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Events: Nat'l Solar Conference has Major PHEV Focus; Friedman Sat; Commonwealth Thursday
Jun 23, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Two reminders: CalCars & EnergyCS in Thomas Friedman's "Addicted to Oil" (10PM most places this Sat night) on Discover cable -- for details see­calcars-news/­440.html. SF Commonwealth Club event next Thurs in SF-- see­calcars-news/­428.html. The rest of this message: the American Solar Energy Society's annual meeting in Denver­ includes an all-start lineup of PHEV presenters at three sessions Tues-Weds, July 11-12. All were organized by Mendocine-based architect and long-time solar advocate Stephen Heckeroth.

Tuesday July 11, 2006, 2:00pm to 3:30pm Plugging Transportation into the Sun Moderator: Stephen Heckeroth, ECD Of all the energy challenges faced by the American people fuel for transportation is the most daunting. Nearly 97% of our vehicle fleet is dependent on petroleum which is the conventional fuel in shortest supply. In this Forum, speakers will give an overall look at national transportation and discuss renewably fueled options. Specific topics covered will be Electric Vehicles, plug-in Hybrids, Biofuels, and hydrogen. Issues addressed will include renewable charging infrastructure, developments in battery and fuel cell technology as well as biofuels that don't compete with food crops. Presentations will also review issues that manufacturers and utilities face as renewable fuels are introduced.

Presentations include: -Plugging Transportation into the Sun Stephen Heckeroth, ECD -Integrating Plug in Vehicles into Renewable Communities Terry Penney, National Renewable Energy Laboratory -Hydrogen: The Transportation Fuel Rosa Chiang Young, Ph.D., Ovonic Hydrogen Systems, LLC -The Bio-fuels Solution for Transportation Michael Pacheco, National Renewable Energy Laboratory -The Real Solution: PHEV with extreme efficiency Dr. Paul MacCready, AeroVironment Inc.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2006, 2:00pm to 3:30pm Plug-in Hybrid Automobiles and Renewable Energy Moderator: Stephen Heckeroth, ECD Ovonics This Forum will explore the opportunities and barriers for utilizing renewable energy for plug-in Hybrid Vehicles. The presentations and discussion will include information about present and future battery costs and performance and the possibility of plug-in cars providing backup to the electrical grid, and will focus on the fact that this technology works well (or best) with decentralized renewable energy production of electricity. The Forum will explain why each presenter believes this is a better contender for eventual use throughout the US vehicle fleet than liquid fuel or straight electric autos. Presentations Include:
- The True Cost of Oil Milton Copulos, National Defense Council Foundation
- Plug-In Partners National Campaign Roger Duncan, Austin Energy
- PHEVs on the Road Peter Nortman, Energy CS
- Meeting US Energy and Transportation Challenges with PHEVs Andrew Frank, University of California Davis Traveling without squandering Energy
- Dr. Paul MacCready, AeroVironment Inc.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2006, 6:30pm to 8:00pm Emerging Transportation , Moderator: Stephen Heckeroth, ECD Ovonics
- Milton R. Copulos is President of the National Defense Council Foundation.
- R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence and currently Vice President of Booz Allen's Global Strategic Security practice, leads an initiative to shape and implement public-private partnerships to reduce risk and help ensure resilience in corporations, government agencies, and critical infrastructures.
- Roger Duncan has been a leader in energy conservation and environmental policy for more than 20 years. As Deputy General Manager of Distributed Energy Services at Austin Energy, a municipally owned electric utility, he oversees governmental relations, strategic planning and business development, on-site generation, demand side management and the Green Building Program. Since joining the City of Austin Management staff in 1989, he has overseen the development, implementation and operation of water quality programs, air quality programs, environmental reviews, energy and water conservation programs, hazardous spill response and home chemical collection.
- Andrew A. Frank, Ph.D., is a professor of mechanical and aeronautical engineering at the University of California, Davis and is responsible for the engineering school's delving into all kinds of innovative, energy efficient transportation projects including hybrid-electrics, flywheel and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
- Paul MacCready, Ph.D. founded AV in 1971. He is an inventor and entrepreneur who became internationally known in 1977 as the "father of human-powered flight" when the Gossamer Condor made the first sustained controlled flight powered solely by its pilot's muscles. Paul has received numerous honors including the Engineer of the Century award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the NASA Public Service Grand Achievement Award, and Aviation Week's Aerospace Laureate designation. Paul was selected Graduate of the Decade by the California Institute of Technology and was named one of the 100 greatest minds of the 20th century by Time magazine. He received a B.S. from Yale and an M.S. in Physics and Ph.D. in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology.

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