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CalCars Teach Lead Ron Gremban's battery evaluation and production cost summary
Jul 22, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Ron has posted a long message to the PRIUS+ Conversion Group list:­group/­priusplus/­message/­468

I think it's a significant and insightful document, combining good technical information with comments about their economic implications.

UC Davis Prof. Andy Frank has already chimed in, and others will too. Have a look -- the messages on that group are public. If you're not a member (we've been somewhat strict on membership criteria to keep the noise level down), but have comments, please send them privately to rgremban@..., and he'll respond on that group. (Of course, we have no problem with your posting reactions anywhere else, but there are no guarantees Ron will see them in a timely fashion.)

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