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We're having an amazing time in Washington, DC
May 17, 2006 (From the CalCars-News archive)
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-- thanks to our supporters and fans. Yesterday we met dozens of staff members of environmental groups. At a House Science Committee hearing on PHEVs that could never have happened a year ago, about 10 Representatives engaged in a conversation mostly about the relative priority of assigning resources in proposed legislation to R&D and demonstration fleets. CalCars was welcomed and introduced at the start of the hearing and the audience was invited to go see our cars afterrwards; I got to stand up and announce that I'd brought my own infrastructure with me -- the 18-inch long "dongle" cable that connects from the car to the extension cord.

Outside, we were mobbed by journalists and staff members. Three groups of Representatives gave short statements, answered press questions and packed into a PHEV for rides. About a dozen Representatives came out and a number of Senate staffers, and between the morning and afternoon, we talked to over a half-dozen Senators. Several members said they'd try to ask auto-makers about PHEVs tomorrow.

More details, photos, etc. to follow, including reports on some of the unexpected technical and logistical challenges.

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