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First Washington Report / TV Mon PM / Volunteer Full-Time?
May 22, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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WASHINGTON DC TRIP: we're still waiting for more photos with more notables, and I don't know when we'll have time to write a full report, but what's up already will give you a good flavor of the event.­plugdcmay06.htm

WATCH TV TONIGHT: Worth seeing this dialogue between leading venture capitalist John Doer and widely acclaimed NYTimes columnist Thomas Friedman. I was at taping (Thursday in San Francisco at a KPCB-sponsored event). We were mentioned -- given the context, it will probably survive the editing -- around 3/4 of the way through this interesting hour-long interview. You can watch it broadcast on PBS late Monday night in most places (midnight in Bay Area). Monday, May 22, 2006 THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, Columnist, The New York Times Guest Host: JOHN DOERR, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Or see it/buy it starting tomorrow at Google Video­videosearch?q=tvshow%3ACharlie_Rose&so=1

VOLUNTEER: These days, we're happy to see the increasing interest and offers of projects/opportunities. Our limit is how much a core group plus volunteers can take on. We're now getting help from part-timers, including an able, anonymous HTML whiz. (We still need one or more Adobe InDesign page layout people.) We're germinating plans for a major locally-based effort to expand awareness and support for PHEVs. But we're passing up things like the Clean Tech Open event (application due May 31 <­how_to_apply­how_to_apply.)

Though it was pretty hard to raise $25K for our DC trip, we're continuing to raise funds from everyday people and from high-wealth individuals so three people (at least) can continue to work full-time on CalCars.

Meanwhile, who knows: maybe someone on this list meets this description:

  • you have substantial business experience or experience organizing and promoting a national grass-roots (or electoral) campaign;
  • you're in a position to volunteer almost full-time (of course, we hope to be able to pay you)
  • you're thinking of "chucking it all" and devoting your efforts to something you can feel great about all the time. (Pass this along if you know someone who might fit the bill.) Email: info@... (no attachments--paste info/resume into email). We'll respond as soon as we can.

Thanks as always for your help.

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