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GM Gets Feedback from its Own Website: 11,565 Customers
Jan 11, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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On General Motors has created a NAIAS Auto Show link and a
"Vote for Volt" link.
Takes you to::­company/­gm_exp_live/­events/­naias_2007/­index_flash.html
There you can vote. Here are the results to date:

Would you like to see GM build the Chevrolet Volt?:
Yes - 99.3% (11,438 votes)
No - 0.7% (77 votes)
Valid responses: 11,515

If GM builds the Chevrolet Volt, would you consider buying one?
Yes - 98.5% (11,395 votes)
No - 1.5% (170 votes)
Valid responses: 11,565

Of course, it's unscientific. It doesn't screen for ballot-stuffers (I had to vote twice to get to the tally.). It's less significant than the petitions and soft fleet orders from Both are self-selected, so they're not polls reflective of the entire population of car buyers: they're tallies of interest in the four days since the Volt launched.

But between that and the 107 responses at the GM Fastlane blog by GM Vice President, Environment and Energy Beth Lowery­archives/­2007/­01/­chevy_volt_conc_1.html, it looks like GM is getting useful market information and advice about how (and how fast) it should move forward on this series plug-in hybrid car.

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