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CBS 60 Minutes The Ethanol Solution -- Sunday May 7, 2006
May 6, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Watch CBS 60 Minutes Sunday night: THE ETHANOL SOLUTION. We expect Daniel Kammen to be featured. Kammen is a CalCars advisor and is involved in the California Clean Energy Initiative that CalCars has endorsed.

"Can the fuel distilled from corn and other renewable materials one day take the place of the billions of barrels of oil the U.S. imports each year?" Dan Rather Reports

See Kammen's recent reports, including many emphasizing the pairing of PHEVs for local miles and E85 for range extension. Prof. Daniel M. Kammen Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) Co-Director, Berkeley Institute of the Environment (BiE) Web:­~kammen Web:

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