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Support All Those Who are Plugging Away for You
Dec 17, 2010 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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This is a celebratory time, when we combine time with family and friends with thoughts about 2011 and our concerns for so many aspects of our future. We can acknowledge our successes in beginning to change the auto industry, and think about what comes next. We hope you readers of CalCars-News are thinking about what you'll do next year to continue to address the giant challenges presented by our global dependence on fossil fuels. And we hope BEFORE YEAR-END you'll contribute, if you haven't done so already, to CalCars and the many other organizations working on behalf of your globe and its inhabitants. More on that below. Plus stay tuned for news in the next few days about a CalCars event to celebrate the arrival in California of the Chevy Volt!

Below is a list of or worthy organizations. But first we ask you to help CalCars continue our efforts. Any donation IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS will have a huge benefit in enabling us to make a big splash for the delivery of the first production plug-in hybrids to Felix (world's first consumer owner of a PHEV) and Ron (developer and driver of the world's first Prius converted PHEV).

If you've never contributed, this is a good time to consider a donation as a "performance bonus" based on our success since 2002! We're working on five priority areas:

  • Ensuring the successful roll-out of the first PHEVs and EVs.
  • Promoting the idea of the importance of gas-guzzler conversions as the big next step after new plug-ins.
  • Connecting individuals and groups who want to work on both these issues.
  • Working with thought-leaders, legislators, journalists to advance these goals and combat misinformation.
  • Speaking publicly and showing our vehicles at public and private events.

DONATE at­sponsor.html for tax-deductible contributions by credit card, Paypal, Google Checkout or check.

MANY OTHERS are promoting broad vehicle electrification and awareness about the need for imminent action on climate change. We're not including the large and well-established national organizations. We apologize in advance if our selected list misses others you like; see more at­partners . We encourage you to join and support:

Finally, GM's Auction of the first Volt raised $225K for the Detroit Public Schools Foundation . We're considering auctioning off Felix's historic and still well-running converted Prius. If you'd like to help, contact us at

Thanks for your continuing interest, support, and help!

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