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Plug-In Partners Update: 497 Partners Listed
Dec 13, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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From a press release by Plug-In Partners Almost 500 entities have joined the Plug-In Partners National initiative, led by Austin, Texas. This includes a number of the nation's largest cities including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. The campaign has also produced more than 8,000 "soft" fleet orders for plug-ins when they become available.

Below is an overall update by Plug-In Partners' Roger Duncan, followed by the current list of partners (see the website URL for links to partners). If your city/organization are not on the list, you can work locally to recruit them!

As you probably read in the press last week, GM announced they will manufacture a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

A day earlier, Toyota North America president Jim Press said that "The next frontier will be the plug-in hybrid." Press was speaking to the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) conference in Washington D.C. where plug-in hybrids were a prime topic of conversation. EDTA brings together representatives of the automotive industry, electric utilities, battery makers, and hydrogen fuel cell advocates into one group.

Nissan, who was also represented at the conference, announced earlier in the year that they will build a plug-in hybrid. [Note from Felix: company's announcement this week indicates that they are "developing" PHEVs with no commitment to build them. For this and other automotive updates, see­carmakers.html.]

Andy Karsner, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the Department of Energy (DOE), said of plug-in hybrids, "This isn't just something that we want to happen. It's something that is going to happen."

So obviously there is a lot of activity on plug-in hybrids and the automakers have changed their position since issuing almost universally negative remarks after we launched the Plug-In Partners campaign in January.

None of the automakers, however, has announced a date. Also, automakers say that batteries need further development before plug-ins can hit car lots. Along those lines, a breakfast meeting of battery makers was held at the EDTA conference about the state battery technology.

Battery makers in attendance urged more demonstration projects and pointed out that the federal government spends $500 million on fuel cell research and only $30 million on advanced batteries. They also suggested that auto manufacturers leave space in hybrids for additional battery capacity so the vehicles can be converted to plug-ins as batteries develop. Also noted was that the price of batteries would drop dramatically with volume. On the issue of battery reuse/recycling, battery makers said that advanced automotive batteries could be used by electric utilities for stationary storage for 10 to 15 years after their life as an automotive battery.

On the legislative front, we are working on plug-in hybrid legislation with members of the House and Senate, their staffs and a coalition of people from around the country. The focus is on demonstration projects, battery research and development, and incentives for consumers, businesses and manufacturers.

There will be plug-in hybrid bills introduced in the new Congress next year and we will contact you about help in supporting such legislation.

Both Karsner and Tom Kuhn of the Edison Electric Institute said that President Bush repeatedly asks about progress on plug-in hybrids and the state of lithium ion batteries, opening hopes that plug-ins may be one issue on which bipartisanship could form and legislation pass and be signed.

So while much progress has been made since the launch of Plug-In Partners in January there is still much work to be done before this technology is active and effective in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing dependence on imported oil.

We will keep you updated on progress and proposed legislation, and we encourage you to recruit other members to become Plug-In Partners.

Below is a summary of current partners and fleet orders.

Thanks to all of you for supporting this important effort and please keep us apprised of activities and events.

Sincerely, Roger Duncan, Deputy General Manager, Austin Energy

Update on Partners and Fleet Orders

Below is a summary of our partners and fleet orders. See the list online at­campaignOverview/­partnerList.cfm

Partners Update - There are currently 497 entities signed on as Partners. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Cities = 49
  • Counties/Local Governments = 28
  • Colleges/Universities = 4
  • Public Utilities = 161
  • National Utility Associations = 9
  • Businesses = 123
  • Non-Profit Groups = 36
  • National/Local Environmental Groups = 39
  • Investor-Owned Utilities = 5
  • State/Federal Agencies = 20
  • Other Groups = 23

"Soft" Fleet Orders - There are a total of 8238 fleet orders. 1,526 Heavy Truck 1,169 Light Truck 454 Medium Truck 1,641 SUV
40 School Bus 2,393 Sedan 15 Tractor 1000 Van

PLUG-IN PARTNERS (as of December 4, 2006)

Northeast o Baltimore, MD o Boston, MA o Hamilton, NJ o Keene, NH o Medford, MA o Philadelphia, PA Southeast o Fayetteville, AR o Gainesville, FL o Memphis, TN Midwest o Chicago, IL o Cleveland, OH o Des Moines, IA o Kansas City, MO o Madison, WI o Minneapolis, MN o Plymouth, WI o Wadsworth, OH Southwest o Albuquerque, NM o Arlington, TX o Austin, TX o Corpus Christi, TX o Dallas, TX o Denton, TX o Fort Worth, TX o San Antonio, TX o Edmond, OK West o Alameda, CA o Aspen, CO o Berkeley, CA o Boulder, CO o Burbank, CA o Colorado Springs, CO o Crested Butte, CO o Denver, CO o Fort Collins, CO o Gladstone, OR o Honolulu, HI o Irvine, CA o Los Angeles, CA o Oakland, CA o Phoenix, AZ o Portland, OR o Sacramento, CA o Salt Lake City, UT o San Francisco, CA o Santa Barbara, CA o Seattle, WA o Shasta Lake, CA o Wenatchee, WA

o Alamo Area Council of Governments, TX o Arlington County, VA o Bexar County, TX o Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, TX o Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, TX o Department of Administration for the State of North Carolina o Evangeline Parish, LA o Fairfax County, VA o Granville County o Indian Nation Council of Governments (INCOG) o King County, WA o Marin County, CA o Metro Council, OR o Miami/Dade County, FL o Mid America Regional Council, KS/MO o Oklahoma County, OK o Paramount High School - West o Port of Chelan County, WA o Pueblo County, CO o Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD), CA o Salt Lake County, UT o Sarasota County, FL o Shohomish County, WA o Sonoma County Water Agency, CA o Travis County, TX o Travis County Sheriff's Office, TX o Village of Mount Horeb, WI o Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council, WA

" Austin Community College, TX
" Kingsborough Community College, NY
" Stanford University, CA
" University of Texas

o California State Controller, CA o Ohio Local Air Pollution Control Officers Association o Minnesota Department of Natural Resources o Missouri Department of Natural Resources o New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), NY o South Coast Air Quality Management District, CA o State of Colorado Governer's Office of Energy Management & Conservation o State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources, MO o State of North Carolina Department of Administration o State of Oklahoma Department of Commerce o State of Oklahoma Secretary of Environment o Texas Building and Procurement Commission o Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Commissioner Larry Soward o Texas Department of Transportation, TX o Texas General Land Office o Texas State Energy Conservation Office o Texas Youth Commission o Travis County, TX o NY State Energy & Research Development Agency, NY o Texas Youth Commission

o Center for American Progress, DC
o Institute for the Analysis of Global Security
o Set America Free Coalition, MD

o Alternative Fuel Group, AZ
o American Corn Growers Association, DC
o Advanced Fuel Group, AZ
o East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition
o Soybean Producers of America, DC

" IBEW Local 103, MA
" IBEW Local 68, CO
" Apollo Alliance, WA

" American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)
" American Wind Energy Association, DC
" NC Solar Center
" Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
" Sun Day Campaign (MD)
" Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association

" Houston Renewable Energy Group " Vote Solar Initiative, CA o Advanced Energy, NC o Advanced Transportation Technology Institute, TN o Alliance to Save Energy, DC o American Lung Association of Iowa o American Lung Association of Minnesota o American Lung Association of Texas o Americans for Energy Independence, CA o Austin/San Antonio Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers, TX o California Cars Initiatives, CA o California Electric Transportation Coalition, CA o Citizens for Rideable Communities, WA o Colorado Energy Group, CO o Consumer Federation of America o Electric Auto Association, CA o Electric Auto Association of Greater DC o Electric Auto Association of San Jose, CA o Energy Industries of Ohio o Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources (EENR) Committee of the NLC o Environment Colorado o Goodwill Industries, TX o Green o Hidary Foundation and Smart Transportation, NY o IEEE Central Texas Section Consultants Network, TX o Meals on Wheels and More, TX o Middle Georgia Clean Cities Coalition, GA o Milwaukee Hybrid Group, WI o Plug-in America o Public Technology Institute, DC o Randolian Acres, TX o Rosedale Neighborhood Association, TX o Seattle Electric Vehicle Association, WA o Southern California Clean Cities Coalition, CA o Sustainable Energy & Economic Development Coalition, TX o Travis County Green Party, TX

o Ann Arbor Area Clean Cities Coalition, MI o Arizona Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), AZ o Blue Skies Alliance, CA o Blue Water Network (Division of Friends of the Earth), CA o Center for Biological Diversity, AZ o Citizens League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN), TX o Clean Air Coalition, TX o Clean Air Council, PA o Clean Air Force of Central Texas, TX o Clean Fuels - Ohio, OH o Colorado Energy Group, CO o Community Clean Water Institute, CA o Earth Policy Institute, DC o Electric Vehicle Association of Greater DC o Energy Future Coalition, DC o Environment Colorado, CO o Environment Michigan, MI o Environment New Hampshire, NH o Environment Rhode Island, RI o Environment Texas, TX o Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI), DC o Florida Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition, FL o Galveston-Houston Association for Smog Prevention, TX o Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition, NY o High Country Citizens' Alliance, CO o Houston Renewable Energy Group, TX o Institute for Environmental Research and Education (IERE) o Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition, MO o Maryland Clean Cities o Mothers for Clean Air, TX o Oregon Environmental Council, OR o Plug-in America, CA o Public Citizen's Texas Office, TX o Rainforest Action Network, CA o St. Louis Regional Clean Cities, MO o Sustainable Dallas, TX o Texas Environmental Justice Advocate Services (TEJAS), TX o Triangle Clean Cities Coalition, NC o U.S. Public Interest Research Group o Wisconsin Clean Cities - Southeast Area, WI

" ABC Pest and Lawn Services, TX " ARISE Technologies, Inc. " AWBAM Enterprises, Inc. " Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), TX " Accent Tile, Inc. " Action Builders of Prosperity, LLC " Action Safe and Lock " All Recovery " Amazonia Aquariums, TX " American Contracting & Environmental Services " Apollo Energy Systems, Inc. " Austin Connect, TX " Austin Eye Clinic, TX " Austin Group Specialists, TX " Austin HDC/Hangers Cleaners " AutoNation " Average Joe " BLDConstruction " Balcones Frame Supply, Inc., TX " Barley + Pfeiffer Architects, TX " Bates Investigations, Inc. " BBit, Inc. " Bear Valley Real Estate " Beatitudes Mission " Bicycle Sport Shop, TX " Bomann By Owner, Inc. " Bottom Feeder " CRS " Cambridgeport Plumbing, MA " Capital Spectrum " Casey Muleihy, MD, PA " Charter Starters " City Conservation " ClanAndrus " Clayways Pottery Studio/Gallery " Communication Specialists " David R. Poole, MD, Psychologist " Delaware Power Systems Corp. " Detectant " Don's Garage Doors " Donna Rose, MA LPC " Dowell Ranch " Dr. Robert Thoreson " Drums for all Ages " Dynamic Systems, Inc. " E-Car Company, FL. " EV America, TN " Electro Energy, Inc. " Erlewing Guitar, Inc. " Fancy Floors Flooring " fd2s, Inc. " Feel Good Cars - Canada " Feel Good Cars - U.S.A " Friendly Trails Transportation " G. Raatz Attorneys " GSD&M " Good Company Associates " Goodwill Industries " Grand Champions Fitness " Green Building Center " Green Strategies, Inc. " Guys Rentals " Hangers Cleaners " Harlo Kinder Ltd. Part. " Hilsol Company " Home Integrate " Hybrid Center of Massachusetts, MA " ISE Corporation, CA " Integrated Health Care " Joseph A. Turner, PC Law Office, TX " Lake Hills Sales, Inc. " Leader Kozmor Gorham, LLP " Legacy Homes " Legacyquest " MPM Graphics " Marilyn Fenn Fine Art " Mariposa Bioscience " McCoy Aviation, CA " Meridian Energy Systems " Midtown Grooming, TX " Milwaukee Hybrid Group " Mountain View Builders, WV " NAAAM, TX " NCBI " Net Ingenuity " New World Engineering " Newcities Unlimited, LLC " Nilar, Inc. " North Coast Seafood " OS Beyond Consulting Services " Odyne Corporation, NY " Optical Automation " PC Guru, TX " PC Plastics " PCD Engineering Co. " Pawsitive Pet Care " Potomac Energy Projects, LLC " Property Consultants " Quest Enterprises " Raymundo Engineering, TX " REgrid Power, Inc. " Red Creek Financial " Rice Money Managers, Inc. " Rivercity Footworks, TX " Rogers Supply Co. " Safe Records Center " Sentient Services " Sergio Lub Inc. " Shoal Creek Saloon, TX " Sion Power, AZ " Solar Store, AZ " Stella Group, Ltd. " Step by Step " Strand Brothers, TX " Superior Plumbing & Heating, CA " Synapse Electric " TDM Research, TX " Techware USA, Inc. " Tesoros Trading Co., TX " Montessori Center, TX " The Soup Peddler, TX " Van Rys Orchards " Videotime " Warm Corporation West " West Hills Carstar " White Mountain Foods, TX " Work Horse

o American Public Power Association o Arizona Municipal Power User's Association, AZ o Edison Electric Institute, WA o Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), CA o National Rural Electric Coop Association, VA o Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association, TN o Vermont Public Power Supply Authority, VT o Washington Public Utility District Association, WA o Wisconsin Public Power Inc., WI

o Kansas City Power & Light, KS
o OGE Energy Corporation, OK
o Pacific Gas and Electric, CA
o Southern California Edison, CA
o Veridian Corporation, Canada

o Austin Energy, TX o Akron Municipal Utility, OH o Alameda Power & Telecom, CA o Algoma Utilities, WI o American Municipal Power-Ohio o American Samoa Power Authority o Anaheim Public Utilities, CA o Arcadia Electric Utility, WI o Atlantic County Utilities Authority, NJ o Austin Utilities, MN o Barnesville Municipal Power, MN o Beach City Board of Public Affairs, OH o Benton PUD (Kennewick, WA) o Boscobel Utilities, WI o Bowling Green Municipal Utilities, KY o Braintree Electric Light Department, MA. o Brigham City Corp., UT o Bristol Virginia Utilities o Brodhead Water and Light, WI o Buffalo Municipal Service, MN o Burbank Water & Power, CA o Cavalier Light & Power Plant, ND o Cedarburg Light & Water Commission, WI o Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District o Chelan County PUD, WA o City of Batavia, IL o City of Bentonville, AR o City of Camilla Utility, GA o City of Chanute Utility, KS o City of Columbiana Public Utility, OH o City of Edmond Utility, OK o City of Gunnison Public Utility, CO o City of Holdrege, NE o City of Lake City Electric Utility, MN o City of Lamar Utility, MO o City of Mansfield, GA o City of Mesa Electric Utility, AZ o City of Naperville Dept. of Public Utilities, IL o City of Redding Electric Utility, CA o City of Riverside Public Utilities, CA o City of Safford, AZ o City of St. Charles Utility, IL o City Utilities of Richland Center, WI o City Utilities of Springfield, MO o Clark Public Utility (Vancouver, WA) o Clarksville Dept. of Electricity, TN o Clintonville Water & Electric Plant, WI o Columbia Power & Water Systems, TN o Columbus Water and Light, WI o Concord Light, MA o Concord Municipal Light Plant, MA o Cowlitz County PUD, WA o Cuba City Light and Water, WI o CPS Energy, TX o Cumberland Municipal Utility, WI o Cuyahoga Falls Electric Dept., OH o Danvers Electric Division, MA o Danville Dept. Utilities, VA o Douglas County PUD, WA o Eagle River Light and Water, WI o Emerald People's Utility District, OR o Energy Northwest, WA o Erwin Utilities, TN o Farmington Electric Utility System, NM o Florence Utilities, WI o Frankfort Electric & Water Plant Board, KY o Freeport Electric, NY o Gainesville Regional Utility, FL o Garland Power & Light, TX o Great River Energy, MN o Hagerstown Municipal Light Dept., IN o Hartford Electric, WI o Heber Light & Power Co., UT o Imperial Irrigation District, CA o Independence Light & Power, IA o Indianola Municipal Utilities, IA o JEA, FL o Jackson Utilities & Public Works, MO o Jefferson Utilities, WI o Juneau Utilities, WI o Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, KS o Kaukauna Utilities, WI o Kirkwood Electric Department, MO o Klickitat County PUD, Goldendale, WA o Lakeland Electric, FL o Lebanon Utilities, IN o Lewes Board of Public Works, DE o Lewis County PUD, WA o Lodi Electric, CA o Lodi Utilities, WI o Long Island Power Authority, NY o Los Angeles Department of Water Power, CA o Loup River Public Power District, NE o Lower Colorado River Authority, TX o Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility, IA o MA. Municipal Wholesale Electric Company, MA o Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility, IA o McMinnville Electric System, TN o McMinnville Water and Light, OR o Meade Municipal Plant, KS o Memphis Light and Gas, TN o Menasha Utilities, WI o Monmouth Power & Light, OR o Murray City Power, UT o Muscoda Utilities, WI o Nebraska Public Power District, NE o New Glarus Light and Water, WI o New Richmond Utilities, WI o New York Power Authority, NY o Oconomowoc Utilities, WI o Oconto Falls Municipal Utilities, WI o Omaha Public Power, NE o Orlando Utilities Commission, FL o Owtonna Public Utilities, OK o Pacific County PUD No. 2, WA o Paducah Power System, KY o Paris Board of Public Utilities, TN o Pasadena Water & Power, CA o Pend Oreille County PUD, WA o Piedmont Municipal Power Agency, SC o Plymouth Utilities, WI o Prairie du Sac Utilities, WI o Princeton Municipal Utility, NJ o Public Utility District No. 1 of Douglas County o Red Cloud Municipal Electric Dept., NE o Reedsburg Utility Commission, WI o Richmond Power and Light, IN o River Falls Municipal Utilities, WI o Rochester Public Utility, MN o Rock Falls Electric Dept., IL o Rock Hill Utilities, SC o Roseville Electric, CA o Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), CA o Salt River Project, AZ o Scottsboro Electric Power Board, AL o Seattle City Light, WA o Shelby Division of Electricity & Telecommunications, OH o Snohomish County PUD, WA o Solvay Electric Dept., NY o Southern California Public Power Authority, CA o Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency, MN o Spencerport Electric Dept., NY o Stephen Municipal Utilities, MN o Stoughton Utilities, WI o Sun Prairie Water and Light, WI o Tell City Electric Dept., IN o Town of Haxtun Utility, CO o Truckee-Donner PUD (Truckee, CA) o Two Rivers Water and Light, WI o Utilities Plus/CMMPA (Blue Earth, MN) o Village of Paw Paw (Paw Paw, MI) o Village of Rouses Point, NY o Wadsworth Electric and Communications, OH o Waterloo Utilities, WI o Watertown Municipal Utilities, SD o Waupun Utilities, WI o Waunakee Utilities, WI o Waverly Light & Power, IA o Westby Utilities, WI o Whitehall Electric Utility, WI o Willmar Municipal Utilities Community, MN

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