional coalitions announcing the landmark Fuel Choices for American Security Act 11/14/05: Media: KNBR-radioSF + Science Channel CSAA radio spots announce PRIUS+; "Beyond Tomorrow" on Science Channel has segment on PRIUS+ 11/14/05: ILEA ranks PHEVs as top option Institute for Lifecycle Environmental Assessment names PHEVs as "most edgy and policy-advancing choice you can make" 11/12/05: Car And Driver's Patrick Bedard on Hybrid Paybacks "Buying pleasure: Will it be a Hemi or a hybrid?" 11/10/05: Seattle event details (+ new updates on website) 11/09/05: Toyota's latest statement acknowledges growing public interest in PHEVs But no change in official stance 11/07/05: Plenty Magazine: Green My Ride 11/07/05: Reuters: automakers re-focus on near term No mention of PHEVs... yet! 11/07/05: PRIUS+ in Seattle and Wenatchee Mon-Tues Nov.14-15 PRIUS+ on tour in Washington State 11/05/05: EVWorld says Toyota not about to build plug-in hybrids 11/04/05: Business Week: What Makes a Hybrid Hot Indicates Prius popularity and hybrid price premiums 11/04/05: James Woolsey among Rolling Stone/Salon 28 global warming leaders "Twenty-five leaders who are fighting to stave off the planetwide catastrophe" 11/04/05: AAA showcases CalCars at SF Intl Auto Show Nov. 19-26 11/04/05: SF Green Festival Sat-Sun: CalCars-SFEVA-William McDonough 11/03/05: RUMOR: Industry newsletter reports Toyota may build PHEVs "Inside Fuels and Vehicles" reports Toyota near major reversal on PHEVs 10/31/05: Loads of new items at website New articles and flyers available 11/03/05: Wave Magazine: Pimp My Prius San Jose, CA weekly profiles CalCars 10/31/05: Introduction to CalCars + Plug-In Hybrids (forwardable) Suitable for forwarding, a quick background summary on CalCars, Plug-In Hybrids, PRIUS+ and Felix Kramer. 10/30/05: 10 Talking Points for Plug-In Hybrids: Updated 10/29/05: Car and Driver: Are plug-in hybrids the next big thing? Csaba Csere in "The Steering Column": more credible road tests needed 10/28/05: Popular Mechanics: 2 PHEV articles: Andy Frank + Military Vehicle Article about PHEVs (the "next-generation hybrids") and military's diesel/electric truck 10/28/05: Lieberman proposal: Hybrid autos to combat manmade global warming In the Bristol Press 10/27/05: Rolling Stone: Hacking Hybrids 10/25/05: Do-It-Yourself Conversions: By Popular Demand Electric Auto Association agrees to sponsor a group to facilitate do-it-yourself conversion projects 10/24/05: EnergyCS/EDrive profiled in Design News 10/21/05: Salon: The Big Idea: PHEVs #2 out of 5 for environment Salon's five "big ideas" for helping the environment 10/20/05: Should Investors Believe the Hybrid Hype? Reports on Electro Energy's stock reaction from CalCars announcement 10/20/05: Electro Energy announces CalCars project "Electro Energy Inc. today announced it is developing a custom-designed prototype battery pack for CalCars' Toyota PRIUS+ Test Vehicle" 10/17/05: Energy Foundation's Grant + Our Opportunity CalCars receives grant from EF for public event participation; still needs more contribution! 10/14/05: Sen. Salazar highlights PHEVs: "cornerstone technology" Salazar, member of the Senatee Energy Committee, gives special mention to plug-in hybrids 10/13/05: 2 long threads at Daily Kos blog Two posts with heavy comment loads at "the second biggest blog in the world" 10/11/05: LA Times story-re-run: in Newsday/Miami Herald/ 10/08/05: Sen. Lieberman: PHEVs "on the threshold of commercialization": FULL TEXTS
10/08/05: Sen. Lieberman plans biofuel PHEV bill: legislative breakthrough By far the most specific and far-reaching proposal to date 10/07/05: Plugging Plug-in Vehicles: Living On Earth (NPR) Reports on unusual collaboration in support of PHEVs 10/07/05: Orlando Sentinel: Be ambitious "Our position: If the president truly wants energy conservation, he will be bolder" 10/06/05: Sierra Citizen: Hot Times in the Old Sierra Nevada Summarizes global warming's impact in the Sierras -- and steps we can take. 10/06/05: CNN-Dobbs today; Maryland Rep.; reminder Robert Kennedy; Green Car Journal Lou Dobbs interviews Felix; Maryland Rep endorses PHEVs; CalCars on "Ring of Fire"; more articles from Green Car Journal 10/03/05: Green Car Journal "Voices:" Adding an Electric Fuel Tank to a Hybrid 10/03/05: Watch PARC talk online (if you missed it live) Felix's presentation at PARC -- "How Plug-in Hybrids Tackle National Security, Jobs and Global Warming at the Same Time" -- available online 10/03/05: Tracking Car-Makers Comments on PHEVs "Recent media comments by OEMS (Carmakers) on PHEVs have been contradictory, and they've modified their comments as awareness expands and interest grows, and as they get more pointed questions from journalists and customers" 09/29/05: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorses PHEVs; hosts CalCars on radio show Felix on Air America's "Ring of Fire" 10/02/05: Oil & Security by Shultz/Woolsey--revised must-read (long) Revised report available full-text and PDF 09/29/05: Wired: Pricey Gas Fuels Alternatives Hydrogen, plug-in, and biofuel options 09/27/05: AlterNet: The Hazy Future of Hybrid Cars Shift toward hybrids is here, but the future remains unclear 09/26/05: Toyota: EPA emission testing a barrier to new hybrids? Current EPA testing procedures can't handle testing for "push-button" fuel economy-type cars 09/26/05: Audubon: The Holy & The Hawks "In one of the unlikeliest coalitions Washington has seen in years, the religious right, defense hard-liners, and environmentalists have joined forces to save the planet" 09/26/05: 3 Wall St. Journal article excerpts: new trends for cars 1) Small cars can be safe; 2) Fuel economy sells cars; 3) Car makers urge federeal fuel economy policies 09/25/05: San Jose Mercury News: Car Rally Crackles "Gas-free drivers get together in Palo Alto" 09/25/05: My blog comments on NYTimes series 09/25/05: NYTimes Magazine: Cars That Guzzle Grass Third of three articles 09/25/05: NYTimes Magazine: High-Performance Hybrids (long) Second of three articles 09/25/05: NYTimes Magazine: mini-profiles of Prius "hackers" First of three articles dealing with hybrids; further thoughts at Felix's blog 09/24/05: Minneapolis Star Tribune: David Morris: hybrids + biofuels 09/22/05: CalCars Will Engage with Designer/Architect William McDonough CalCars to integrate Cradle to Cradle approaches in its future technology development work 09/21/05: Blog: Hurricanes and global warming: some starting points 09/21/05: The Promise of PHEVS -- Mother Earth News EVWorld's publisher voices views on PHEVs 09/21/05: Ford: 10x hike in hybrids + more E85 cars Ford to produce 250k hybrids by 2010; more ethanol-fuled cars coming 09/21/05: Christian Science Monitor: PHEVs: a here-and-now alternative 09/20/05: Correction: CalCars-News URL for Consortium Story 09/20/05: Important: PHEV Consortium Interview in EV World If you don't read many of the posts to CalCars-News, don't skip this one! It's full of important information and news of many encouraging developments 09/19/05: Rethinkig Energy: National Power Grid Infrastructure in Mercury News 09/16/05: Calcars presents at PARC -- Thursday 4-6PM Felix's presentation: "How Plug-in Hybrids Tackle National Security, Jobs and Global Warming at the Same Time" 09/14/05: Portland Op-Ed: Bio-fueled hybrid cars a good bet 09/14/05: Green Car Congress's Millikin interview by Mother Jones News "The plug-in hybrid makes a ton of sense" 09/10/05: NYTimes includes PHEVS in major ethanol story 09/08/05: Weekend SF event; new at and elsewhere Updates on CalCars events and site changes 09/08/05: 10 Talking Points for Plug-In Hybrids 09/06/05: My blog posting "Preparedness After Katrina" Potential role of PHEVs in energy generation 09/06/05: Washington Post: Another Look at Fuel Efficiency "Soaring Gas Prices Make Smaller Cars, Hybrids Attractive" 09/04/05: Waco Tribune on Plug-In Austin and PHEVs 09/04/05: Senator Bennet endorses plug-in hybrids 09/01/05: Automakers' views on Lithium Batteries: report from Lithium poised to take over NiMH 09/01/05: DontCrush launches Plug-In America RAV4 EV group takes on new challenge 09/01/05: report on PHEVs and EVs 09/01/05: Canada's Globe and Mail: It's time to get all those cars plugged In 08/31/05: Southern CA Edison grant + financial report + new media links SoCal Edison provides CalCars grant; $50,000 raised total 08/31/05: Pennsylvania: First State-Focused PHEV Initiative State Rep. Mark Cohen proposes PHEV legislation 08/30/05: Market research company responds to media interest in PHEVs "Plug-In Hybrids to Remain Rare Despite Amazing Mileage, says ABI Research" 08/30/05: Breakthrough: Consortium Plans PHEV Development "Raser Technologies, Inc. to Spearhead 'Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Development Consortium'" 08/29/05: E Magazine's Jim Motavallis on plug-in hybrids 08/24/05: New Blog Launches: Power, Plugs and People Felix launches blog 08/24/05: ABC World News Tonight covers EDrive 08/24/05: Illinois story on ethanol and cars Daily Review Atlas has excellent overview of ethanol 08/23/05: Austin stories + Tune In to SIRIUS Weds AM Felix on SIRIUS radio; Austin press coverage 08/22/05: Austin City Leaders Launch Local + National Plug-In Hybrid Campaign Austin spearheads campaign on path toward "commercialization" of PHEVs 08/21/05: Whittier + Pasadena dailies: New cars plug into the future 08/20/05: EDrive Cars on Saturday CBS Network News 08/20/05: Senator Obama Promotes Plug-In Hybrids in town hall meetings 08/20/05: NY Sun: The 500-MPG Car: : A Pipeline Dream, or Full of Hot Air? 08/20/05: CalCars + PHEV videos now and this weekend 08/17/05: Must-see video clip + Woolsey, Harman, others @Shockwave #2 WNBC-TV clip; second Oil Shockwave simulation pinpoints need for PHEVs 08/16/05: Roundup/update: what the auto industry says about plug-in hybrids 08/16/05: Media coverage -- including Live In Detroit Widespread radio appearances, WNBC-TV, more 08/15/05: Toyota's first "official" extended response on plug-in hybrids Claims electric vehicle is no cleaner than gasoline vehicle; batteries require significant further development 08/15/05: How to Support Plug-In/Gas-Optional Hybrids & CalCars New email message details how to support CalCars 08/14/05: New audio and video streams; traffic stats Recent CalCars appearances; site traffic hits all-time high 08/14/05: AP: Engineers modify hybrid cars to get up to 250 mpg 08/12/05: Energy Act Roundup (long) Energy Bill overview and provisions that could foster PHEV development 08/10/05: Prius Marathon: 110 MPG in a non-plug-in hybrid Results from attempt to go 1400 miles on single tank in non-PHEV Prius 08/09/05: NOVA ScienceNOW show on hydrogen + H2 debate (long) 08/09/05: America: The Hybrid Craze from Le Nouvel Observateur 08/07/05: Toyota's new concession on the way to plug-in hybrids "I think at some point you'll even have a button you can pick, mileage versus performance, because you're managing the system" 08/07/05: Los Angeles Weekly: Bush's Energy Disaster Calls for "energy vision," PHEV support 08/04/05: Toronto Star: Plug in to new hybrid concepts 08/02/05: Paul McCready on BEVs versus FCVs; plug in hybrid mention too From the Green Car Journal Online 08/02/05: NPR Marketplace covers Prius conversions Author of LA Times article in four-minute segment 07/25/05: Great opportunity--but I'm on vacation Game plan for pushing major automaker to reinvent self as PHEV producer 07/24/05: NY Times; The Green Machine That Could Be Detroit 07/22/05: Valence Technology highlights EDrive's plug-in hybrid PHEV press release picked up by various sources 07/21/05: CalCars Teach Lead Ron Gremban's battery evaluation and production cost summary Technical information on economic implications on PHEV production 07/19/05: CalCars entry at Felix posts entry on PHEVs 07/17/05: New CalCars FAQ posted 07/17/05: LATimes Sunday Mag Cover Story: Running on Empty by Dan Neil 3100-word story quotes many PHEV advocates and other columnists 07/14/05: Toyota won't crush RAV4 EVs; pressure continues; KQED Perspective airs Update on RAV4EV; Felix on KQED radio 07/13/05: DaimlerChrysler Describes Its PHEV Sprinter Van Specs and other detailed information 07/12/05: IEEE Spectrum: "Downright Irresistable" solution article in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers monthly publication 07/11/05: Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial endorses PHEVs -- includes POLL Poll respondents: 47% "would buy" PHEV 07/11/05: EVWorld reports on our roundup of automaker comments Update on shifting carmaker positions on PHEVs 07/11/05: EDrive Systems LLC releases FAQ Questions on using and acquiring converted Prius 07/11/05: Making a Plug for Hybrids 06/29/05: Fleet campaign: Austin and Mayors / NY State Consortium Austin pushes PHEVs to conference of mayors; New York Power Authority CEO urges development of PHEVs 06/29/05: Oil Shockwave Simulation points to 500 MPG ethanol plug-in hybrids Catastrophic disruption in oil markets could lead to worldwide recession 06/25/05: LA Times: Plugged-In Hybrid Tantalizes Car Buffs 06/24/05: Senate developments + key updates at CalCars and partnering groups Updates on Congressional vote; CalCars seeks entrepreneurs 06/22/05: SJ Mercury News Venture Capital columnist on CalCars "Cars that run on overnight charge catch VC's eye" 06/22/05: ALERT: Contact Senators TODAY for Oil Security Amendments 06/20/05: Senate Centrist Coaliltion backing plug-in hybrids Committee appears to be set to introduce one or more amendments to the Energy Bill promoting incentives and other support for PHEVs 06/16/05: Union of Concerned Scientists on plug-in hybrids 06/16/05: NYTimes: Thomas Friedman endorses plug-in hybrids 06/15/05: George Schultz & James Woolsey on plug-in hybrids, cellulose ethanol etc. Highly readable excerpts from a policy paper, "Oil and Security" 06/14/05: columnists/blogger Kip Munro on CalCars "Hats off to the visionaries at CalCars..." 06/13/05: ARB last September: transcript of board responses CalCars' testimony at the hearing on Implementation of AB1493 (the Pavley bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions) 06/12/05: Energy expert Joe Romm on CO2 emissions of gas and electric cars 06/12/05: CalCars Endorses Toyota RAV4EV "Don't Crush" Campaign 06/09/05: TIME 6-page story on 500 MPG cars now online (complete) 06/09/05: European company hopes to market EDrive Priuses in Europe Amberjac Projects Ltd partners with EDrive and EnergyCS 06/06/05: Time Magazine on 500-MPG Plug-In Hybrids "An unlikely alliance of hawks, doves and greens has a plan to help America guzzle less gas. Could it work?" 06/06/05: EVWorld report on EDrive at Tour De Sol 06/02/05: Visit our booth at Green Cities Expo Fri-Sun 06/01/05: Seattle Vehicle-to-Grid Forum - June 6,7 V2G describes a world in which the batteries of millions of cars can become a part of a smart power grid 05/23/05: Flyer/poster + VOLUNTEERS NEEDED June 3-5 San Francisco 05/21/05: Flyer/poster comments on "you don't have to plug it in" Possible new slogan/concept to combat "plug-in" prejudice 05/21/05: EPRI has re-released key documents Electric Power Research Institute reveals data on PHEV analyses 05/20/05: Text Version of PRIUS+ Fact Sheet Version 1.6 05/20/05: How and When Can I Get an EDrive Systems Prius? Update on EDrive conversions 05/16/05: EDrive Prius: 102MPG + 9 kilowatt-hours for 150 miles at Tour de Sol "Novel" plug-in hybrid makes waves at Tour de Sol Rally 05/12/05: EDrive Prius in Tour de Sol Rally Fri-Sun 05/10/05: CalCars events; 100+MPG slogan; Upcoming CalCars events; new slogan; campaign to keep RAV4Es on the road 05/10/05: KTTV-LA clip: PRIUS+, Andy Frank, EDrive in Spotlight KTTV-Fox11 features PHEVs in 3:20 evening segment 05/10/05: EVWorld reports on plug-in hybrids at Clean Cities Conference 05/08/05: Electric Avenue--NPR Science Friday interview becomes 6-8th grade curriculum 05/08/05: PHEVs Get Spotlight at National Fleet Conference; Changed Tone from Toyota? Ed Begley, Jr. pushes for PHEV's at Clean Cities Conference; Toyota seems interested in PHEV technology 05/08/05: CA Agency Backs Multiple PHEV Projects -- Including EDrive Partner South Coast Air Quality Management District approves support for three plug-in hybrid projects 05/04/05: TIME's Klein joins Newsweek's Zakaria in writing about plugging in hybrids Joe Klein pushes for PHEVs 05/02/05: Text Version of PRIUS+ Fact Sheet Version 1.5 05/02/05: How and When Can I Get a PRIUS+ -- updated with EDrive info 05/02/05: How EDrive's Prius retrofit business affect CalCars projects History of CalCars involvement with EDrive (EnergyCS) and future projects 05/02/05: EDrive Systems announces commercial retrofits to plug in Prius Release announces plans for affordable consumer retrofit by 2006 05/02/05: US automakers and hybrids: Joe Romm's perspective on GM Baltimore Sun addresses GM's hybrid and alternative fuel missteps 04/25/05: Transcript of EarthDay NPR Science Friday with CalCars' Felix Kramer 04/25/05: EVWorld: Advocates for 100+ MPG Plug-In Electric Hybrids Take to the Nation's Airwaves Release regarding NPR and other recent PHEV appearances 04/24/05: BusinessWeek: followup to story on PHEVs BW addresses concern over increased energy use from PHEVs 04/23/05: Now hear NPR Science Friday with CalCars on your computer 04/21/05: Greg Hanssen's A Bridge to the Hydrogen Highway EnergyCS's partner's presentation to EVS21 04/21/05: NPR Science Friday: I'm honored to join a stellar group New CalCars flier available 04/18/05: Earth Day: Hear CalCars on NPR Science Friday / First Satisfied Customer Letter 04/17/05: Big picture update Big picture goals for CalCars 04/17/05: Put events in your calendars; see PRIUS+ on TV Upcoming CalCars appearances; TV clip from "Mornings on 2"; PowerPoint presentation from Electric Auto Association Electric Auto Association Silicon Valley Chapter 04/12/05: See/hear us in Palo Alto Sat; update+ requests for help PRIUS+ in Palo Alto; other CalCars updates 04/11/05: Corrected URL for text version of Woolsey's speech 04/11/05: Admiral Woolsey's Congressional Testimony on Energy & Security Includes mention of PHEV and PRIUS+ 04/08/05: PHEV Gains Momentum: Dec '04 to Early April '05 Milestones List of recent PHEV accomplishments and milestones 04/07/05: First interview with Austin Energy's Roger Duncan, leader of fleet buy order effort Duncan wants Austin to be Clean Energy Capital of the World 04/06/05: Bill Moore muses on names and one day's news on GO-HEVs/ PHEVs/ EHs, FFHs EVWorld article on PHEV nomenclature 04/05/05: CalCars on Bay Area TV Weds AM; website traffic up etc. CalCars on "Mornings on 2," site traffic spikes, new blogs feature PRIUS+ 04/05/05: EV World launches pathbreaking Electric Hybrids Department launches new feature devoted to "electric hybrids" 04/03/05: PRIUS+ Fact Sheet: version 1.4 (16K text message, PDF available) 04/03/05: Blogs and Discussion Groups are picking up on PRIUS+ Slashdot, Engadget, Autoblog and PruisChat all feature PRIUS+ 04/02/05: Answers to often-asked Q about PHEVs fueled by a coal-based grid Information on how much cleaner a coal-powered PHEV is than a standard gasoline engine 04/01/05: NYTimes: Hybrid-Car Tinkerers Scoff at No-Plug-In Rule 03/31/05: Business Week: Giving Hybrids a Real Jolt: plug-in gas-electric vehicle may be key in saving fuel and cutting pollution 03/30/05: Felix on San Francisco Call-In Show Thursday AM w/Wired author + Jason Mark Includes text of recent Wired article on Toyota and other hybrids 03/30/05: 31 National Security Officials write Bush, strategy includes PHEVs 31 former NSOs lobby for less reliance on foreign oil supplies 03/29/05: Valence Press Release about EnergyCS version of PRIUS+ Valence is the battery supplier for EnergyCS, CalCars' Southern California partner for development of PRIUS+ 03/28/05: Automotive News 3/28/05: Who's getting juiced about plug-in hybrids? Article addresses PHEVs, DaimlerChrysler experiments with such, and Toyota's opposition to conversion 03/24/05: PRIUS+ Fact Sheet: version 1.3 03/21/05: Details on Valence batteries in EnergyCS version of PRIUS+ Overview of Valence's Saphion lithium ion cells 03/18/05: Updated version of "How and When Can I Get a PRIUS+?" 03/10/05: New CalCars links: Austin Energy, Hydrogen Bridges, PHEV Workshop New links added at the CalCars site 03/08/05: Austin Energy's major report promoting PHEVs/GOVs Austin Energy report recommends an incentive package for gas optional vehicles (GOVs) to the largest 50 cities in the US 03/08/05: EnergyCS's version of PRIUS+ profiled in EVWorld EnergyCS overview (and audio interview) of Prius conversion 03/01/05: Newsweek: Imagine: 500 Miles Per Gallon Fareed Zakaria article on PHEVs and flexible fuel 03/01/05: CalCars PRIUS+ Fact Sheet Version 1.2 Overview of the PRIUS+ conversion

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