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GM's Blog on Media Briefinng Continues Dialogue
Mar 19, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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We reported Monday on the media briefing GM held on its battery development program for the Saturn Vue and Chevy Volt PHEVs in development. This was followed by Vice President for Environment and Energy Beth Lowery's blog posting on the subject. Worth reading, and noting that once again, the company has allowed all points of view, including CalCars, to post in response.­archives/­2007/­03/­building_the_pl.html

Since Monday, we've gotten very favorable responses from many directions, and we hope in the coming weeks to be able to focus some attention on what it will take to persuade GM to really find out how hard it would be to produce a demonstration fleet with "good enough" batteries.

Also worth looking at are GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz's multiple postings relating to the Volt and, of course, the public responses. See "Getting a Jolt from the Volt" at­archives/­2007/­02/­getting_a_jolt.html, and others from the archive at­archives/­bob_lutz.

Finally, subscribe to EV World to read the full text of a report on an interview with GM's Dr. Larry Burns, Vice President for Research and Development, at­article.cfm?storyid=1208 and download his audio interview.

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