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Southern CA Sierra Signs On to Fact Sheet to Promote PHEVs
Nov 15, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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It's just come to our attention that before the enactment of AB32, while the national Sierra Club organization has not yet developed a new position on PHEVs, the Southern California Sierra Club signed on to a fact sheet titled "Plug-in Hybrids: Evolutionary Technology, Revolutionary Change"

The three-page PDF flyer at­news/­documents/­plug-inhybrid.pdf is part of a series called "Moving California away from Oil Dependence." Co-sponsors are The American Lung Association, Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT), Coalition for Clean Air, CALPIRG, Energy Independence Now, Environment California and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Here's Sierra's announcement and explanation of their intention:­news/­fuelefficiency.shtml NEW INFORMATION AVAILABLE FOR STOPPING OUR ADDICTION TO OIL AND
Free Fact Sheets

Below are links to just-published fact sheets that discuss how we can reduce our use of petroleum products in the transportation sector, moving to cleaner alternative fuels and more efficient vehicles. These fact sheets were prepared for a consortium of environmental organizations that are pushing our government to move faster to solve the critical climate change problem and that want to make consumers more aware of alternatives to existing transportation and fuel choices.

The fact sheets give you information about alternative fuels such as hydrogen, biodiesel, and ethanol and more efficient and less polluting vehicles for our highways and busy coastal ports. These fact sheets are PDF documents that can be downloaded for your use, or can be shared with other organizations or individuals that care about cleaning up our air and ending our addiction to oil.

Sierra Club California is working on legislative and policy solutions that will encourage and facilitate the use of the fuels and technologies summarized in the fact sheets. For example, we will be working to see that Assembly Bill 32, the California Global Warming Solution Act, is successfully implemented. We will push hard for legislation that makes those who benefit from the commerce around our ports pay for cleaning up their polluting activities. And, if Proposition 87 passes on the November 7th election, we will advocate the use of the technologies contained in these fact sheets as ways to help Californians reduce their dependence on oil.

All fact sheets are PDF documents

Summary Fact Sheet Biodiesel Vehicle Efficiency Off-road Equipment Hydrogen Fuel Ethanol Fuels Reducing Pollution at Ports Natural Gas Vehicles Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Spanish Versions (Ethanol Fuels fact sheet not yet available in Spanish)

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