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Conferences: Plug-In 2008 Agenda Available
May 16, 2008 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Next week we'll be at the GreenWest conference and expo­ at the Los Angeles Convention Center. On Tues-Thurs, at Expo Hall Booth 938, among hundreds of products and services on display will be a PHEV from , a new North Hollywood company,converted for Rick Eye by . And among the 17 sessions with 70 speakers, on Thursday from 2:30-3:45 at "Next-Generation Plug-In Hybrids and the All-Electric Vehicle" will be:

  • Ed Kjaer, Director of the Electric Transportation Division, Southern California Edison Company
  • Felix Kramer, Founder, The California Cars Initiative
  • David West, Vice President of Marketing, Raser Technologies, Inc..

At­events.html get information about other upcoming events, including June 11-12 on federal policy in Washington DC, Hybridfest in July, the Concours d'Elegance in Palo Alto, and a conference at the end of May in Detroit that has the distinction of being the first conference organized by a for-profit company that's in the conference business!

THE INTERNATIONAL PLUG-IN 2008 CONFERENCE/EXPO in San Jose, Monday July 21-Thursday July 24, has released its complete agenda, which we include below. We encourage you to attend, and, if you're a component supplier, plug-in car maker, or non-governmental institution, to consider exhibiting via­expo/­ Below you'll find the conference description, sponsor list, registration fees and the agenda.

Attendees to Plug-In 2008 will enjoy highly interactive discussions involving:

  • Senior representatives from the automotive manufacturers, high-technology component manufacturers, electric utilities, state and federal government, business and environmental community will articulate their vision of PHEVs.
  • Exhibitors will showcase the latest innovations associated with PHEVs and supporting electricity infrastructure. Exhibits will include vehicles, batteries, powertrains, smart meters and grid management tools, and vehicle-to-home (V2H) applications.
  • Engineers and scientists will share the most current technical research on PHEVs in areas including batteries, powertrains, electricity grid design, vehicle-grid communication links, vehicle to home (V2H) technology, and future vehicle to grid (V2G) connections.
  • Business analysts and market researchers will discuss the business case for PHEVs, including potential adoption scenarios, customer segments, profit potential, expanded opportunities to store and utilize renewable energy, and investment demands for vehicle manufacturers and utilities.
  • Policymakers will explain how current regulations impact PHEVs and the electricity grid, and how future regulatory mechanisms may accelerate the adoption of PHEVs and development of the necessary electricity infrastructure.
  • Clean-tech entrepreneurs, including renewable energy companies, will outline their ideas to enhance and expand the PHEV market with new technologies for vehicles, communication systems, and the electricity grid.

Electric Power Research Institute
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
San Diego Gas & Electric Company
Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Sacramento Municipal Utility Project
Southern California Edison
UC DAVIS Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research Center

PUBLIC NIGHT (Conference registration not required for this)­conf/­?id=conf_public Tuesday, July 22 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Would you like to drive a car that averages 100 miles per gallon? Do you like the idea of plugging in your car at home instead of waiting at a gas station to refuel? Are you eager to reduce your car’s greenhouse gas emissions?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then please join us at Public Night on Tuesday, July 22, at the San Jose Convention Center.

For a $10 admission fee, you’ll have the opportunity to visit our exhibit hall and hear speakers talk about the potential of plug-ins and electric vehicles, how close these vehicles really are to market, and what consumers can do to help accelerate that process.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Transforming Our Transportation and Energy Futures:

  • Dan Reicher, Director of Climate Change & Energy Initiatives, and former Assistant Secretary of Energy for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the US Department of Energy
  • Mark Duvall, Program Manager, Electric Transportation, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Chelsea Sexton, Executive Director, Plug In America and former GM EV1 Specialist

Before June 27, rates range from $250 for students to $500 for government/non-profit to $600 for industry, plus $150 for pre-conference battery workshop. After June 27 and onsite fees are higher.

San Jose McEnery Convention Center­conf/­?id=conf_agen
* After name means invited

Monday July 21
State of the Technology
Fritz Kalhammer
Tien Duong, US Department of Energy

TBD, Battery Recycling
Current Testing and New Data
Ahmad Pesaran, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Loic Gaillac, Southern California Edison
Andy Burke, University of California at Davis
Haresh Kamath, Electric Power Research Institute

Michael Andrew, Johnson Controls-Saft*
Prabhakar Patil, Compact Power
Joe Adiletta, A123 Systems
Gitanjali DasGupta, Electrovaya*

Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall Sponsored by Pacific Gas & Electric

Opening Plenary Session: “The Potential and Challenges of PHEVs to Reduce Petroleum Consumption & Green House Gas Emissions” Speakers Moderator: Ed Kjaer, Southern California Edison

  • Welcome Chuck Reed, Mayor of San Jose
  • PHEVs Today, Tomorrow and Beyond Steve Specker, President & CEO, Electric Power Research Institute
  • The Environmental Challenge Peter Schwartz, Cofounder and Chairman, Global Business Network
  • GM’s Solutions Beth Lowery, VP of Environment and Energy, GM Solutions
  • Plenary Panel: “Today’s Pathways to PHEVs”
    Moderator: Sass Somekh, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

    • Nancy Gioia, Director, Sustainable Mobility Technologies and Hybrid Vehicle Programs, Ford Motor Company (Pending)
    • James Boyd, Vice Chair & Commissioner, California Energy Commission
    • Dan Sperling, Automotive Board Member, California Air Resources Board
    • Ed Kjaer, Director of Electric Transportation, Southern California Edison Company


    1A: OEM PHEV Powertrain Systems
    Moderator: Sunil Chhaya, Electric Power Research Institute
    General Motors Corporation
    Toyota Motor Sales USA
    Ford Motor Company

    1B: Grid Capacity
    Moderator: Jill Egbert, Pacific Gas & Electric
    Mark Duvall, Electric Power Research Institute
    Mike Jackson, TIAX
    Mark Kapner, Austin Energy

    1C: PHEV Demonstrations
    Moderator: Philip Misemer, California Energy Commission
    Toyota Motor Sales USA
    Ford Motor Company
    Dominic Portmann, DaimlerChrysler (pending)
    Serge Roy, Hydro-Québec

    2A: Initial Standards and Requirements Moderator: Craig Childers, California Air Resources Board Gery Kissel, General Motors Corporation* Richard Carlson, Argonne National Laboratory Rich Scholer, Ford Motor Company (pending)

    2B: Utility Business Cases
    Moderator: Bill Zobel, San Diego Gas & Electric
    Efrain Ornelas, Pacific Gas & Electric
    Mike Ligett, Progress Energy
    TBD, Alabama Power Company
    Mike Rowand, Duke Energy Corp.*

    2C: PHEV Conversions
    Moderator: Felix Kramer, CalCars
    Sanjeev Choudhary, Hymotion
    Jim Francfort, Idaho National Laboratory
    Alec Proudfoot, Google
    Tom Molinski, Manitoba Hydro
    John Dabels, EV Power Systems

    3A: Battery System Integration
    Moderator: Fritz Kalhammer
    Ahmad Pesaran, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    Joe Lograsso, General Motors Corporation*

    3B: Electricity as a Low-Carbon Fuel Moderator: Mark Duvall, Electric Power Research Institute Mark Delucchi, University of California at Davis (pending) Roland Hwang, Natural Resources Defense Council* TBD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lew Fulton, International Energy Agency

    3C: Car Buyers and PHEVs Moderator: Dahlia Garas, University of California at Davis Ken Kurani, University of California at Davis Walter McManus, University of Michigan John Axsen, University of California at Davis

    4A: PHEV Powertrain Modeling Moderator: Richard Carlson, Argonne National Laboratory Mark Alexander, Electric Power Research Institute Tony Markel, National Renewable Energy Laboratory TBD, General Motors Corporation

    4B: Reducing Petroleum Use with PHEVs Moderator: Matt Miyasato, South Coast Air Quality Management District Anant Vyas, Argonne National Laboratory Jamie Winebrake, Rochester Institute of Technology Dan Santini, Argonne National Laboratory

    4C: Policy and Incentives Moderator : Tom Turrentine, University of California at Davis Craig Childers, California Air Resources Board Chris Yang, University of California at Davis Dean Taylor, Southern California Edison Genevieve Cullen, Electric Drive Transportation Association

    5A: Emerging PHEV Battery Technologies
    Moderator: Andy Burke, University of California at Davis
    Tien Duong, US Department of Energy
    Fritz Kalhammer
    Donald Sadoway, Massachusetts Institute of Technology*

    5B: Renewables and PHEVs
    Moderator: Laura Stuchinsky, Silicon Valley Leadership Group
    Bill Boyce, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District
    Jim Gordon, Energy Management Inc.*
    Tom McCalmont, Solar Tech

    5C: Charging Technologies
    Moderator: Dwight MacCurdy, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
    Stuart Evans, DeltaQ Technologies Corp.
    Ron Thompson, Eaton Corporation
    TBD, General Motors Corporation

    6A: Progression Toward EVs
    Moderator: Bill Boyce, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
    Tom Gage, AC Propulsion
    TBD, Nissan Motor Company
    Alec Brooks, Tesla Motors*
    Bob Graham, EDV Commercialization

    6B: Smart Charging and the Home Interface Moderator: Joel Pointon, San Diego Gas & Electric Andrew Tang, Pacific Gas & Electric* Arindam Maitra, Electric Power Research Institute David Kaplan, V2Green

    6C: Heavy Duty PHEV Demonstrations
    Moderator: Efrain Ornelas, Pacific Gas & Electric
    Hélène L. Cornils, Eaton Corporation*
    Ewan Pritchard, Advanced Energy Corp.
    James Muldoon, US Air Force*
    Sunil Chhaya, Electric Power Research Institute

    Gala Event at The Tech Museum of Innovation

    Summary of Breakout Sessions
    Moderator: Dean Taylor, Southern California Edison

    Closing Plenary Session: “Driving Toward Tomorrow” Moderator: Tom Turrentine, University of California at Davis

  • Mark Duvall, Program Manager, Electric Transportation, Electric Power Research Institute
  • Thierry Vandal, President & CEO, Hydro-Québec (Pending)
  • Jim Kelly, VP of Distribution & Transmission, Southern California Edison (Pending)
  • Peter Darbee, President & CEO, Pacific Gas & Electric (Pending)
  • Toshio Hirota, Senior Engineer, Nissan Motor Co.
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