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Video of Chevy Volt
Jan 15, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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This 12-minute video looks like a work-in-progress (repetitive/poor image/voice synchronization, makes the car looks noisy and underpowered.) but has some interesting comments from GMers:

Tony Posawatz, Volt Vehicle Line Executive Bruce Boniface, GM Director of Advanced Design Therese Tant, Volt Lead Designer . Then Wagoner and Lutz at the end.­news/­DETROIT-AUTO-SHOW-GM-Volt-Concept-in-Action-11478/­ It's credited to, but I can't find the original there...did find an earlier story with no video and over 130 comments­news/­Chevy-Volt-Concept-Has-The-Toyota-Prius-Met-its-Match-11559/­

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