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CalCars + PHEV videos now and this weekend
Aug 20, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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I'm told CNN has been broadcasting a story today on CalCars. I think they picked up the KRON-4 story.

You can find that story in two places:

  1. click Search for "hybrid," story called: Hybrid Owner Finds New Way To Save $$
  2. right on the front page (right now): Fuel-efficient drivers. If no longer there, search for "hybrid" for a story Plug Beats The Pump

We hope to have this story at CalCars within a few days...meanwhile, the WNBC-TV Chuck Scarborough story that we described at is still at­id/­8930811/­ scroll down to the pop-up link, sit through a brief ad for "The New Hybrid"

I also expect CBS will run an evening news story on EDrive Systems cars tonight or tomorrow night.

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