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CalCars in the News 2004-2005
In 2004 we began a chronological list of news about PHEVs and CalCars. In late 2005, we gave up because the frequency of news got too high. See the News Archive for 2005-current news. And see Downloads for PDFs of recent significant articles.

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Our Favorite Stories
Running On Empty (subscription) | Our newsletter version; Printable PDF (1.6MB)
Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine cover story, July 17, 2005
By Dan Neil, Pulitzer Prize-winning auto critic
Plug In to New Hybrid Concepts | Our newsletter version
Toronto Star, August 1, 2005
By Tyler Hamilton
As Toyota Goes... (subscription) | Our newsletter version; Printable PDF (400KB)
The New York Times, June 17, 2005
By Thomas R. Friedman, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist
Breakting That Dirty Oil Habit... | Our newsletter version; Printable PDF (3.2MB)
TIME Magazine, Inside Business, July 2005
By Unmesh Kher, with Marc Hequet/St. Paul, Kristin Kloberdanz/Hopkinsville, Jeffrey Resner/L.A.
Take This Car and PLUG It | Our newsletter version; Printable PDF (1.2MB)
IEEE Spectrum (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), July 2005
By Willie D. Jones
Hybrid-Car Tinkerers Scoff at No-Plug-In Rule (subscription) | Our newsletter version; Printable PDF (110KB)
The New York Times, April 2, 2005
By Dannny Hakim

For CalCars' Response to Comments in NY Times story see: How Much Cleaner than a Gasoline Car is a PHEV Charged from the Dirty (Coal) Grid? (Section 3 of CalCars Vehicle page) and followup to the Business Week story below.

Imagine: 500 Miles Per Gallon | Printable PDF (15KB)
Newsweek, March 7, 2005
By Fareed Zakaria
Giving Hybrids a Real Jolt | Our newsletter version; Printable PDF (110KB)
Business Week, April 11, 2005
By John Carey

Followup by John Carey, May 2: Powering Plug-Ins: Not To Worry or Our newsletter version

Other CalCars and PHEV Press Coverage
See articles we haven't yet added to this list at the CalCars-News Archive
Jan. 6 Hydro to test plug-in hybrid
Winnipeg Free Press
Jan. 5SuperFast Pizza Proves that Competition Improves the Breed
Winter '06Why Buy a Hybrid Now?
Green Light Online Magazine
2 0 0 5
Dec. 19Charged Up
Fairfield County Business Journal
Dec.12Planning for a Future Not Dependent on Oil
Seattle Times editorial column
Dec. 5An Old Idea Whose Time Has Come: Electric Vehicles
Americans for Energy Independence
Nov. 23Five Ways to Cut Oil Use
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Nov. 16Hacking the Hybrid Vehicle
Wired Magazine
NovWhat Kind of Car?
Institute for Life Cycle Assessment, also appears in Solar Today Magazine
Nov. 3Toyota Mulls Dramatic Reversal, May Be Developinig Plug-In Hybrids
Inside Fuels and Vehicles; also comment at Plugs, Power and People Blog and Toyota denies rumor
Nov. 3Hacking Hybrids
Rolling Stone
Nov. 2Pimp My Prius
The Wave Magazine, San Jose
NovAre Plug-In Hybrids the Next Big Thing?
Car & Driver Editor-in-chief Csaba Csere
Oct-Nov.Green My Ride
Plenty Magazine
Oct.Fueling the Future: Next-Generation Hybrid (cover story) and The Strong Silent Type
Popular Mechanics
Oct. 24Time to Take the Leap?
Design News
Oct. 22Lieberman Proposal: Hybrid autos to combat man-made global warming
Bristol Press
Oct. 20Debate Over Clean Car Technology Rages On
Oct. 20Should Investors Believe the Hybrid Hype?
Oct. 20Electro Energy Advanced Technology to Power Hybrid Electric Vehicles for CalCars' PRIUS+ Program
(press release)
Oct. 18Energy Security Now a National Buzzword
Jewish institute for National Security Affairs
Oct. 10Hot Rodder Has Plugged In for Better Gas Mileage
Ramona Home Journal
Oct. 7-10John O'Dell's June 25 LA Times story returns in a second wave: Miami Herald, Newsday, etc.
Oct. 7Lieberman calls for end to big oil, dependence on foreign oil
Connecticut Journal-Register News Sevice
Oct. 7Be Ambitious
Orlando Sentinel Editorial
Oct. 1Hot Times in the Old Sierra Nevada
Sierra Citizen, Fall 2005
Oct. 1Adding an Electric Fuel Tank to a Hybrid (text) or PDF
Green Car Journal "Voices" (Or get all 3 Green Car Journal articles in one 7-page PDF)
Oct. 1The Hybrid Connection
Green Car Journal (PDF)
Oct. 1A Future of E-Hybrids
Not Fuel Cells, Green Car Journal "Voices" (PDF)
SeptThe Holy & the Hawks
Audubon Magazine, includes evangelical conservatives
Sept. 27The Hazy Future of Hybrid Cars
Sept. 27Pricey Gas Fuels Alternatives
Sept. 25Car Rally Crackles
San Jose Mercury News
Sept. 25The Way We Drive Now: New York Times Special Section on Hybrids includes profiles of CalCars associates
See our evaluation + comments at blog
Sept. 23CalCars Engages with Designer/Architect William McDonough on Plug-Ins Development
Green Car Congress
Sept. 22Plug-in hybrids: a here-and-now alternative
Christian Science Monitor
Sept. 21The Promise of Plug-In Hybrids
Mother Earth News
Sept. 19Rethinking Energy: In Katrina's Wake, VCs say Country Needs to Overhaul Infrastructure
San Jose Mercury News + accompanying SiliconBeat blog discussions
Sept. 18Hybrids and biofuels would be a good fit for Minnnesota
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Sept. 18Hybrid Vehicles Gaining on Competition in PA, NU
Philadelphia Business Journal
Sept. 16Inside the PHEV Consortium print + audio interview, Part 1. Part 2; at CalCars-News, text-only.
Sept. 13Driving Change: Interview with Green Car Congress Publisher Mike Millikin
Mother Jones News
Sept. 12Hybrid Cars and Energy Talk
San Jose Mercury News spotlights Felix Kramer's blog
Sept. 10The New Prize: Alternative Fuels
NYTimes story on ethanol includes PHEVs
Sept. 6 Another Look at Fuel Efficiency
Washington Post
Sept. 3Bennet Speaks to Utah County Businessspeople
Daily Herald
Sept. 1Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
Aug. 31It's time to get all those cars plugged in
Globe and Mail of Canada (interview)
Aug. 25Biofueled hybrid cars a good bet
Portland Maine Press-Herald
Aug. 24How does 250 MPG Sound?
Waco Tribune
Aug. 24Power, Plugs and People
launch of new blog by CalCars founder Felix Kramer
Aug. 22-23Reports on launch of Plug-In Austin local and national campaign:
Austin Chronicle
Austin Business Journal
Green Car Congress
Aug. 21New Cars Plug Into the Future
Whittier Daily News and Pasadena Star News profile EnergyCS
Aug. 16The 500-MPG Car: A Pipedream or Full of Hot Air?
New York Sun
Aug. 16Hot-Rod Heirs Customise Cars to Give 300MPG
London Daily Telegraph
Aug. 14Engineers modify hybrid car to get up to 250 mpg
Associated Press (Our newsletter version includes URLs for a few dozen of the hundreds of news sites and newspapers that printed the story
Aug. 11The PRIUS+: Plug-in power extends the hybrid's range
by E Magazine editor Jim Motavalli
Aug. 4Amerique: La Folie Hybride (The Hybrid Craze)
le Nouvel Observateur or Our newsletter version with English translation
August 2Dr. Paul MacCready Speaks Out...
GreenCar Journal
August 2Plug-In Prius Shown
GreenCar Journal
August 1Plug in to new hybrid concepts
Toronto Star
July 25Plug-In Hybrids: Electrifying Transportation
Emerging Currents, The Emerging Technology Newsletter, issue #42, from E Source (a Platt's/McGraw Hill publication, available to subscribers, primarily in the electric utilities industry
July 19Clean Cars Breakthrough
Huffington Report, includes lots of links
Aug-SeptPRIUS+: A Cleaner Hybrid
Homepower magazine (pp. 44-48, print only)
July 11Making a Plug for Hybrids
Wired News, includes CalCars and EDrive photos
July 11Energy Policy: A World With Less Oil
Editorial, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
June 28CalCars Plans Commercial Spin-off for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
Green Car Congress reports on strategy for "Qualified Vehicle Modifier" company partnering with a major automaker to meet fleet demand.
June 25Plugged-In Hybrid Tantalizes Car Buffs
John O'Dell, Los Angeles Times
June 22Cars That Run On Overnight Charge Catch Valley VC's Eyes
CalCars' plans described by Mercury News venture capital columnist Matt Marshall; above link is to his SiliconBeat blog -- pointers to original article and includes CalCars' comments or PDF of all.
June adds section on plug-in-hybrids
June 13Columns at con by Walter McManus, pro by Kip Munro: "Hats off to the visionaries at CalCars"
June 14Gas-Optional & Green
June 13Power to the People
Open Forum in San Francisco Chronicle plus her Blog (Last post Feb 2007)
June 5Tour of the Sun by Plug-In Hybrid
EVWorld details on EDrive car's performance at Tour De Sol rally
June 4City Light focuses on plug-in hybrids
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
June 3Naked City: Plug-in Car
Austin Chronicle on EDrive's car visits Austin
JuneRants & Raves
Wired Magazine letter complimenting April cover story on hybrids but regretting lack of coverage of plug-in hybrids or PRIUS+.
May 22Charged Up
Fresno Bee covers EDrive and CalCars
May 20Plug-in Hybrids
Consumer Reports
May 9Energy Urgency Pervades Clean Cities Conference
premium subscriber article at EVWorld or our excerpt
May 9A City in Texas Starts Smart-Energy Driving
Hightower Lowdown newsletter (only page 1 of 5 viewable online)
May 9The Perils of Hands-On Diplomacy
Time Magazine (or text or PDF)
May 5CalCars: The California Cars Initiative
Chico News & Review
MayBatteries Digest Newsletter
(PDF-Hybrids article starts p.2)
April 24Electric car aficionados favor a hybrid that you plug in overnight
San Francisco Chronicle
April 16Creating a Plug-In Toyota Prius
GizMag (Australian print and web publication)
April 7Prius Gets a Plug
Detroit Free Press Dashboard Notes
April 6Hybrid Checklist
Union of Concerned Scientists calls PHEVs "final levelof hybridization," shows it as best option in checklist at new website, HybridCenter
April 5EVWorld establishes invaluable "Electric Hybrids"
(Here's how we welcomed it.)
March 29New Plug-In Hybrid Based on the Prius Introduced
Green Car Congress report on EnergyCS/Valence version of PRIUS+.
March 28Who's getting juiced about plug-in hybrids? or PDF
Automotive News preview page for Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress.
March 7Meet the World's First 150 MPG Plug-In Prius or PDF
About EnergyCS's version of PRIUS+, EVWorld, accompanying Interview (MPEG available only to subscribers).
Feb. 5Hawks Go Green With Hybrid Cars
Dallas Morning News
Jan. 27Hybrids? Some Opt to Go All-Electric
Christian Science Monitor or PDF; article reprinted in USA Today (or PDF).
Jan 19Rev
Santa Cruz Metro
2 0 0 4
Dec. 14Report on PRIUS+ Project: Motivations and Status
Green Car Congress or PDF
Dec. 4Why the Future is Hybrid
The Economist or PDF
May 1Plug It In, Plug It In
EVWorld or PDF or our excerpt.
Blogs and Discussions
WIKIPEDIA (open source encyclopedia): articles on Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Vehicle and Prius.
600 comments in first day after NYTimes article was published in lively threads at Slashdot (we encouraged posters to read our Fact Sheet found at PRIUS+).
Engadget pointed to Autoblog where much of focus is on its implications for Toyota Corp.
Good discussions (most recent listed last) at ... PriusChat ... Signal vs. Noise ... C|NET TechNews TalkBack (below reprinted story) ... ZDNet TalkBack ... (John) Dvorak Uncensored...Ars Technica ...The Auto Prophet ... Industrial Market Trends ... FuturePundit ... Tivo Community ... Wade Simmons ... Glass Onion ... Roger L. Simon ... HybridBlog ... After Gutenberg Posting #1 and AG#2 ... Daily Browse ..Green Hybrid ... Autoblog ... Daily Kos ... AltEng ...Wizbang...Standblog (francais) ... Treehugger ... Daily Kos...Segway Chat ... ..(we stopped tracking thse for a while, resumed Feb '06):. Treehugger ... RealTechNews . Daily Kos (suggests financial support!) ... Technorati search results for blogs writing about CalCars...and Blogrunner tracks many links to NYTimes articles. (PLEASE TELL US ABOUT OTHERS) .

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