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Oct 27, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Here are four useful resources. First is a blog about PHEVs; second is a radio show you should know about (and if possible support), and third, two "green bloggers" who've been interested in CalCars.

In the wake of Wednesday's NYTimes story, you can find a lively discussion at­cars/­2006/­10/­doubt_cast_on_p.html.

Second: we met Betsy Rosenberg a few years ago when she was doing EcoTalk radio segments for CBS radio in San Francisco and had just co-founded "Don't Be Fueled! Mothers For Clean and Safe Vehicles" EcoTalk gradually became more successful, and more frequent, including joining Air America. Now, despite the bankruptcy filing of that network, she continues interviewing interesting people five days a week. She hears people tell her what wonderful work she's doing but hasn't received the support she needs to keep going. (Does that remind you of CalCars' situation?)

Here's part of her update/pitch: The EcoTalk team is making an urgent appeal to individuals, organizations and green companies to help get EcoTalk with Betsy Rosenberg off the "endangered list" and avoid extinction of the only national commercial radio show dedicated to the environment -- now airing five days a week plus podcasting on iTunes. We must raise $100,000 to keep EcoTalk on the air through the winter as we regroup without the Air America Network's financial support. These funds can come as donation, sponsorship or investment -- but time is of the essence. We need commitments by November 1.

EcoTalk covers environmental news and views and all aspects of green living in an engaging, solutions-oriented format. Nowhere else will you hear the voices behind the headlines, and eco-visionaries who deserve to be in he headlines but are overlooked by mainstream media. The program reaches a national audience of 100,000 Americans hungry for alternatives, and is growing rapidly at this crucial time in the nation's eco-evolution. In the last few months we have:
- Expanded from one to five shows a week;
- Added new affiliate stations; (see for complete list w/airtimes)
- Renewed partnerships with NRDC, Earthjustice and Union of Concerned Scientists;
- Created new partnerships with, TreeHugger and Plenty magazine.

We are in the process of developing a business plan for expansion of EcoTalk's distribution, and will be bringing in new investors, advisors and sponsors. At, you can listen to some of our recent notable guests (Al Gore, Bill McKibben, Richard "The Plunderer" Pombo's challenger, Jerry McNerny, NASA's Jim Hansen, Helen Caldicott, EPA whistle-blower Dr. Bill Kirzy) and hear for yourself how this program IS making a difference, is a powerful voice for change, and must continue! Part of our mission is to provide exposure to unsung eco-heroes and green groups so your donation will help us give your favorite environmental organization national exposure and impact.

We also need you and all your friends to tune in to your environment. These conversations are relevant to everyone who eats, drinks or breathes! Urge them to go to to find a station in their community and then forward this urgent letter, or your own message to help spread the word about this unique and timely program. Can we count on your support? Please send checks - all amounts welcome - to Ecotalk, P.O. Box 29025, San Francsico. CA. 94129. Hot leads, inquiries, testimonials, etc. can be sent to betsy@.... Our office # is (415) 561-2165.

Finally, check out two entrepreneurial, imaginative bloggers who focus on resources that help you be green.

First is Nadine Weil's "Heart of Green: Passion for Green, Clean & Everything In Between" at Welcome to Heart of Green. This is not about me; this is about our planet. But if you are wondering, I am a recovering businesswomen turned pro-green activist. I have engineering and business degrees from hoity toity sounding places like Stanford and Harvard. I've been an industrial engineer, a consultant, a venture capitalist, an Internet executive and even an aspiring ballet dancer. But no matter. Something was missing. I just didn't know what.

You can see what she says about cars (including CalCars and Tesla) at­heart_of_green/­clean_cars/­index.html.

Finally, there's Zem Joaquin's "Ecofabulous: Sustainable, Sexy Stuff" at Inspired and mentored by William McDonough over the last couple of years, I have developed a different lens, which makes it impossible to view products as I had previously. In one way or another I have always worked in design, whether it was as a critic or promoter. Now I just envision everyone rethinking the way they think about design. Cradle to Cradle design means that everything that comes from the earth (and what doesn't) should go back to the earth either as a biological nutrient or should include a plan for the next incarnation of the technical nutrients.

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