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Watch Plug-In Partners Press Conference + Request for Help
Jan 24, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Today is a red-letter day for people who've been looking for a groundswells of support for clean energy-transportation solutions that will culminate in car-makers building plug-in hybrid and battery-electric cars.

Plug-in Partners, the national campaign to build fleet and individual demand for plug-in hybrids that began as Plug-In Austin, launched this morning with a press conference in Washington, DC.. Unless you're really busy today, I urge you to watch the 82-minute long "live on tape" event, including a new eight-minute video, via streaming media (Real Player or Windows Media) from the link at

We URGENTLY NEED ONE OR TWO VOLUNTEERS to produce a transcript today, since reporters need it. You get to record the exact way people said things like:

  • Former CIA Director James Woolsey: "the only infrastructure we need is an extension cord for each household" (He also made "plugs" for the Sundance premiere of the new movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" and for
  • Former Energy Dept. official Joe Romm: flex-fuel plug-in hybrids are the single best solution.
  • Senator Hatch: let's become the world leader in this technology. Plug-in hybrids may be the silver bullet we need If you are available to do half or all of it please email me (don't start without checking).

The campaign's video, which will at some point be available separately, includes interviews with (alphabetically) Andy Frank, UC Davis Hybrid Center Frank Gaffney, Center for National Security Policy Bob Graham, Electric Power Research Institute Ed Kjaer, Southern California Edison Felix Kramer, CalCars Zwi Ling, UC Davis Hybrid Center Jordan Smith , Southern California Edison Will Wynn, Austin Mayor

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