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Flyer/poster + VOLUNTEERS NEEDED June 3-5 San Francisco
May 24, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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We need volunteers to staff the CalCars/Bluewater Network/Rainforest Alliance booth at the Green Cities Expo ( during World Environment Day, June 3-5 at Fort Mason in San Francisco. This is a great opportunity to showcase Gas-Optional Hybrids and Ron Gremban's PRIUS+ to an international group of civic leaders, as well as many Californians.

Please email me if you have a 2-hour chunk anytime:
Fri 10-5
Sat 10-7
Sun 10-5

The first three we schedule can each get one of our extra tickets to the Green Business Roundtable and Mixer at Fort Mason on Thursday evening, June 2, from 5pm-10pm.

Our booth #805-905 is right across from the San Francisco Electric Auto Association/Electric Bike Network booth at 910. If you feel like volunteering at both, for 910, contact Sherry Boschert shaalub@...

Inspired by CalCars volunteer Les Montavon (we posted his version at­choose-plug-les1.pdf )

Now take a look at version 2.0:­choose-plug-marc.pdf

This comes from Marc Odden, a computer graphics person from CybeRevolution in Texas:­~modome3d2. He's come up with a smart way to combine the two photos. This is still coming together: what's going to happen next is

  • Use a Prius gas door/valve
  • Instead of the pump/plug combo, go back to two hands, one holding a pump, the other a plug

We're interested in hearing comments, or receiving other suggestions along these lines. (send to info@...).

If we get it done in time, we'll turn it into a large poster and use it as the cover for a 4-page version of the PRIUS+ Fact Sheet, to be distributed at the Green Cities Expo along with our 4-page flyer (which includes NYTimes and BizWeek stories)

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