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CalCars on History Channel "Modern Marvels"
Oct 3, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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The September 20 History Channel show on "Renewable Energy" included four good minutes on CalCars and PHEVs, including video they filmed plus clips from our Washington trip and the Maker Faire, plus comments by UC Prof. Daniel Kammen.

We're trying out a new video service at It's a beta version of software from Click.TV, which lets anyone write and attach comments to specific points in a video. These comments are then searchable and can serve as impromptu navigation for the video -- allowing you to jump immediately to various spots in the clip.

We invite you to make your own comment contributions, should you have them, to the Modern Marvels excerpt at­audio-video/­modernmarvels-20sep06.html. We've gone ahead and annotated a sample track with some additional information. While you're at it, you can see our BETTAH animation and sample about 50 other video/audio clips at­audio-video.html.

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