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Seattle event details (+ new updates on website)
Nov 11, 2005 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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12:30 Seattle Civic Plaza
Press Conference

  • Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis
  • Seattle City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco
  • Washington State Apollo Alliance Coordinator Rich Feldman
  • Members of Mayor Nickels' Green Ribbon Commission on Climate Change
    While the public is invited, this is primarily an opportunity for brief
    remarks on efforts to influence car makers to make PHEVs, followed by a
    rides around the block for journalists and officials.
    LOCATION: 600 4th Avenue between Cherry and James in front of City Hall'

    For more on Seattle's efforts, see:­environment/­climateinitiative.html Seattle's Green Ribbon Commission on Climate Protection is chaired by Denis Hayes, president, Bullitt Foundation and Orin Smith, president & ceo, Starbucks Coffee Company to develop a Climate Action Plan to meet or beat Kyoto's global warming pollution reduction targets in Seattle. The plan will recommend ways for businesses, universities, neighborhoods and households to implement cost-effective climate protection strategies and ways to bolster emerging clean energy technologies and green buildings.

    2:00 West Seattle Campus South Seattle Community College Automotive Building Public event for students, faculty/staff and community

  • Jill Wakefield, President
  • Felix Kramer presentation, Q&A with Felix and Ron Gremban
  • See the car 3:00 (Tentative) strategic discussion with community leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists
  • LOCATION: SSCC Main Automotive Bay (Presentation in Auto 134)­campus/­campmap.htm

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