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Join Our "Photo-Op" this Sat @12:15PM in San Francisco
Dec 29, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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For our readers in the San Francisco Bay Area, we're getting around to doing something that we've been thinking about as the number of PHEVs locally has grown from one to four.We're assembling Saturday to take pictures of plug-in hybrids and PHEV advocates at scenic Crissy Field, with the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

The immediate reason is to create a photo for the announcement of a global warming event happening this spring in multiple locations across the nation. More and more people are realizing that electrifying transportation is a key strategy to address the climate crisis, and we are happy to help launch this event with that message. (You can get more information about the campaign on Saturday.)

We'll also make photos available to the media and include them at -- in fact the second photo at­photos-scenic.html is near where we'll assemble.

Given the late notice, we expect to attract somewhere between dozens and hundreds people to spend a sunny hour posing with two to four plug-in hybrid cars and a large sign that reads: Step It Up Congress Cut Carbon 80% by 2050

Of course, this is a great opportunity for an afternoon party (we'll bring sparkling apple juice). It'll be fun for so many people who know each other only by email to meet and start get an early start on New Years celebrations -- and think about all we want to accomplish in 2007.

Come however you can, dress festively or in green if you like -- and if you can arrive in a pure Electric Vehicle, we'll arrange to get some photos including them as well.

Feel free to forward this message. No RSVPs necessary.

WHEN: 12:15 Saturday, with 12:15 Sunday as the fall-back if it's so foggy the bridge isn't visible (check Sat AM at­group/­sfeva, where we'll announce any postponement). WHERE: Crissy Field parking lot TO GET THERE: Go to Type in: Marine Drive, San Francisco. Set view (appropriately) to "hybrid" We'll be in that long parking area called "West Bluff" between Marine Drive and Mason St. If for some reason that location doesn't work, look there for one of our cars or signs, or if all else fails call 650.520.5555.

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