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Senate developments + key updates at CalCars and partnering groups
Jun 24, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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I've been in NYC and Washington, and haven't had a chance to update the website appropriately for some of the following, or to respond to individual emails.

Status on the PHEV amendment in the Senate: Though the amendment was filed, it was not offered because the Senate voted to close debate on its energy bill, with a vote likely for next week. (The bill, with its many pluses and minuses, then has to be reconciled with the House version--look to the public policy and environmental organizations you support to get their updates and evaluations.) Advocates of PHEVs / GO-HEVs may be able to offer the amendment as a standalone bill or as a rider to another bill if possible. The growing attention to the technology at so many levels, especially in Washington and in the media, is very encouraging.­senatorsplugin.wmv
C-SPAN clips of Senators Landrieu (D-LA) and bill Nelson (D-FL) talking on floor of the Senate about PHEVs­salazar061605.pdf
Excerpts from debate on the Energy Bill in the Senate on Sept. 16 include Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) on PHEVs, on pages 37-38, Congressional Record numbered pages S6707-6708 By the way, I inadvertently trimmed from Wednesday's admirable Action Alert Memorandum the fact that it was prepared by CalCars Senior Advisor Gail Slocum, former Mayor of Menlo Park, CA.

CALCARS' NEW INITIATIVE:­entries/­2005/­06/­22/­vcs_checking_out_plugin_hybrids_other_cleantech.html#more
From Silicon Beat, the blog of San Jose Mercuy News venture capital reporter Matt Marshall, further thoughts after his print story (includes links to that story)­calcars-opportunity.pdf
CalCars Seeks Entrepreneurs for a Unique Environmental Opportunity CalCars' initial one-page description (PDF) on the opportunity we see for entrepreneurs and investors in starting a company to partner with a major auto manufacturer in meeting future fleet demand.

CONVERSIONS: A few handy URLs:­group/­priusplus/­message/­421
With 446 messages on the PRIUS+ Plug-In Hybrid Conversion Group at Yahoo, we've produced a Chronology that lists and provides citations of the key postings­group/­calcars-news/­message/­37
How EDrive's Prius retrofit business affect CalCars projects (we'll update this soon)­group/­calcars-news/­message/­49
How and when can I get an EDrive Systems Prius

Initial stages of a CalCars page with key links on global warming issues and technology­CNN/­Programs/­presents/­index.melting.point.html
“CNN Presents – Melting Point: Tracking the Threat of Global Warming” (which ended up getting preempted April 2 by news of the Pope’s death) will be shown this Sunday, June 26, Pacific Time at 5,8 and 11--check for local listings­
Secure America's Energy Future: you'll be hearing more from this new group. Yesterday, I attended their Oil Shock Wave Executive Crisis Ssimulation in Washington, a six-hour event with the participation of top former US cabinet members from both parties, excerpts of which will soon be broadcast nationally (details will follow)­action.shtml
Don't Crush: latest events of the campaign to save production electric vehicles­
Freedom From Oil: Information about the Declaration of Independence from Oil

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