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2006 Goals for the California Cars Initiative
Dec 29, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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CalCars' Goals for 2006

Based on our 2005 track record, for 2006, we have ambitious goals.

We hope to re-orient one car company's direction to enable it to reach California's 2016 Pavley-AB1493 CO2 goals in only a few years. We will thereby for the first time bring drivers and citizens into the privileged corporate-government insider group that decides what cars get produced. We hope then to influence other automakers' plans for advanced technology, fuel efficiency and sustainability. We'd like to set a precedent for ways to address other industries that contribute to global warming.

If you agree, PLEASE, if possible before the year ends, send us a small or large contribution -- especially if you have never done so before.

You can help turn CalCars' campaign into a juggernaut. It's tax-deductible. And it's easy to do with a credit card, PayPal or check at­sponsor.html.


  • Demonstrate the viability of NiMH and Li-Ion batteries in PHEV conversions.
  • Build a prototype 500 MPG (of gasoline) flex-fuel PHEV.
  • Expand conversions beyond the Toyota Prius.
  • Find ways to get a substantial number of PHEV conversions on the road.
  • Facilitate Vehicle-To-Grid, solar-PHEV pairings and other innovative pilot projects.
  • Convince an auto maker, on its own or in cooperation with CalCars and others, to improve its business prospects by meeting demand from buyers excited about clean, powerful, advanced PHEVs.

  • Increase public awareness of PHEVs through events and media coverage.
  • Increase support for PHEVs as a leading contender in national debates about energy and transportation solutions.
  • Build public awareness of the "well-to-wheel" advantage in CO2 emissions of electricity over gasoline.
  • Work with legislators, executive branch officials and agency staffs to build support, especially in California and the Pacific Northwest, for innovative state- and regional-sponsored programs to promote PHEVs.
  • Position flex-fuel PHEVs as a keystone component of a multi-dimensional strategy on global warming.

  • Get high-profile entrepreneurs, celebrities and early adopters behind the wheels of PHEV conversions.
  • Help develop and consolidate interest among fleets and individuals.
  • Help seed PHEV conversions across the country, available for media and public events.
  • Catalyze corporate, foundation and public resources to create incentives that buy down the incremental cost over conventional hybrids for the first thousands of vehicles,

  • Upgrade website: improve navigation and interface
  • Promote PHEVs and CalCars through new media channels and other collateral materials
  • Recruit more volunteers able to commit substantial amounts of time to communications and technical projects
  • Raise substantial funds to provide CalCars with a budget that includes travel, conferences, paid senior staff and promotional resources
  • Help develop mechanisms to improve coordination among the organizations now promoting PHEVs.
  • Work to partner with an automaker, perhaps by sponsoring a for-profit company that will develop intellectual property and be open to equity investments.
  • Affiliate CalCars as a special project of a larger organization or sponsor.
  • Thanks as always for your suggestions and your support.

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