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More Greenspan love; Don't forget Plug In Partners
Jul 11, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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Three items here:

1) Greenspan Hearts PHEVs

2) Toronto Star on "Who Killed" and the future of EVs/PHEVs

3) Sixth-Sootiest City working to join Plug In Partners. Your city too!

1) Alan Greenspan (who's previously supported PHEVs "despite their inconvenience" --­calcars-news/­434.html) has clearly drunk the plug-in Kool Aid. In one of Arianna's blog entries at the eponymous Huffington Post she describes her recent trip to the Aspen Ideas Festival:

"Then there was Alan Greenspan. During a discussion on 'Oil and Gas: The Next 50 Years,' the former Fed head said he believes the energy future will belong to cellulosic ethanol, made from switchgrass, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. He said while many people think this is nonsense, he thinks it's inevitable -- and would happen 'when gas gets to X dollars a gallon.' But he wouldn't say what X was."­arianna-huffington/­powell-on-iraq-couric-on_b_24599.html

2) The Toronto Star's Tyler Hamilton has a lengthy article in yesterday's issue, giving a detailed overview of "Who Killed" and the electric vehicle future. Includes CalCars mention and nice section on PHEVs:­eabd9

3) Burbank, CA -- recently named the city with the sixth-sootiest air in the nation -- will consider joining Plug In Partners in a July 18 City Council meeting. Whether or not your air is as dirty as Burbank's (probably not!), your city should still be on Plug In Partners's list (­campaignOverview/­partnerList.cfm). If it's not, you can help! Contact (or continually harangue) your local officials and tell them to join the growing coalition. Start by checking out what local governments can do:­whatYouCanDo/­localGovernment.cfm

Here's the LA Daily News article on Burbank's consideration:­glendale/­ci_4029268


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