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Ford Bold Moves Website Includes PHEV Proponent
Aug 15, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Ford set up this website following the launch of its "Bold Moves" ad campaign, mostly emphasizing design and muscle -- the successor to its more ambitious "Innovation" campaign. Ford has been promoting the site with ads on energy and political blogs, and it has taken the risk of inviting some of its critics to participate. "Episode 6" includes a short video with comments from Rainforest Action Network's Jennifer Krill and NRDC's Richard Kassell as well as industry critics, followed by Ford executives, including Nancy Gioia, director of sustainability.­episode.aspx?episode=6

David Morris was invited to post in a Point-Counterpoint format. He wrote a piece called "Ford Should Build Flexible Fueled, Plug in Hybrids" and got many responses.­PointCounterPoint.aspx?episode=6 Curiously, if you look at the replies, the most recent comments are at the top, so to follow the thread, you have to read from the bottom back up. (And the same replies show up whether you look at Morris's posting or Counterpointer Sebastian Blanco's argument for hydrogen.)

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