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EVS-22: Automakers+Converters: No Longer "Choose Us or Them"
Sep 11, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) holds international conferences every 18-24 months -- and plug-in hybrid advocates and scientists hold a special PHEV workshop. We spoke at the last one, in Vancouver in December 2005. In a breakthrough last year, for the first time the PHEV sessions were part of the main sequence of events rather than a pre-conference workshop.

Next is EVS-22:The 22nd International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition, October 23-28 in Yokohama, Japan. The PHEV session is sponsored by Southern California Edison, the Electric Power Research Institute and the Japan Automobile Research Institute (SCE/EPRI/JARI).

And this year's change is even more significant. In the "Industry Perspectives/Auto manufacturers" session, the speakers include EnergyCS -- indicating that Toyota and DaimlerChrysler did not strongly object to being joined by a presenter from an aftermarket PHEV conversion company.

Auto-makers are acknowledging innovation that doesn't come from internal sources. Last February, JARI held a seminar of PHEVs­calcars-news/­289.html. And in June, the US Dept of Energy hosted auto-makers and PHEV advocates in Washington for two days­calcars-news/­431.html. This is a real change. Only last year, a PHEV was "frozen out" of a national public event when an auto-maker said it would withdraw its sponsorship if CalCars showed up. At another event, an auto-maker complained when our cars diverted attention from its fuel cell/hybrid ride and drive. (In neither instance was Toyota the culprit.)

We expect representatives from many auto-makers and suppliers will be in attendance. If you're thinking of attending, sign up early: seats are limited, and it's already about half sold out. Unfortunately, it looks like this event will not include an actual PHEV -- unless CalCars raises far more than we came up with to fly our car to Washington, DC in May. (In fact, at the moment, we can't afford to attend at all.)

Here's the program. For a one-page PDF, see­eng/­ev.html

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Workshop Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Okohama, Yokohama, Japan

Welcome Address Toshio Kobayashi, President, Japan Automobile Research Institute

Keynote Address Ed Kjaer, Director, Electric Transportation, Southern California Edison

Introduction To Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
- Hisashi Ishitani, Professor, Keio University: Overview
- Mark Duvall, Electric Power Research Institute: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technologies
- Danilo Santini, Argonne National Laboratory: Overview Of IEA Hybrid And Electric Vehicles Implementing Agreement Annex VII--Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles--Activities

Government Perspectives On PHEVs
- Shinsuke Ito, Deputy Director of Automobile Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan
- Tien Duong, United States Department of Energy: Emerging Us Interest In PHEVs
- Francois Badin, Senior Researcher, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Transport and Environment Laboratory, INRETS

Industry Perspectives On PHEVs

Auto Manufacturer
- Shinzo Kobuki, Managing Officer, Toyota Motor Corporation
- Heinz Joergensen, DaimlerChrysler AG: Daimler Chrysler's Plug-In Hybrid Sprinter Van Project
- Pete Nortman, President, Energy CS

- Kiyoshi Goto, Executive Officer, General Manager, R&D Center, Tokyo Electric Power Company
- Cedric Lewandowski, Director, Electric Transportation Division, EDF
- Dean Taylor, Southern California Edison: Environmental Benefits, Up-Front And Life Cycle Costs

- Zenpachi Ogumi, Professor, Kyoto University
- Tatsuo Horiba, Director, Advanced Technology Development Center, Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.: Development Of Automotive Lithium Ion Batteries In Japan
- Francois Barsacq, Director, Advanced Sales, Johnson Controls - Saft Advanced Power Solutions

Discussion And Summary Hisashi Ishitani, Professor, Keio University

Admission:15000 Japanese yen. Room capacity:190 seats Languages: English & Japanese (Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.)

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