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Contest: What's Your One-Liner on Plug-In Vehicles?
Nov 4, 2011 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Creating a mass movement of plug-in car drivers involves convincing one driver at a time to give electricity a chance. That means finding the right messages, and delivering them in a persuasive way. Here's your chance in the next seven days to devise a memorable pitch -- for plug-in cars or just for plug-in hybrids -- and an opportunity to win a prize. If you come up with something "insanely great," you could see your words all over, and contribute significantly to the success of the campaign for vehicle electrification.

We invite our readers to think about your best "one-liner" about PEVs. Your concise single sentence can be a:

  • compelling statement of their social benefits
  • catchy and memorable slogan
  • heartfelt story of your longing for one
  • snapshot of a comment you got while in your PEV
  • joke (e.g., how many drivers does it take to plug in...?)
  • if you're a creative type, point to a URL for your art/photo/song

CalCars had a few false starts, but we eventually came up with "100+MPG" and "Cleaner/Cheaper/Domestic." It's time to amp up our one-liners to deliver an even more powerful message.

Very Cool Prize

A lucky winner will get two VIP tickets to Plug In America's Annual Gala event, Sunday, November 13 at the ultra-scenic Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. VIPs get a 3PM pre-event with Test-drives of not-yet-out vehicles, electric motorcycle drives. Details at­content_item/­gala . (Those tickets are valued at $240 each.)

CalCars is a long-time supporter of Plug In America and the other groups working to promote PEVs, many listed at­partners.html . You can also buy general tickets for events starting at 4:30: food and drink, raffles, etc. for $120 at­event/­206361 .

If you don't live nearby, of course you can transfer your tickets to a friend. Or PIA will send you a DVD of "Who Killed the Electric Car," a tote bag, and a copy of its 2012 Plug-In Car guide when released.

The judges will be Felix Kramer, founder of and Brad Berman, founder and editor You may also know him for his years at or see his automotive journalism at The New York Times.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 11 at noon Pacific Time. Post your submissions at­contest-whats-your-one-liner-plug-vehicles-109878.html . If you don't feel inspired, check in at that URL and maybe you'll get some ideas. And by all means, spread the word about this contest-- forward this message and/or a link to that URL along to your friends!

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