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Nov 14, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Starting Nov. 14, on KNBR, "The Sports Leader," 680 and 1050-AM, you can hear a 1-minute California State Auto Association radio spot announcing their presence at SF International Auto Show, including seeing our PRIUS+. Or you can hear the 1-minute streaming mp3 at:­sf-auto-show-aaa-60.mp3 Correction: When we posted our announcement of this event CalCars-News, we said it was Nov 19-Sun Nov. 26, it's actually Sun. Nov. 27.

The cable Science Channel will broadcast the "Beyond Tomorrow" segment on PRIUS+ on Wednesday at 8PM Eastern/Pacific.. If you don't subscribe, with the latest QuickTime player, you can see it anytime (small on your computer, not full-screen as on TV) at CalCars Kudos­kudos.html­ is the exact link.

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