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Earth Day: Hear CalCars on NPR Science Friday / First Satisfied Customer Letter
Apr 19, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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You can hear CalCars Founder Felix Kramer talking with NPR Science Friday host Ira Flatow and phone callers this Friday, April 22, scheduled from 2:40-3:00 Eastern, 11:40-noon Pacific, etc., (the end of the first hour of this two-hour show) on your local NPR affiliate (search for stations/confirm schedules at­stations/­).

You can call in with your questions or comments to: 1-800-989-8255 1-800-989-TALK

Later in the week, at­ you'll find a promo for the broadcast. If it's more convenient, at­streaming.htmlfind links to hear the show live in streaming audio from the local station of your choice, and at­audio/­ after the show, a podcast/downloadable version.

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Along those lines:

We just got our first "satisfied prospective customer" letter along with a $95 Charter Sponsor contribution to CalCars -- written as a result of the clip you can download at:­ (2MB Quicktime):

I bought a Prius after seeing your blurb on Channel 2 in Oakland. I was going to buy a Civic GX-compressed natural gas, even tho there were lots of things about the whole arrangement I didn't like. After seeing Prius+ on TV, I bought one and want to work towards a 100+ mpg system.

When I do eventually make my Prius pluggable, I plan to put up some solar panels and hook them into PG&E -- the sun produces power for the grid during the day, I plug in at night when PG&E needs to send out power, everyone's happy, and the effect on the environment isn't too bad.

Larry David, Seinfeld's co-writer, and his wife are Prius fans. I'd contact him if you already haven't. I'm sure he has lots of contacts.

Thanks for your efforts, Mike

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