PLUG OK license plate website re-organized and updated
Jan 24, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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The CalCars website launched in 2002, with help from David Alan Foster. We got our first facelift in early 2003, with the help of Anne Woods­Web/­index.html. We got a great logo and bumpersticker design from Kristen Kiger Since then, we've squeezed everything into that format, long ago sprawling out in every direction.

We kept waiting for the time and resources to completely upgrade the site -- but the dust never settled. We knew we had to do something before the launch of Plug-In Partners, when the campaign for 100+ MPG Plug-In Hybrids shifts into even higher gear. (We made it by 8 hours.)

Thanks to Tim Beauchamp and Ling Thio, who gave us a few pushes to start us on the revisions, and most of all to John Davi of Palo Alto,­resume, who's equally strong at the clicks and the concepts.

Now at least we have a usable left-side navigation system and a concise home page. We tried to help those who've never heard of PHEVs get basic information, and enable decision-makers to see the range of activities and media support PHEVs are gaining. We hope we've made it easier for people to support with tax-deductible contributions too -- still at­sponsor.html!

Please feel free to point out any broken links or other problems. Now that we have a new framework, we'll continue to streamline the site page-by-page (though a few will remain longer than some people expect...)

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