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CNN-Dobbs today; Maryland Rep.; reminder Robert Kennedy; Green Car Journal
Oct 6, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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1. CNN STORY: Today at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific, we hope to see CNN's delayed-broadcast Lou Dobbs news segment on energy independence, including interviews with former CIA Director James Woolsey and CalCars founder Felix Kramer.

2. REMINDER: short interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr airs this Sat and Sun. Ring of Fire is hosted by Kennedy and Mike Papantonio. Hear it Saturday, Oct. 8 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. EST and at the same time on Sunday Oct. 9 in most markets. You can find a listing of local Air America Radio affiliates at -- and listen to the show online at that site.

3. ANOTHER MEMBER OF CONGRESS ENDORSES PHEVS­archive/­10/­52005h.asp Agape Press - Tupelo, Mississippi "Reliable News from a Christian Source" Commentary & News Briefs October 5, 2005 Compiled by Jody Brown ...Even before President Bush called on Americans to cut down on their energy use, a Maryland congressman had taken an important step to save gasoline -- and he recommends others do the same thing. Republican Roscoe Bartlett has one of the shortest commutes on Capitol Hill: from his home district in Maryland to the nation's capital. The member of the House Science Committee says he has saved gas by purchasing a hybrid vehicle. The lawmaker claims to have purchased the first Toyota Prius in his state as well as in Congress. "We have 95,000 miles on it now, and we have been very satisfied with it," Bartlett shares. "It gets an honest 45 miles per gallon. The new one does even better than that." According to Bartlett, the new plug-in hybrid is expected to allow people to drive 40 miles on battery -- real handy for a 20-mile commute to work. "You can make electricity with things like coal [and nuclear energy] that you can't put in your car," he says, "so there are lots of advantages to going to hybrids, and even more advantages of going to the plug-in hybrid." Bartlett has been a strong proponent for conversion to renewable sources of energy. [Chad Groening]


  • We previously posted the text of our "Voices" column, "Adding an Electric
    Fuel Tank to a Hybrid"­green-car-jrnl-kramer-voices.pdf is the PDF version.

    Now you can read/download the other 2 pieces from the issue:

    Finally, the GCJ includes a letter, "PLUGGED INTO HYBRIDS": Last spring, I learned about a non-profit organization called CalCars (www.calcars.orgf) that is modifying a Toyota Prius with additional batteries. This would allow it to run up to 40 miles on batteries before they need a recharge, either from the engine or by plugging into an AC source. Since a majority of trips are less than 40 miles, this could greatly decrease the demand for petroleum, freeing it for trucks, aircraft and other uses in an era of rapidly increasing world demand and peaking oil supplies. I suggest you check this out and publish an article about it in Green Car Journal.... -- William J. Toensing, Nevada City, CA -- Editor replied: You'll note our article on plug-in hybrids in this issue, a reflection of the growing interest in these highly-efficient vehicles.

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