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CEO/Entrepreneur/Engineer Dave Bagshaw is CalCars' New Senior Advisor
Dec 6, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Dave Bagshaw, a long-time Silicon Valley entrepreneur, has signed on as a Senior Advisor to CalCars. He will be actively involved in shaping key initiatives of the non-profit start-up, including possible organization of a spin-of for-profit company. Bagshaw was VP of Marketing at Silicon Graphics in its early high-growth days. He was Senior Vice President at @Home Networks and Excite@Home. As CEO of Shutterfly in 2003-2004, he helped grow the company to be a leader of the online digital photo and printing industry.(Shutterfly had its IPO in September, 2006.) Bagshaw has Masters degrees in business and mechanical engineering from Stanford; as part of his thermosciences focus, he worked on design of a low emissions automobile engine design.

CalCars Founder Felix Kramer said, "Dave has a stellar entrepreneurial, management and technical background. We've been trying to recruit someone with this mix for a long time. Now that car-makers are saying "plug-in hybrids make sense -- but..." and are putting their toes in the water, CalCars' strategies aim to expand and speed up their steps toward commercialization and prove their value and performance. Dave can help make that happen."

Dave Bagshaw said, "My first entrepreneurial experience came as co-founder of a solar and conservation engineering service company, Pacific Sun Inc. Now, after years in technology companies, I decided it was time for me to start working on something that's good for our environment. I really enjoyed my early years in the alternative energy world and I'd like to get back to making a contribution to helping to save the planet. I've been on the sidelines rooting for CalCars progress for a long time. Now I want to help CalCars motivate car-makers to starting building thousands of PHEVs for public and private fleets and early adopters. I'd also like to be first on my block to power my car from my rooftop photovoltaic solar electric system."

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