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Chicago Battery Conference this Tuesday; Power-Up Presentations Online
Jun 16, 2008 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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I'd hoped to combine this with a report on the Google/Brookings conference but that's not done. Meanwhile:

The presentations from the 2008 Power Up! Conference, featuring many leading experts on PHEVs, are now online -- for the names of speakers and links to PDFs, see­index.php?page_id=275

And if you didn't get to the recent international battery conference in Florida, are looking for the latest, and are based in the Midwest or feel like jumping on a plane on short notice, in Chicago this Tuesday, you can hear and meet many of the leading companies in the PHEV battery world at ACG's Advanced Battery Investment Summit:­

Advanced Automobile Battery Investment Summit
Location: The Standard Club, 320 S. Plymouth Ct. Chicago
7:30 am – 5:30 pm with Reception following

Welcome by ACG Chicago Conference Chair James Greenberger, Partner, Reed Smith LLP

The Basic Science of Advanced Automotive Battery Technology This session will review the basic science of electric batteries and will outline the principal problems that scientists and companies are working to solve in order to bring electric vehicles (EV’s) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV’s) to the mass market. Panelists will discuss the state of the advanced battery science: where we are and where we need to go. The problem of thermal control in lithium batteries, one of the principal barriers to mass market adoption of EV’s, will be discussed in length. The head of Argonne National Laboratory’s battery technology department will talk about the groundbreaking work being done at Argonne in support of the Department of Energy’s FreedomCAR Partnership program.

Introduction of Panel by Moderator Thomas D. Berman, Partner, Adams Street Partners, LLC

Key Problems in Advanced Automobile Batteries Dr. Michael Thackeray, Argonne Distingusihed Fellow, Chemical, Science, and Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory

The Lithium Battery Program at Argonne National Laboratory Gary Henriksen, Manager, Electrochemical Energy Storage, Chemical Sciences & Engineering, Argonne National Laboratory

Thermal Management in Advanced Batteries: The Threshold Barrier to Mass Adaptation? Prof. Said al-Hallaj, Research Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

The History and the Future of Electric Vehicles in the Mass Market Gene Glaudell, Former CIO, Tesla Motors

Major Automobile Industry Companies and The Future of EV’s and PHEV’s Major automobile and automobile battery companies are looking closely at the market potential for PHEV’s and EV’s. Their views may determine which of among the competing advanced battery technologies will eventually be adopted. What opportunities might this present for investors? This panel will give investors some ideas.

Introduction of Panel by Moderator David M. Dolezal, Executive Director, UBS Investment Bank

Ted J. Miller, Senior Manager, Energy Storage and Research, Ford Motor Company Pin Ni, President, Wanxiang America Corporation Robert G. Gruenstern, Director, Product Engineering – Americas, Johnson Control Power Solutions Paul E. Boskovitch, Chief Engineer for Advanced Hybrid Systems, Ricardo Inc.

Keynote Speaker Danilo J. Santini, Senior Economist, Center for Transportation Research, Argonne National Laboratory Dr. Santini will present and summarize the latest findings of Argonne Laboratory’s Center for Transportation Research regarding the relative efficiencies and feasibilities of EV’s and PHEV’s compared to other technologies for minimizing dependence on petroleum fuels in the transportation sector.

Lunch Speaker

Ralph J. Brodd, President, Broddarp of Nevada, Inc. Dr. Brodd is President of Broddarp of Nevada, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in technology assessment, strategic planning and battery technology, production, and marketing. Dr. Brodd is a long-time expert in battery technology and recently completed a study for the National Institute of Standards and Technology entitles “Why are There No Volume Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers in the United States?” Dr. Broadd will discuss the findings of his study and the prospects for growing advanced automobile battery technology companies in the U.S.

Lithium Battery Technologies for Automobiles – Opportunities and Challenges This panel will showcase a number of early and growth stage companies that are actively marketing advanced battery solutions in the transportation sector. Panelists will discuss the different approaches being taken by these companies to maximizing energy storage and minimizing safety hazards in lithium-based technologies. The presenting companies represent different sectors within the lithium battery supply chain, including companies focused on advanced materials, battery cells, battery packs and finished vehicles, or on some combination of these sectors. How best to maximize value in this rapidly developing market will be discussed, and likely debated, at length.

Introduction of Panel by Moderator Corey Tobin, Equity Research Analyst, William Blair & Company

Deepak Srivastava, P.h.D., Chief Technology Officer, NanoExa Michael E. Reed, President & CEO, Electro Energy, Inc. Jeff Yambrick, Manger of Business Development, Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. Sankar Das Gupta, Ph.D.,DK, Chairman & CEO, ElectroVaya Robert Spotnitz, Pd.D.,Member, American Lithium Energy and President, Battery Design, LLC Mohamed Alamgir, Director of Research, Compact Power Ulrik Grape, CEO, EnerDel Inc.

Is There Life Beyond Lithium? Other Approaches to Creating Value in Advanced Automobile Technology Although most discussion about advanced automobile battery technologies centers on lithium-based technologies, it may be too early to count out other technologies. Nickel metal hydride, nickel zinc and advanced lead acid technologies have substantially longer operating histories than, and may offer some advantages over, lithium. Ultra capacitor technology, the “cold fusion” of the battery space, may offer an important supplement, and maybe even an ultimate alternative, to advanced automobile batteries based on lithium. This panel will discuss those alternatives.

Introduction of Panel by Moderator Shez Bandukwala, Partner, Investment Banking, ThinkPanmure, LLC

Foam-based Lead Acid Batteries Edward F. Williams, President, Firefly Energy

Nickel-Zinc Batteries Dan Squiller, President, PowerGenix

Ultracapacitor Technology John M. Miller P.h.D., Vice President Systems Applications & Integration, Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

Advanced Materials for Batteries and Ultracapacitors Mark W. Zager, CEO, Silitronix, Inc.

VC’s View of the Advanced Automobile Battery Space Carl J. Barrelet, Associate, Lux Capital Management

Concluding Remarks – Conference Chair Wine and Cheese Networking Reception

Registration Fees

ACG Members $195.00 Non-ACG Members $295.00

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