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We're within sight of $25K. Also: volunteer wanted: HTML/InDesign
May 14, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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This morning we were at $21,370. We still have funds available for to match your contributions 1:1. We've gotten some sizeable contributions, but many small ones from people who clearly can't afford to give more but think it important to support our effort. Please help at­phevtodc.html.

Also, while I'm using email electrons, I'd point out that we posted to­jobs.html a request for a long-term part-time volunteer:

HTML / Adobe InDesign Jack-of-Many-Trades Our site requires frequent updating -- a task that often gets lost in the shuffle. Similarly our large crop of flyers and documents is constantly receiving additions and undergoing maintenance. We're looking for a "new media guru" who can handle a few hours a week of HTML updates and flyer maintenance/design. Writing skills a huge plus. You can use GoLive for site updates, but our current Webmaster will make fun of you for a few days.

This would be especially good for a person who checks email frequently and has a flexible work schedule. If you're strong on either HTML or InDesign, please respond anyway, since we have some exciting projects in mind starting next month that could be divided up.

Please send your text resume (no attachments, please) including pointers to online websites or samples to <

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