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Watch Excellent KQED PHEVs Quest Show Online
Feb 14, 2007 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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On Northern California's new "QUEST" show, view 10 entertaining
minutes about PHEVs, featuring many CalCars volunteers, Prof. Andy
Frank and author Sherry Boschert.­quest/­television/­view/­67
Discuss it at­quest/­blog/­2007/­02/­13/­discuss-the-plug-in-hybrid-cars-tv-segment/­
I've added a short note including links to others discussed in the show.

See photos made by the production crew at­photos/­kqedquest/­sets/­72157594534511659/­detail/­

It will soon be available to watch from the iTunes Store: Podcasts/KQED/KQED's QUEST Video Podcast

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