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Correction: It's Ford that Owns Volvo, Not GM
Sep 6, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Want more? Become a subscriber to CalCars-News: the Swedish car industry, it's Saab that's a unit of GM.

Now that we've straightened out our wheels, one additional comment: we hope what we expect will be an enthusiastic reaction to the ReCharge at the Frankfurt show and in the media will encourage Ford to become a more energetic competitor in the race to mass-produce the first and the best PHEVs.

Today high-traffic websites and blogs like Jalopnik­cars/­frankfurt-auto-show/­

are sounding both enthusiastic about the idea, and skeptical about reports that Volvo could say today what it might produce in 2015 (the 1-minute Volvo video at Jalopnik is better seen at AutoBlogGreen).

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