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GM: Video and First "Outsider" Test Drive
Feb 11, 2010 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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While I'm at the always-entertaining and inspiring TED conference­TED2010 (about the intersection of Technology, Entertainment and Design) in Long Beach, promoting plug-ins and internal combustion retrofits round the clock, I wanted to take a minute to note a few items: a great short GM video and a milestone test drive session of the Chevy Volt.

WATCH "ELECTRIC VEHICLE THOUGHT LEADERS: The Future of Electric Vehicles (2.5 minutes),GM's February 2010 video. CalCars' Felix Kramer gets the first and last quoted comments; includes EV advocate Chelsea Sexton, Electric Power Research Institute's Mark Duvall, California Public Utilities Commission's Mike Peevey, Chevrolet General Manager Jim Campbell.

It's still on the home page at and its permalinks are­index.php/­videos/­videodirectlink/­165-electric-vehicle-thought-leaders-discuss-the-future-of-evs.html and at­watch?v=q3r9Os8VCZQ

MY DREAM STARTS TO COME TRUE: I finally got my first drive of a Chevy Volt. GM's Volt Vehicle Line Director Tony Posawatz helped put the car through its paces at the TED2010 event in Long Beach, Feb., 9, 2010 -- which Posawatz described as the first time the vehicle was demoed to non-insider "civilians" (people outside the auto/media/advocacy communities).

The car handled beautifully, peppy with a pretty tight steering wheel. Engineers have done a good job integrating two options for levels of regenerative braking. Lots of new vehicle information going on display screens. And the interior is starting to feel a bit more luxurious. You can download an application to remotely monitor and control aspects of the car for iPhone, Blackberry, Android: look for Onstar Experience.

FOR A PHOTO OF FELIX AND TONY, see­photos-groups.html .

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