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Events Rundown: National & California Plus New Global Campaigns
Sep 23, 2010 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Here's a summary of plug-in events between now and mid-October, followed by a description of four innovative global campaigns. We'll get back to you with a report on our presentation next Monday in Houston, entitled "Blue Skies, Plug-In Vehicles, and Petroleum's Future" -- see­events.html for details on that. Then, for the first two weeks of October, Felix Kramer will be in Barcelona (mostly on vacation, but checking email), while Ron Gremban and other CalCars fans and associates start getting seriously specific about where to plug in our Chevy Volts and Nissan LEAFs.


HYBRID TRUCK USERS FORUM (HTUF): At this annual event by CALSTART, on September 28-30 in Dearborn, Michigan, we'll see much discussion of new technologies for large vehicles, and ways to retrofit them. Gas-guzzler conversion company ALTe will present at a panel, and its red Ford F-150 pickup that's been converted to a series plug-in hybrid will be at the Ride-And-Drive.

BUSINESS OF PLUGGING IN: October 12-14 in Detroit, Michigan, the Center for automotive Research's second annual conference has a long roster of industry executives.


SILICON VALLEY EV RALLY: This Saturday, September 25 in Palo Alto is the annual event by the Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley.­rally.html

ALTCAREXPO: Friday and Saturday, October 1-2 in Santa Monica, go to the fifth annual Alternative Energy & Transportation Expo. This year it features test drives of the Chevy Volt and the kickoff of the Nissan LEAF national Drive Electric Tour. Its program, heavily weighted toward still-hopeful proponents of hydrogen fuel cells, also includes a Focus on Fleet Conference (though alas, nothing on conversions).

GREEN DRIVE EXPO: Saturday, October 9 is the Bay Area's first consumer showcase for plug-ins and other green vehicles, organized by the creators of the amazing HybridFest in Wisconsin, working with It runs 9-5 with exhibits, test drives and speakers. The last panel, on Green Car Conversions, includes Ron Gremban from CalCars. It's all at Craneway Pavilion (in a former factory where Ford once built Model Ts and Model As), in the Marina District of Richmond. Use the coupon code CALCARS for free admission (normally $10/adult).


As legislation in the U.S. for renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions remains stalled, and people worldwide are saying, "we have to do something to head off catastrophe," we're seeing a new wave of organizations and events. Here are a few:

  • "10:10 Global -- Cutting Carbon 10% At A Time:" An ambitious project to "unite every sector of society behind one simple idea: cutting our carbon by 10% a year starting now." 10:10 Global currently has active hubs in over 40 countries and signups in 128, all committed to engaging the public about climate change and providing solutions to start cutting carbon emissions today.
  • "" Named for the 350 parts per million of CO2 that is the safe limit for humanity. It was founded by a team recruited by leading green journalist/activist Bill McKibben, the author most recently of "Eaarth," showing how the world's already-changing climate is endangering species and places. 350 is partnering with 10:10 for a "Global Work Party Day" on date that comes only every hundred years: 10/10/10. Today the website lists 3427 events in 165 countries (all but 25 worldwide), all celebrating climate solutions. Like last year's October International Day of Climate Action, described by CNN as "the most widespread day of political action in our planet's history," participants everywhere will create local events, then upload their photos and videos for supporters and the media. (
  • "Four Years. Go:" So far, 942 allied organizations, and individuals in 128 countries have been "creating a global rallying cry to inspire an awareness of the urgency to shift humanity's trajectory by 2014, before our destructive trends make that shift impossible. Empowering individuals and organizations to set and reach goals that will cause a positive global tipping point by 2014, setting humanity on a new path toward a socially just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling future."
  • "HelloElectric:" A new website promoting plug-in vehicles. Its first campaign seeks signatures 25,000 signatures on a goodbye card to deliver to outgoing BP CEO Tony Hayward, offering him a free electric car if he agrees to move "beyond petroleum" and become a plug-in car advocate. The campaign is by, an organization that brings together experts and advocates to create movements to solve pressing global issues.

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