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National Plug In Day+DrivingElectric: Invitations for Sunday & Before
Sept 20, 2012 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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We have three exciting items today: • Participate somewhere Sunday in National Plug In Day (and maybe win an iPad). • If you're a plug-in driver, sign up today at DrivingElectric (.org). • And if you were influenced to buy a PEV by CalCars, Plug In America, or the Electric Auto Association or a plug-in driver, tell your story to the world.

NATIONAL PLUG IN DAY IS SUNDAY: Wherever you are, please join in this second annual shindig. Go to to find out if you live near one of the more than 60 cities where events are planned. Forward info about it to people you know. It's actually even more important to reach potential buyers of PEVs than people who already drive them.

For a chance to win one of 10 iPads by helping to promote NPID on social media, before Friday night, click on the link at­p/­salsa/­event/­common/­public/­index.sjs?distributed_event_KEY=613

DRIVINGELECTRIC.ORG LAUNCHES SUNDAY: DrivingElectric.or is the new project co-sponsored by CalCars, PIA and EAA, to connect plug-in drivers with "EV-curious" people. Plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) drivers are in the best position to answer questions and give test rides and drives. When the "EV-curious actually see and drive a PEV, they appreciate their features and benefits, and leave the car with an "EV grin."

SIGN UP AT DRIVINGELECTRIC TODAY: We invite every reader who owns/leases/frequently drives a PEV to register at, telling your EV Story, posting pictures and blogs, indicating how you're willing to interact with EV-curious early mainstream audiences. It takes only about 15 minutes to create a profile about you and your car.

We already have drivers from over 40 U.S.. states and 4 Canadian provinces­blogs/­felixkramer/­were-getting-close-covering-continent and we want all of you who are drivers to sign up. (Starting Sunday, the general public will be able to use the site to find you drivers.)

WE BET MANY DOZENS OF YOU CAN SAY YES TO AQUESTION: Did a plug-in driver inspire you to buy a PEV? We want to hear your stories of how and why you bought cars. This will influence the thinking within the auto industry, leading them to take drivers into account.

We believe PEV drivers are already a major factor in building demand and in actually selling cars. We intend to make that case ASAP, so car dealers, automakers, and their ad agencies all understand how we can be powerful allies for their marketing and sales programs. For more of our thinking, see the blog at­blogs/­felixkramer/­can-plug-drivers-get-credit-helping-carmakers-sell-pevs

SPECIFICALLY, TODAY WE ASK YOU TO TELL US if anyone at CalCars (or ANY plug-in advocate or driver you know) had a decisive impact on your decision to buy a PEV. The best way to tell us is to sign up at DE. Put that information in the box called "My EV story," and post to the forum topic we're starting today, "Do you want to get credit for helping carmakers sell PEVs?"­do-you-want-get-credit-helping-carmakers-sell-pevs Alternatively, you can respond to this email.

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